Monday, February 23, 2015

Shed work

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. Kali Cat was fine all day. She even passed a sizable clot at one point, and then her urine cleared up. This morning she has had breakfast three times. She got one at 3 AM when I got up and has bugged me two more times since then. If she is asking, I am giving. Now she is off sleeping it off. She won’t snuggle on the bed with me, hasn’t since we moved in here. It was a regular thing in Ody. Not sure why. It isn’t the bedroom, she sleeps in the corner under the chair most of the time. Maybe it is the blanket I put on the bed. I should probably wash it, see if that helps. She might have peed on it at some point.

I got my ice maker yesterday. It is bigger than the one I had. I set it up out on the patio since I don’t really have a spot for it in here. We don’t get the weather here that the northeast gets, so it should be fine out there. It is under cover, and easy to get to. I’m pleased that I didn’t order a new one and got this one for less than half of what I would have paid for a new one.

Spent some time in the shed. Emptied all the bags that I just dumped in there when I was finishing unloading Ody. I was so sick of it by then, I just took the bags and put them in the shed to be dealt with later. I still need to spend some more time in there and organize and sort some more stuff, but the floor is clear and I did take the window headers, stripped off the material and the molding, flipped them over and hung them on the walls as shelves. I now have a small shelf running along the top of two of the four walls. :) Recycling at it’s best. 

Pulled together some stuff for the trade blanket, and took a huge load of cardboard and trash to the dumpsters. All in all, a fairly productive day. When I got back last night I had to go close Ody’s windows. It had been blowing pretty steadily thru out the day and black clouds had moved in. I’m glad I did, it started raining about 3 AM and has been raining off and on since then. It is supposed to clear. The antenna held up against the wind, which was a relief.

When I was out this morning, the watering system came on, it has sprung a leak since the last time and I need to patch that today. I need to figure that system out because if I am going to have any type of garden, I need to know how to tap into it. The water pressure here is unbelievable. I think I need to get a regulator for the system. That is probably what blew out the tubing with the sun helping it along.

I got  a big white hat shaped glass bowl with a hole in it at the trade blanket yesterday. And while I was sorting, came across my solar fountain stuff. I want to set it up as a fountain in the yard. I even have a plastic bucket I can put under it so it can recycle the water. I don’t know if I will get to it today, I am hoping to finish up Ody today. The rain is supposed to end fairly early. I got a bunch of other stuff I really don’t want, so I will put that in Friday’s yard sale.

I also got the little solar panel hung to power my solar generator. Later this week, or when I get a chance to buy a battery, I will set up the large panel and regulator in the shed so I will be able to run my printer and whatever equipment I need. I’m hoping one battery will do it. If not, I can always add another later.

The empty place next door has a 6ft step ladder out behind the shed that I am going to borrow. That way I won’t have to buy one right away. Maybe I can find one at a yard sale that won’t cost as much as a new one.

Well, that is about all I have this morning. I’m looking forward to having both Ody and the tracker cleaned and sold, at least on the market so I don’t have that job in front of me. Then I can concentrate on organizing here. I need to get some cupboard shelves, shelves for over the washing machine, figure out how to organize the spice cupboards, they are triangular, and if it isn’t in the front row, I can’t find it. I need some turn tables or something. Or pull out drawers. All the shelves are adjustable which is kind of nice, but they are cheap pressed board so won’t hold a lot of weight. I may have to have some new shelves cut out of something a little sturdier at some point. There is a lot of storage here, but the bigger ones turn into black holes, things go in to never be seen again.  Thankfully, I don’t have that much stuff any more.

Oh! I finally found a latch that will work as a lock on my screen door. On Ebay. It isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but will work just fine. Cost five bucks. Most of them I saw ran between 12 and 30 dollars. I refuse to pay that.


  1. Sounds like you are making progress creating your home and I'm glad your cat is feeling a bit better.

  2. Definitely making progress. Now I have to deal with the motorhome, clean it and get it sold. Then find a new, smaller, towable for shorter trips. :)