Monday, April 13, 2015

A very sad day

I’m afraid today is the day. :( I don’t want to do it, but I need to take Kali Cat in for the last time. She is peeing everywhere now, not just in the shower or on the pads. She isn’t happy, I’m not happy and it isn’t going to get any better. I will probably change my mind a dozen times between now and then, the vet closes at noon. She won’t eat the food with the meds in it at all now, and is mostly not eating the food without too. I hope I am making the right decision.

I don’t have any plans for today other than Monday morning coffee, and I think I am going to skip that this morning. I’m in no condition to be around people, especially sympathy. I’ll hole up for a couple of days and hopefully by next Monday I will be ok. I’m going to have to get some rug cleaner because I am pretty sure she has been going on the rug for a day or so. I’m seeing new spots that shouldn’t be there. Everything dries so fast here, unless I see her do it, there aren’t any wet spots. I may have to have the carpet guy come back and do the living room rug.

I’m not setting any goals for today or tomorrow other than cleaning up after the cat. It is going to be so strange. She has been my constant companion for the last five plus years, and before that, she was always there. 18 years. 

I will be OK, just lots and lots of tears. They have already started. :(


  1. Bless you. It is really a hard thing to do but is for best for Kitty.

  2. I'm so sorry, but you are doing the right thing. Absolutely. It's just one of the things you have to do as a pet owner, and it's never easy. This hasn't been easy for her either, but she knows you love her.

  3. I will never feel taking a life is the right thing. But it was something that I had to do, right or wrong. I miss her so much already. It is almost like loosing Jake all over again. She has been my constant companion, loved me unconditionally and vice versa. I hope she did know how much I love her.