Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Container garden

We hit 87 yesterday. I did end up turning on the AC for about a half hour after the sun went down to lower the indoor temp. It stays about ten degrees cooler inside than outside, and that is with the slider open enough to let KC go out, and a couple other cracked open windows. I will have to start closing those now. Pretty soon, I will be running the AC all the time. I need to look for a box fan for the window, that will work to cool things down until it gets really hot.

I had planned on going to the carving class yesterday, but by the time 1 o’clock rolled around, I had already done a lot and was too tired to go. I really need to catch up on my sleep. I walked 1.5 miles, went to coffee at the club house, went to town and did my errands. I found a couple of chairs to match the little table I got at Walmart, a couple of big pots, some soil and some seeds at Dollar General. I went to the General Store for this week’s meat purchase as they have a nice selection, hit Salvation Army on the way back, the post office, etc. I also dealt with all the accumulating cardboard and the garbage. So I was pretty busy in the morning. It wore me out.

After a nap, I drilled holes in the pots and got them planted up with some veggie seeds. They are on the patio under the sunshade, so we will see how well they do. The chairs are almost a perfect match for the little table, and are surprisingly comfy for cheap chairs. My extension for the shower was at the post office, so I installed that too.

Today Kali Cat and I are going to the vet. Hopefully we can space it out a few weeks now. She seems to be doing OK on the prednisone. This weekly thing sucks. She hates it, I hate it, and it costs money each and every time we go. After that, I need to spend some time with the watering system. There is a leak that needs to be fixed and I have to figure out the programming. I don’t think it has come on since I played with it last week. The grapefruit needs it’s water. But it is looking pretty good right now. Still not blossoming tho.

At the salvation army I got a digital clock for the bedroom, so I can cross that off the list. The radio part of it doesn’t work, but I don’t use that part anyway. I also got a little metal bunny that I put out by the fountain and another metal candle holder for my battery operated candles. I need to paint that black, plus the ones I got before that haven’t been painted yet.

Even tho KC is sleeping most of the time, she is showing an interest in her surroundings again. If a bird gets too close, she is right on it. Was watching the bunnies the other day, and is jumping up on the furniture. She hasn’t gone and slept under the bed in the back corner for several days and we get recliner lap time each night. The chair was definitely worth the money I spent on it just for the lap time. I’m glad I didn’t wait for the new one. Although it still doesn’t show as canceled, so I may still be getting it. But that is OK, it is a much smaller chair. This one accomplished what it was supposed to.

I may even work on some jewelry today. I have a couple of ideas I want to try out, and I am feeling somewhat motivated. More than I have in the past six months. Might as well take advantage of it. :)

Well, gotta get showered and dressed and get KC to the vet. Hoping it goes well and she won't loose it in the car.

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