Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finally finished the upstairs

I finally got the upstairs done. It is completely empty except for the webcam and it's computer, and Kali Cat's window seat. A huge accomplishment. I have been trying to get that done for over two weeks now, and every time I went upstairs, I lost all my motivation. I basically had to force myself to do it, and it is finally done.

The upstairs, until recently, was my bedroom/sitting room and storage. Once I closed the shop and cleared all of that out, I started moving stuff downstairs, starting with the TV and the recliner. From there I moved the bed down, my clothes and finally the rest of the stuff. Of course, a lot of it went out on the porch and needs to be sorted, but it is no longer upstairs and that makes that job so much easier.

Still no word on closing, but I will be about as ready as a person can be when the time comes.

To wrap up my day of exercise, I walked to the post office. Took a couple of pictures of the lake, it is getting soft around the edges. Ice out is going to be late this year I think.

I have been feeling the urge to use my grill, but it is still frozen to the ground and I can't get at it. Today I shoveled some of the snow away from it in hopes that I will be able to get it out of there by the weekend and grill something good. 

It is too late for a nap, but I am done for the day. Too early for dinner, so I think it will be another cup of coffee and a book

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