Monday, March 2, 2015

Several small projects accomplished.

It is still raining here, has been raining off and on since yesterday morning. My grapefruit tree looks pretty happy to have wet leaves. Other than it being cold and damp, it has stayed dry on the patio.

This Friday is the park wide yard sale. I will be putting out my jewelry wares and a bunch of yard sale stuff to get rid of. What doesn’t sell will immediately be loaded into the car and taken down the street to the Salvation Army. I am tired of seeing a pile of stuff on the patio. My jewelry will be reorganized and there is one more tailgater at the rock club before it closes for the season and I plan on putting my stuff out there. I’m pretty sure I am going to invest in a rolling mill. That will reduce the hammering I have to do when I make my jewelry. My shoulders just can’t take it.

Ody has been on craigslist since Thursday, no bites yet. I guess I need to do up some posters for the bulletin boards. I need to get her sold so I can find my new, much less expensive rig. Still thinking rPod, but want to look at them first. Might go Casita. Since I won’t be living in it full time, I don’t need as much space and generally just the basics. It will be fun to actually see a rig before I buy it.

I got several little projects done yesterday. I did get the back door fixed after trying to adjust it again. Was just getting ready to cut the lock plate when it hit me - it was installed upside down! It hadn’t made sense that it wasn’t working and was off by at least a half inch. The door was fine, the other lock worked smoothly, nothing was bent or out of place. I wonder how and why it got removed and installed wrong..It was an easy fix once I figured it out.

Then I took everything out of the DVD cabinet over the TV and drilled the holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet to run the speaker wires. That was pretty messy, but it is working great. The surround sound speakers are now up on the top of the cabinet, out of the way and no longer behind the TV. I tamed all the cords that were behind the TV and put everything back in place and tested everything to make sure I had it hooked up right.

I also put the new little lock latch on the screen door, but need to redo it, as I only had metal washers and I need nylon washers. No rush, it works.

Last but not least, I put some curtain clips on the mexican blanket in the bedroom and rehung that. By using the clips I don’t have to sew a rod pocket into it and I will be able to reuse the blanket as something else later if I choose to do so. 

A quick bite, and then off to Beall’s. I did find a few things there. Stuff was only 10% off, but it was also pretty well picked over already. I got two pair of shorts, a large red metal basket, and a glass beverage dispenser. I actually did better at Family Dollar. There I found a red paper towel holder, two little table lamps at $6 each, a hand held shower head, cat litter, and more. The lamps are perfect. Although I didn’t realize the wire work had different patterns, I ended up with two different ones instead of them being the same, but that’s ok. I have one on the switched outlet on the end table by the couch, the other is on my desk.

The wire basket is under the coffee table and will be my newspaper/magazine holder. Some good finds in my opinion. I am hoping to be able to cruise the yard sales this week, even if it is just in the park. Never know what you will find.

I think I am going to try to cancel the recliner order. I went and checked on it again, the ETA is March 27, not Feb 27. I don’t want to wait that long. I need the chair now. I have been using the couch, but it isn’t that comfortable, and it is tiny. I will find something local. Now that KC seems to be feeling a little better, I can leave her for a half day or so and go find something in person.

I believe I have just about reached the point where I stop buying stuff and live with it for a while. I’m liking the way it is coming together, and it has been fun, time to enjoy it. Plus, maybe get back to making some stuff and maybe generating a little income. Also, spend a little time and maybe add a few desert plants to the outdoors. I want to move that dead tree that is in the corner by the clothesline and put it behind the fountain. It is firmly rooted into the ground, so it will take a little effort. Need to get that done before it warms up.

About the only project I have on the agenda for today is installing the hand held shower head. Hoping it has a flow restrictor in it and it was worth the ten bucks I spent on it. We’ll see. 

Kali Cat has had a good few days. Eating, purring, much more like herself than she had been for a while. No painful episodes, and her fur is starting to feel better again. Just in time to take her to the vet for a recheck. I’m going to put that off until tomorrow. She hates it and I hate it…Not looking forward to it. Poor baby just hates riding. Makes her sick every time. 

Well, guess that is about it for this morning. It is still pouring, so no rush to get showered and dressed. Might just cook breakfast.


  1. Have you checked out T@B? They look really cool...

  2. I have seen them. Might be a little smaller than what I am looking for. Haven't ruled them out tho. :)