Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I have frozen fingers again. I do pretty well until just before sun up, then I can’t take it anymore and have to fire up the butane heater. Today will be day five without the generator. Wonder if I can make it to moving day? I reconfigured the solar panels yesterday. Took down the two smaller ones, used the stand that I had been using for those for the big one. It is all on the one solar panel now. The only thing I had a problem with is my Bose speaker which ran out of juice last night. It hadn’t been charged in days. I now have it charging on one of the inverters and it will be good to go again tonight. Doesn’t seem to be taking much off the battery either. It is all a learning experience.

I hung around here after my walk yesterday until shortly after lunch. Then I went to the new place on my own without Carolyn. Took some outdoor pics and introduced myself to the neighbors in the back. We figured out the power and the water, chatted, nice people. Going to be good neighbors and they are winter neighbors only. There are some other year round people, but haven’t met them yet. Then I went and met Carolyn, signed whatever I needed to sign, and we came back so I could get some inside pics. Here they are….

I’m glad I went back yesterday. Was having doubts the night before, and after seeing the place again, they are gone. Now I can’t wait to get in there. I am definitely ready to settle for a while. Hoping the paperwork goes thru fast and I won’t have to wait the three weeks. I did find the RV parking area and the club house, but haven’t figured out where the office is yet.

I struck out on both the painting and the quilt. Neither place was open yesterday. Will try again today. I confirmed that the bed is a queen size, so I have ordered the bedding I need. Expensive, but found a good deal on sheets on Amazon. I ordered the memory foam, bed sack and two sets of sheets. That should do me for a while. I also ordered the little fabric softener ball for the washer since I won’t have a dryer and don’t want to baby sit to add softener during the rinse. I used to use one of those when I had the washer on Bracket Street, it worked quite well.

I don’t think the shed has power. Once I confirm that it doesn’t, I will get a deep cycle marine battery and get the solar setup for it. I will be able to use my power tools, grinder, tumbler, etc., free of charge then. Will be nice to have that stuff setup again. Seriously considering a rolling mill for pressing metal, but they are very expensive. I wonder how long it would take to make that expense back.

Oh, I did stop into the flower shop and left my card just in case they needed some emergency help. It is a foot in the door. She has only been open three months, and I don’t think she has a clue what the major holidays will bring. Valentines, Mother’s Day…You never know, could turn into a decent job, or I could never hear from her. 

About the only thing I have on the agenda for today is laundry. I don’t need to get gas for the generator since I haven’t been using it. I am good on water, both wash and drinking. And there is one bag of garbage I can get rid of, and toss a few things that have been hanging around. Will try to remember to take my iPad with me so I can update it on free wifi.

While Carolyn and I were out and about yesterday, I saw a possible rig. A little bigger than a cargo van, more what I had in mind. I want to see if I can find it again today and see what they are asking for it and what kind of shape it is in. I’m still looking for a car. May have to go to Yuma for that.

Well, time to get moving. The laundromat gets pretty busy after 9 AM, and it is already almost 8. 

Kali Cat seems to be ok. Carolyn gave me some colloidal silver to give her and is going to try to get the amoxycillin when she goes to Mexico on Friday. I’m hoping she stays well for quite a while.