Saturday, March 28, 2015

Productive day

I got a lot done yesterday. Most of it before it got really warm. We hit 98 degrees here yesterday. Thankfully, it does cool off during the night, at least for now.

Got in my one mile around the park and then started on my projects. I finally have power in the shed. Got the solar panel hooked up and the charge controller installed. That went fairly easy. 

From there I went on to deal with a bunch of smaller projects. Finally got the rolling mill bolted to the bench, and did the vise as well. This will be the first time I have a vise secured to a bench. Never had a place to bolt it down before.

I still have a lot of work to do in the shed to make it workable and organized, but am going to wait for my tool chest before I do too much more in there. If I ever get my new rig, a lot of what is in the shed will go in the rig and free up a whole lot of space.

I took the chain off the new solar chandelier and rehung it with a wrought iron hook and moved the older one to the other end of the patio and used a matching hook for that one so they are hanging at the same height. The hummer feeder is now hanging from the patio support too, and the white pole is gone.

I painted the new frames I got at Sal’s the other day and replaced that ugly one my desert print was in. It looks much better. Just a simple black frame, no frilly stuff. Matches the flower print frame now. I even got my laundry done. Definitely a productive day.


Late in the day I finished filling out the form to close my old mail box in IP and took that to the post office to mail. Had to buy a stamp, can’t find mine. They are here somewhere, I saw them recently. Finally got my disc cutting tool too. It had been shipped via USPS to my street address so it got sent back. Had to pay the postage the second time around. Oh well. It’s gonna happen.

My tool chest and work bench have both been shipped. They should be here next week. I will have plenty to do when they get here. I’m sure both will need assembling, and the tool chest will need to be set up with all my tools. It is starting to look like a work shop in there. My fear tho is that by the time it is finally ready to use, it will be too hot to use it. At least I will be able to run a fan out there now.

I don’t have a lot on today’s agenda. I have already done a couple of things on my list. I rolled up a towel and put it at the bottom of the bedroom door to keep the AC in. The way the bed is forces the cold air down and out under the door. The towel should prevent that and keep the cool air in. I also put a thermometer up in there to see what the difference is.

Had bees coming in the house yesterday. I think I had to deal with five of them. I finally ended up getting my bug sucker so I could catch and release. Not sure what that was all about, maybe the cooler temps. They came in thru KC’s crate on the front step. I wonder if there is some kind of repellent I can put there. Some quickie research says dryer sheets, I have some somewhere and will give that a try. Need it for the shed too, had a couple of persistent bees in there too. I don’t know if they are honey bees or not. There are also killer bees out here so you don’t want to piss them off.

Kali Cat seems to be OK. She is eating a little more now that I am mixing her food. Plus, I accidentally bought tuna in oil instead of water and she is liking that too. She is eating all that I give her in the morning with her meds in it. So I guess I will continue to the the oil instead of the water for a while. We go see the doctor on Tuesday and hopefully get some more prednisone. Her urn came yesterday, it is very nice. I am pleased with it. It matches Jake’s very well, similar engraving, same color. A good choice. For now it is still in it’s box in a cupboard in the bedroom. Out of sight. I did not show it to her. Who knows how much they understand.

Well, time for me to get moving and get my walk in while it is still cool. Gonna be a hot weekend.