Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One step closer.

Got notification in the mail yesterday that the Dept of Environmental Conservation has approved the permit for DG. I think that was the last hurdle. I should be getting a closing date very soon.

That means I have a lot to do in a little bit of time, but not having the exact target date, I don't know how long. I will try to be patient while I wait to hear from the powers that be.

This was my view on my walk yesterday. The lake was gorgeous! Just look at the reflections. Would have been a perfect day to be out there on the water.  My kayak didn't arrive until later and I don't have it set up yet, so it was a miss for me. Besides, I think the water might still be a bit chilly. There were kayakers out there tho. More experienced kayakers.

Once I get the money from the sale of the property, I will have a lot to do before I will be ready to leave. I need to buy seven new tires for Ody, have her brakes checked and possibly repaired, get her unwinterized and inspected and tested out. I need to get a tow bar on the jeep, and so much more. All waiting for an influx of funds. I also need a backup camera and a solar setup. There will be a flurry of online ordering when I get some cash. In the meantime, I am getting a few inexpensive things here and there. 

I was hoping to spend the month of July in Maine, and then head for Wisconsin in August and spend a little time there. But we will see how it all plays out. 

I do have to say that I am nervous, apprehensive, scared, for a better word. My world is changing in a big way, and it is all based on reading and research, not actual experience. Plus, I have barely left home in the last four plus years, and in a few weeks, I will no longer have a home. What is going to happen? What if I don't like it? I know I don't like to drive in or near cities. There are a lot of strange people out in the world, lots of danger. But other people - single women - have been doing this for years and do it every day. It is reassuring to know there are others out there. What I DO know is that I can't stay here. I'm not happy here without Jake. He is the reason I moved here. I have no family here and very few friends, and I don't want to spend my last years alone and lonely. I can see myself becoming the crazy cat lady if I stay. It is just too depressing to think about not leaving.

The first leg of the journey will be ok. It is all territory that I have driven many times in the past. It is familiar. But once I set off for Wisconsin, it is a crap shoot. I have to drive northwest to spend some time with my brother before I head southwest for the winter. If he hadn't just moved from AZ to WI, I wouldn't be heading north at all, would just head directly southwest. Will be a lot of extra driving. I should be pretty good at it by the time I reach Texas.

Today I am going to try not to think about this too much. Not much I can do until I have more information. I will finish up last week's jewelry challenge piece and start this week's piece. I have several pieces to make for Susan, and I need to start clearing off the chrome shelving because I have all six sold. Three of them are still in use and need to be cleared off, separated and reconfigured for easier moving.

It is supposed to be partly sunny, chance of showers and near 70 today. Not the best weather, but much, much better than it was a couple of weeks ago. I'll take it!

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