Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vertical Blinds

Yesterday was a daytime jammie day. I haven’t had one of those in a very long time. I didn’t have to go anywhere or have any commitments, so I took advantage of it.

My first project of the day was to remove the built in stereo and open up that cabinet. I was hoping my printer would fit in there, but the printer is too big. I did gain more storage space and easier access to the outlet and all the wiring inside the cabinet.

From there, I went on to the vertical blind. I had to remove the old curtain and it’s hardware, the blind instructions left something to be desired, but I got it figured out. I took my time and made sure it was done right. I did have to cut three inches off the bottom of each and every blind, but it is up and is a major improvement over that curtain. Now all my windows match - sort of. More than they did.

That was about all I did. Kali Cat and I settled in for a couple of hours of reading, and then last night we watched several episodes of Castle. I got the first six seasons on DVD, and since I don’t have any TV channels, DVD’s are my only entertainment. I cant stream because it would cost too much. 

My lunch consisted of guacamole and chips. I had some avocados that needed to be used up, so I made the guacamole. It was kind of bland, I think I am going to add some hot sauce today. I have the makings of a 13 bean soup on their first soak and will get that in the crock pot in a little while. I have a bunch of other veggies that need to be used too.

Yesterday was a nasty wind day. Things banging and clanging all day. Wind like that makes me nervous, but we seemed to have made it through without an major mishaps. I did have to take down my solar panels as they were banging against the side of the shed. I will be putting my big panel up sometime in the near future, so I won’t have to use the little ones. The big one is easier to weight down. Just waiting for the cables and I still have to buy a battery for it.

Was just sitting here eating my rice cake and peanut butter and realized the light fixture over the table is no longer centered over the table since I pulled two of the chairs and pushed it closer to the window. So it was just hanging pretty much in mid air. So I just moved it up closer to the ceiling where it will be out of the way. I don’t use it much, and it shouldn’t matter anyway. Eventually, I want to either replace it or paint it. Way too much brass for me. Same with the ceiling fan in the living room. That one I do use, the fan runs pretty much constantly, the light, not so much. Not high on my list of priorities. I may eventually find something I like at a yard sale. 

Today’s projects are small. I need to fix the catch on the back door so it will stay closed without having to lock it each and every time, and I need to dig into my TV corner and drill the holes for the wires to run from the top of the cabinets to the underside so I can put the speakers and other electronics that don’t need handling every day up there. That will also help straighten out the rats nest of wires that has developed. It will take longer to move stuff and put it back than it will to actually drill the holes and run the wires. I have been avoiding that one. But it needs to be done. 

Kali Cat had a good day yesterday and had a healthy breakfast this morning. She got all of her prednisone and almost all of her amoxycillin. So I am thinking I am going to go out for a little while today. The Beall’s store here in Q is closing at the end of the month and they have already started marking stuff down, so I want to see if there is anything I can use. Beall’s is like a mini Marshall’s, but seems to be heavier on the other stuff than the clothes. But I have only been in one store, so I can’t say if they are all the same.

My bean soup is in the crock pot. I’m thinking the soup and one of the smoked pork chops for dinner. We’ll see. I bought some Old Bay Seasoning the other day so I can do another shrimp boil at some point. I still have two small packages of gulf shrimp I bought when I was in Rockport TX.

It rained briefly around 6 AM, we do have a flood watch in effect until 11 PM tonight. So if I go anywhere, I will avoid the wash areas, just in case. We are expecting more rain.

I need to get back to walking. It has been several weeks. Too much going on, and it isn’t like I have been sitting on my butt.  And get caught up on the photo challenge. And get out on the scooter…moving and Kali cat have taken up all of my time for weeks now. I’m ready to start doing something fun again. Maybe I can get back to the rock club and get another class or two under my belt before they close for the season. All the things to do is one of the major reasons I decided to buy here, and I haven’t done anything in weeks and weeks.


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