Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another week down

Another week has gone by and I still have nothing new to report. No news is no news. Limbo continues.

I had another weekend of yard sales, this one was pretty disappointing, I don't think I did $150 all weekend. It is time to wrap it up. See if I can sell the rest in a lot.

Walked the path yesterday and again today. Still ice on the pond, but it is going to be out very soon. Would be interesting if it made it thru to May, but I doubt it.

My beautiful tattoo is infected. I am loosing all the light green. Getting it cleaned up and healed up and going back to get it repaired. Wasn't the fault of the artist, completely my fault,  my ignorance with the healing process. Will be good the next time. If only I had figured it out sooner, might have been able to save more of it. I lost all of the lime green and some of the darker green.

On top of that, I hurt my back this morning when I was raking up the dead sunflower seed around the feeders. It built up all winter and had to be cleaned away. I was good until I started loading it into the wheelbarrow and I did something. Having a hard time getting up and down. Have taken my Aleve. Will be off to my recliner shortly.

The weather is still cold and windy. Not nice at all. Cloudy, etc. But at least I have started walking again.

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