Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I have internet!

My TDS DSL was installed yesterday. I got my computers updated, the TiVo set up and working and even got the printer changed over to the new network. The only thing left to change is my storage drive, but since that will be cable connected to the modem, I have to move the modem first.

So far so good even tho I already had to reboot the modem due to the lack of a connection. Speed test was great. Supposedly I am close enough to the feed to get great service.

It will take a little getting used to the fact that I no longer have to watch every little byte that I use. Looking forward to streaming and being able to watch tutorials and cat videos again. :)

I was surprised when the installer turned out to be a woman. That is typically a man's job. She let me help with the installation. Her name is Dolores. We chatted through the whole job.

I'm a a little concerned about my service once the town fills up with snowbirds, but she said TDS upgraded last year and that it shouldn't be an issue. We'll see. For now I am keeping my Verizon as backup. I have already spent the money, so I might as well. I will need it if I do any traveling anyway. Should still cost less than what I have been spending for the last year or so. Plus unlimited....


  1. hooray--back in the 21st century...

    1. It didn't last long. :) Ended up having to call for tech support. Finally back up and running late Friday afternoon after being down since Wednesday.