Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Off to the vet this morning

Yesterday turned out to be errand day. I got my walk in before Monday Morning Coffee, went to coffee, and then headed out to Dollar General, both markets and Salvation Army. I got my groceries and necessities for the week. Found three little plastic baskets for a buck each at DG for the recycling, got my smoked pork chops, carrots for the bunnies, and some other food and veggies. But it was so hot (another 102 degree day) I had to bring everything back and put it away before I could go to Sal’s. I did find a light weight summer bathrobe and a couple of tank tops, but that was about it and I need to wash them before I can use them. I will keep looking.

My neighbors out back are leaving this morning. I will miss them. Won’t see them again for six months. The park has really emptied out in the last few weeks. 

The Walmart shopping cart seems to be down this morning. I am trying to order a set of wrought iron nesting tables for the patio, but I can’t get to the cart to check out. I did get my shade cloth ordered for the back end of the patio where the new work bench will be going. That will reduce the afternoon sun. The shade sails are for the morning sun.

Today we go to the vet. She hasn’t had any meds this morning and is having tiny pee. She is also bugging the living crap out of me because she wants more food. I’m not giving her any more until we get back, hopefully with more prednisone.

This cactus has blossoms that only last one day. According to my neighbor it is an Argentine Giant. I have morning pics and afternoon pics.

First thing in the AM

From the back

At the end of the day. It has four more blossoms coming.

And this is a good sized guy that I spotted while I was walking. He was hanging out on the club house sidewalk.

Here is a closer pic


  1. Love the cactus and the critter!!! Hope all went well at the Vet!

  2. It could have been worse, but it also could have been better. She isn't well at all, and my hope is to keep her comfy and happy until she goes.

  3. Sorry to hear, but I love your dedication to making her last days as comfortable and memorable for you as possible :). Blessings!!!

  4. Thank you. It hasn't been easy for either of us. It is a full time job these days.