Friday, April 10, 2015

Judgement call...

I’m making a judgement call this morning. Kali Cat is supposed to go in for a recheck, but it is so traumatic for both of us, that I think I won’t. She is really having a hard time these last few days, so I am going to keep here here for the weekend, and take her in next week and say goodbye. I’m exhausted, she is in pain, I think it is just about time. I will have these last few days with her and hope they aren’t too bad for her. It hurts just thinking about it. She has been peeing blood in the shower several times a day and on the pad under the desk. This means she hurts. I was hoping not to have to make this decision, but she is getting steadily worse. I have enough meds to get thru another 14 days, maybe if she isn’t too bad I will stretch it out. It all depends on her. But I think it is time. I can do a few more nights in the chair. Get in some quality time for the both of us. Maybe I can find someone that will come to us and make it a lot more peaceful for both of us if she can go here at home.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day. It was plumbing day and as we all know, nothing is ever easy. No such thing as a straight forward job. I did the bathroom faucet first. Even tho there was an issue, I worked around it. Got that up and working. Then my water filter that I had in VT and left in Belfast arrived. I got that installed with one trip to the hardware store. I had to drill a hole in the counter top to mount the faucet part. Was happy to have that done. The piece I needed for the kitchen sink faucet came, so I figured I would get that done too and be done with the plumbing. Well, I couldn’t get the old faucet off. I fought with that for a couple of hours in the process totally mangling the old faucet so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t use it again. Also, the new one came with it’s own lines, so I had to go to the hardware store again for adapters and to reconfigure the water filter hook up. I made a third trip back to get a basin wrench hoping I could get the nut off the old one with that, but no, that didn’t work either. I discovered one of my socket sets was a deep socket and finally got the nut off with that. I wish I had looked sooner, I would have had that wrapped up much sooner. Finally got down to the last fitting, and the adapter won’t screw on. :( By this time the hardware store was closed. So I cleaned up my mess and put away all the tools I don’t need to finish the job, and have to go back to the hardware store this morning. I do have cold water and the water filter working, just no hot water because that is the one that wouldn’t fit. A job that should have taken a half hour took almost five hours and still isn’t done. I was VERY cranky by the time I wrapped it up for the day. I also discovered while I was doing the bathroom faucet that the toilet line was leaking. I bought the hose I need for that and might take care of that today.

I did a short walk yesterday, a half mile around my street and the next one over. My knee didn’t pop, but it felt like it wanted to. Not sure what shape it will be in after the plumbing work yesterday. I am really achy this morning. You have to do contortions to get in there to do the work. I did not get to the potting I wanted to do. I need to thin the tomato plants and was going to move a couple of them to their own pots. I also want to relocate the new bird bath and get that situated in it’s permanent spot. Maybe today if the plumbing stuff goes well. 

I really like the new kitchen faucet, and the one in the bathroom is a definite improvement. The bathroom one is two handled instead of a stubby lever and nozzle. It is actually a bar faucet. Just like the one I had on Alder street except instead of round plastic handles, they are the longer metal handles. The kitchen one is still a lever, but it also has a pull down sprayer and is moveable. It moves nice and smooth and the lever is also very smooth. I couldn’t find one with a pull down sprayer and two handles. We’ll see how long it holds up with the Q water. The water here is pretty bad. I’m so happy to have my water filter again with it’s own little faucet. No more fighting with the filter on the end of the faucet.

Here are the old and new faucets…

You can see the water filter spigot on the right. I had to drill a hole in the counter top for that. I think that was the easiest part.

And last but not least, I finally got my loose wisdom tooth out. It feels so much better. I was beginning to think I was going to have to pay to have it pulled. I have one wisdom tooth left. Will be nice to be able to chew again, and hopefully a lot less sensitivity to temperatures.

On that note, I am going to go have another cup of coffee before I get started on my day. I am going to try another half mile walk, hopefully I didn’t damage any of the progress I had gained with my knee, then off to the hardware store to get all this plumbing crap wrapped up. I probably should do the toilet tank hose before I go to the hardware store just in case…good thing it is only about a mile away.


  1. I am so sad for you and Kali Cat. It is so very hard when they've been your companions and friends for so long. The price of love?

  2. We had 18 good years. She has had an exceptional life. I hate seeing her like this. But I also hate the thought of her leaving. And even more, making her leave. Still hoping she will go on her own. She is very lethargic and isn't eating a whole lot, so I think I am making the right decision. I hope.

  3. Plumbing is really a challenging task to do, but I'm glad that you got everything done in the end. I love your new faucets, and I think they are more convenient to use compared to the previous ones. I hope that you got the toilet line fixed too, and that everything in your household is going well right now. Have a nice day!

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total Plumbing

  4. You did a great job in the kitchen. We recently had a new kitchen installed and needed a complete plumbing overhaul. I did start the job myself, but soon realised that the job was far too big, and technical, for me. So our local plumbing service came to the rescue and finished the job quickly for me. Good luck!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

    1. Thanks. I hate anything to do with plumbing. I can do it, but don't like it. Painting either. :)