Friday, April 3, 2015


Yesterday was an OK day. Much cooler than it has been, mid 80’s. But I am dealing with dry sensitive skin. My shower moisturizer just isn’t cutting it and it is only going to get worse. Time to start experimenting. It is very uncomfortable.

I didn’t walk yesterday because my left knee is acting up. Until that feels better, no walking. I just get back into it, and something starts hurting. :( I tried to stay off it as much as possible yesterday, but today, I have things to do. I haven’t been to the post office all week and need to get there, have to go to the Salvation Army and find some sort of dish for the bunny veggies and a serving dish for Sunday’s marinated brussel sprouts, and the hardware store for bunny food, seed and a couple of ubolts for the sun shade that I am putting up at the end of the patio.

I am so very frustrated with Kali Cat. She has turned into a very picky eater, I am throwing out more (very expensive) food than she eats, she barely gets her meds, and intermittently is peeing on the living room carpet. I hope that I have found and treated all the spots. There isn’t any pattern to it. Yesterday it was under the desk so I put down a pee pad, this morning she went under the printer. I just don’t know what to do. I am tired of the constant care and clean up and think maybe it is time, then I look at her and I can’t do it. I have a hard time with the thought of taking a life, plus the horrible trip to the vet. She is my baby and I’m doing my best. But I no longer have a life, it is the same as it was when I was taking care of Jake. You just can’t leave em alone for five minutes. I’m tired of being the responsible one. I’m tired of having to watch her constantly, cleaning the box a dozen times a day, trying to get her to eat and listening to her meowing for food when she has fresh food that I just put down. I’m thinking of going back to the store bought food because she always ate that, and if I have to throw it out, might as well be the cheaper stuff. She isn’t even eating her tuna any more. Too much of a good thing I think. I was using the tuna to give her her meds, but she has been getting it every day for a while now and I think she is over it. I’m just plain tired. Her schedule is almost opposite mine and she doesn’t hesitate to wake me up at all hours to tell me she wants food. Even trying to nap isn’t cutting it any more. So very frustrated….There are no at home euthanasia services available here in Q. That would be the only way I would consider it right now.

I moved Ody and the tracker to the storage lot at the end of my street. She is much closer now. Everyone is gone for the summer and there was plenty of room. Now I can park the real car in what little shade I have. Although the eucalyptus tree needs to be trimmed. Some of the branches drag on the roof of the car. I have bid on a window sun shield on ebay and just ordered tire covers for the car. Actually, new covers for Ody because the ones I have aren’t quite large enough. I will use the original ones on the car and the new bigger ones on Ody. It is going to be a pain in the ass any time I want to go anywhere, but the tires need protection.

Re-did the craigslist ad, split up Ody and the tracker into individual ads. I had someone text me yesterday wanting to buy Ody sight unseen and wanted to pay with PayPal. Ain’t gonna happen. My guess it that it is some sort of scam. Only serious buyers, cash in hand.

My work bench will be here today about mid day, that will need to be assembled, and my second chair should arrive as well. I got one chair yesterday and got that assembled and I have both cushions. Wish my tables would arrive early, would be nice to finish up the patio. Supposed to be cooler today, so maybe I will get the fence done. At some point I need to get the second shade sail up, but need to move the bird feeders. But before I can do that, I need to enlarge the basin/berm for the grapefruit tree. It is way too small and all the roots aren’t getting water. I ordered citrus fertilizer and need to do the basin before I fertilize. Plus, that will determine where I put the bird feeders. I need to be able to see the ground from my chair on the patio. Eventually I will relocate the fountain and the little cactus garden, but need to live with the new configuration for a little while before I decide where it is going to go. When it is time to prune the grapefruit, I may remove some of the bottom branches to increase my line of sight and to get the bottom leaves away from bunny range.

Only supposed to be in the mid 80’s today, warmer tomorrow and Sunday, and then back to the upper 70’s. A reprieve before the real warm temps arrive.

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