Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kali Cat update

I’m a bit down this morning as Kali Cat has started having trouble again. We went to the vet yesterday and he said the mass seemed softer, to continue what we are doing and he will see her again next week. Well, this morning she is closed up in the bathroom again. She isn’t howling or crying tho, so I am just going to wait it out. I had planned on going to the farmers market, but now I can’t even take a shower. I may just get dressed and go anyway. 

I had been feeling with the way the last week went that I might actually be able to start doing things again, but I guess not. It is so discouraging. I haven’t done anything fun in weeks and weeks.

Chad got the new TV antenna installed yesterday, it isn’t much of an improvement. I don’t have any of the major networks still, or at least something that will stay in tune enough to watch. I will just have to get used to it, I refuse to pay for TV. 

My new folding chairs came, they are perfect. One is in the bedroom and the other is at my desk. Got my printer in and running and got the two big chairs out. Did some reading. 

Kali Cat discovered her pot of grass in her little kennel. Was nice to see her out there. :) Some of it is actually tall enough for her to chew on.

That was about it for my day. I did fill some holes in the walls with wood filler. Looks a lot better. At some point I have to get up there and remove the pencil marks from when the boxes over the windows were installed.

I just checked on Kali Cat, she is snoozing in the shower and it looks as if she has a decent sized clump in the box. Hoping she is coming out of it. At least there was no howling. Not sure what I would have done if there were. Poor baby. She is also getting used to being closed up in the bathroom, she settles in and waits it out for the most part. I am still hoping she goes on her own and that I won’t have to make that decision.

I’m still not sleeping well, but I do love my new bed. It was a calculated risk and I’m glad I took it. Just wish I had my recliner.

I did walk yesterday, by following the roads here in the park, I did just about a mile. Lots of nice plantings. Here is one big one.

I need to find out how to get some cactus. I would like a few growing things in my yard too.


  1. That's a nice setup you have so that Kali can be outside. Great idea.

  2. ask a neighbor for babies or find a greenhouse nearby

  3. Thanks Lisa. She doesn't use it much. But now that she has discovered the grass, she is out there at least once a day. As for cactus babies, I have two along my fence that can be relocated. I think I will start with them. :)

  4. i look forward to any pics you might post of them