Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gonna be a hot one!

Yesterday was errand day. I did miss the window for walking, and it didn’t cool down enough to walk last night. I’m thinking I am going to have to change my schedule around some. I don’t like to get dressed without having a shower, so I may have to change that to showering at night and just getting up and walking before I do anything else, including computer time. So I might be writing later in the day, at least for the summer. I don't like walking when it is over 80 degrees.

I had another screwed up night last night so I missed this morning’s walking window as well. I really need to get that figured out. We hit 102 yesterday and it is supposed to be warmer today. It was already 90 degrees at 8 AM. I’m trying to adapt. 

I didn’t do much other than errands yesterday. Got my laundry done, went to the post office and DG. Then stopped at Sal’s. Picked up a few things there. Came back, had lunch and took a nap. The heat makes me want to sleep during the day. Too bad I can’t make that work for me at night. I also read a book. 

It is going to be an indoor day today. I have stuff I want to do outside, but it will be too warm and I have a bunch of stuff I need to do indoors anyway that I have been putting off while I could still work outside. At some point I need to get to Parker and get a new AZ drivers license. But will probably wait until next week when it is a bit cooler. I would hate to break down in temps like this. I do carry water everywhere I go. And I should start keeping a gallon in the car. Warm water is better than no water.

Hoping to get a little more done on my basket today. It is still too quiet in the house. I turned on the TV for a little while during the day yesterday, but I hate daytime TV. There wasn’t anything to watch. Maybe I will get a movie going while I work on the basket today. I have a bunch of apples that need to be cooked and should clean out the fridge. Plus a bunch of piddly little things. Vacuum, wash the floor, etc.

Found this lying beside the shed this morning...

Well, that is about all I have this morning. I haven’t made anything in days, and it is too hot to work outside, but I have something in mind for the side of the shed, and can’t wait until it is cooler so I can try it. 

Time for breakfast and to get myself moving. 

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