Friday, May 9, 2014

Finally a few minutes to write

I have been trying to find the time for the last three or four days to update. I finally have the amount of time it takes for the washing machine to wash a load of laundry. I am doing my Saturday chores today because tomorrow I have a craft fair that I am doing, and Sunday is Mother's Day and company from Maine.

My tattoo is finally healing up. I lost a lot of it with the infection and haven't decided if I am going to have it repaired or not yet. I am a little needle shy at this point. Again, it was my own fault, I didn't have the proper after care cream to keep it from getting infected and worked with what I had. I will make that decision when it is healed up and see how much is left.

My back is better. No more shooting pain. That was three days on the heating pad in the recliner. The down time was due. But I would have enjoyed it more if I could have been able to move. But I am up and about and have been quite productive the last few days. Kali Cat liked all the extra lap time.

I got all the left over yard sale stuff packed up and the shelving disassembled the other day. It is all ready to go. Just need to find a buyer(s).

The shelving is sold already. I had way more buyers than shelving units. Hoping to get some decent money for the grid wall and all it's shelves and hooks and accessories. Don't have a buyer for the rest of the stuff yet tho, but I have it all listed on craigslist. Here are the links..

Hoping to have this stuff gone soon. I would like to make enough to buy a kayak. I have been wanting one for several years now and haven't spent the money. But I think this is the year. If I can get this stuff sold.

After I wrapped that up, it was so nice out that I decided to see if I could get the awning open on Ody. After watching a you tube video, I decided it was just stuck and got out the step ladder and got the thing open. It is in pretty good shape, very dirty, and needs some reinforcement on the back side, but is usable. I have awning cleaner ordered and on the way. I also got the grille for the door spray painted and installed. Just a little screen reinforcement. I am hard on door screens and this is a little extra insurance to keep the cat in too.


Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. Sunny, warm...we have been waiting for that for a long time. I spent as much of the day outside that I could. I got the courtyard cleaned up and rearranged for however long I will be here. And this morning I bought some pansies and got them potted up before it started raining.

I am happy to be able to walk the pathway again. I got some awesome loon shots the other day. I still don't have that one great shot, but am happy with some of these. I want to get back out and try again. Maybe if I get a kayak, I will feel brave enough to take my camera with me. I have a waterproof sack that I can keep it in.

Today's walk was a last minute decision as I reached the end of the driveway. I hadn't done the steps since last fall, and since the weather was so iffy, I figured I would go for the effort instead of the view. :) The complete walk is just under a mile, but includes a lot of stairs.

I stopped at the thrift store on my way back. Found two pair of shorts for a grand total of $6. Can't beat the price. I know I shouldn't be buying anything right now, but I was down to one very threadbare pair of shorts to start the season with. I actually only stopped in to say hi to Toni.

The wash is just about done. Once I get it switched over to the dryer, I need to do a dry run for my craft fair table. (I have limited space and need the kitchen to do this). After that, I am trying a new method of etching. It uses a 9 volt battery. That will be my piece for this week's jewelry challenge.

I was hoping to be able to grill my dinner tonight, but it isn't looking promising with the rain. Oh well, maybe Sunday.

As for the status of the sale and if and when I finally get out of here. The application has been submitted to the Vermont Department of Conservation. They have 30 days to determine what to do with the ground contamination next door. Their requirements will determine if DG still wants to go forward with this project or scuttle it due to the cost. I'm hoping it all goes thru and I get a closing date within a few more weeks. I am tired of waiting. It has been over six months since this started. Time for it to happen!

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