Saturday, February 28, 2015

New furniture

I got the tracker all cleaned up and ready to go yesterday. I actually washed and waxed it without touching the hose. :) Not sure what the feeling is on car washing here. It wasn’t allowed at BLM. I had a bucket of water and a cloth that I was using to clean out the two months of desert dust on the interior, and when I finished that, I reused the water and cloth to clean the outside. Then I used my Ice liquid polish to shine it up. It looks pretty darned good if I do say so myself. :) Since the tracker hadn’t been out for a while, I took it to the post office and hardware store. Of course, since I had the small car, it was the day the vertical blind for the sliding door to arrive. I drove back with about two feet of it sticking out the rear window. :) At the hardware store I got some parts and pieces to fix the leak in the watering system and Chad got that done for me, only to discover there is another leak at the other end. We still need to fix that one, but it is a case of cutting out the old part and reattaching the end. No parts required for that one. All that water being sprayed over the rocks will then be confined to the grapefruit tree where it is meant to be.

I was waiting for my flat pack Sauder furniture. It hadn’t arrived by the time I went to the Yacht Club to meet some of the ladies for a fish and chips dinner, but was here when I got back. I had been here all day and it showed up the one hour I was gone. I got that hauled in and put together my desk first. I am sitting at it this morning. No more computer on the kitchen table. Yay. 

It took me five hours to get all four pieces assembled. Lots and lots of little parts and pieces. And of course, the last one, the coffee table, I put together before flipping it over, and the top is damaged. Big crack along the whole top. But being a Sauder product, replacement parts are easy to order and are free. I went to the website this morning and ordered the pieces I needed and it was almost too easy. 

Anyway, I like the dark color. I can only use one of the end tables because KC’s box is where the second end table should go. And yes, there is still room for the recliner. It doesn’t feel quite as open and airy, but I can deal with it to have some furniture. If I find something I like better later, no problem, it wasn’t an expensive set. Although I do like the fact that I can get free replacement parts for five years.

This morning I ordered a set of two wooden folding chairs. One for the desk, and the other as a spare. Since they fold, the spare can live in the bedroom closet. 

Two of the big dining chairs on wheels will be moved elsewhere or sold. They are comfy, but are just too big. I hope to eventually recover the two remaining chairs in a fabric of my choice. I may try to sell the two extras in the yard sale on Friday. I only need two.

Holding off on the curtains and the rug for now. Live with what I have for now. Then see if I find something I like. I do have blinds, so the curtains will be purely decorative. Today I get to try and install the vertical blind on the sliding door. Will be glad to be rid of the ugly curtain.

Today is the first day in several weeks that I have gotten up and don’t have some huge projects in front of me. With the inclement weather (high winds and rain forecast for the next couple of days), I think I will just putter around inside. With the wind howling, it isn’t even yard sale weather. We also have a flood watch, my first. There is a wash not far from here that I will probably grab the camera and go check out if it isn’t too bad out. And I also want and need to get caught up on the weekly photo challenge. It has been a long time since I have worn daytime jammies. That is my plan for today.

Kali Cat seems comfortable and hasn’t had any major episodes. Her pee clumps are getting smaller, but she is still going and hasn’t howled all week except for food. I haven’t had to close her in the bathroom since last Saturday. Thankfully. I did get her antibiotic into her this morning, but she doesn’t like the prednisone. She gets a little bit of it in her tuna, then turns up her nose. I really don’t blame her. At least she gets a little of it. She still stands on her hind legs begging when I am fixing her food, and played with her mouse for about thirty seconds this morning. She slept on the couch the whole time I was putting the furniture together, at least when she wasn’t laying on the instructions and the bits and pieces.

I haven’t dealt with the TV antenna issue yet, and we can’t put up a new one in this weather anyway. That will be my goal for next week. I have already missed too many episodes of my favorite programs, so there really isn’t any rush to get it done. As long as it is done by the time Chad and SusAnn leave for the summer. The wind was blowing last night, and even the channels that held before were flickering in and out. Hopefully I can sell the antenna and get at least some of my money back.

I am planning on pulling out the 15 year old built in stereo and opening up that space for my printer. The speakers are crap anyway, so it won’t be any great loss and my printer will then be inside a cabinet and away from the desert dust. Right now it is sitting out in the shed with a blanket over it as I hadn’t figured out where I was going to put it. I hope it will fit. If not, it will be nice to have the stereo gone and that cabinet opened up some. I might do that today. 

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