Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bad morning for Kali Cat

Bad kitty morning. She had one yesterday too, but it wasn’t bad enough to close her in the bathroom, this morning it is. We haven’t had one of those for a while. I’m afraid that the end is very near, just hoping I don’t have to do it today. :(

Yesterday was an ok day. I did get the light fixture installed. It wasn’t as simple as just swapping out the fixture, the whole thing was different. It gave me some trouble, but I got it up and working. The first LED bulb I put in the fixture wasn’t dimmable, so I swapped it out with one of the little table lamp bulbs. It looks so much better than the big monstrosity that was there.

I did use the hook I got at the yardsale over the weekend instead of a ceiling hook. Much more secure and it put the light just where I wanted it.

I did a few other things too, but can’t think of them off the top of my head. Oh, my fans came, the screens for Kali Cat’s door, and the shelves for over the washing machine. I got the screens in, the fans out and working. Saving the shelves for a morning project. It hit 95 yesterday and was just too warm to be fighting with shelving. 

I took the scooter to the ice cream social, was too hot to walk up there. No ice cream for me, just the social. And from there I went to the Mountain Quail Cafe around the corner. The ladies wanted their corned beef and cabbage, but the cafe had already sold out by 4, so off they all went to a different restaurant. I just came home since I had the scooter. Had meatballs and sauce with melted cheese instead.

My chiminea came late yesterday, around 6:30 or so. I started assembling that, but ran out of daylight. I need to finish that up today. And if we don’t end up going to the vet, I will also do the shelves and a whole list of other things. She has stopped crying, so maybe we won’t have to go today. The bathroom is a real mess tho and it is going to take a bit to clean it up. I can’t get a shower until she has a decent sized clump in the litter box and I can let her out of the bathroom, but there are other things I can do in the meantime. So I guess I will get to it. Start by getting the laundry going and maybe hanging the shelves, then finish putting the chiminea together. Maybe by then I can let her out and clean up that mess and get a shower. It is cloudy today and isn’t supposed to hit 90, so I should be able to walk any time. Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Nice little break, then it starts warming up again and back in the 90’s by Monday.

She wasn't 100% last night, so no lap time, but we did get some chair time in. Something is better than nothing. Might have been too warm for lap time, it stayed warm quite late yesterday.

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