Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nice and cool this morning

Kali Cat slept the day away. She is pretty low energy these days. She is having issues this morning, but isn’t crying, and if her pattern plays out, she should be better in a few hours. She slept in again this morning, and I appreciate it. I’m wondering if she isn’t the main cause of my lack of sleep.

I had good intentions to walk yesterday. I actually got myself and my water bottle out there, but I kept running in to people and stopping to chat, so I lost my motivation. I only went around A & B streets. It ended up being a half mile, so it wasn’t a total loss. I had forgotten Monday Morning Coffee, again. Vicky reminded me. I need to set a reminder for every Monday morning. I did manage to make it, although a few minutes late. For the most part, I am liking the social aspect of living in this community.

I started a Facebook group for the park. I have six people added so far. Everyone I talked to seemed to like the idea.

I didn’t do much after walking and chatting yesterday. Read a book, found a nice little sun catcher in my stash to give to the birthday girl when we went for pizza later in the day. Got that wrapped and ready to go. Then Silly Al’s for pizza at 4. I dropped $20 on a small pizza and an iced tea. I think that was a very expensive pizza and it wasn’t all that good. People have raved about their pizza, but I wasn’t impressed. And I’m out twenty bucks. For that kind of money I could have had a steak dinner.

I’m probably going to have dinner with Georgia tonight. She is coming back to Q to get something in her rig serviced and asked if I wanted to. Yes! :) I am tired of being stuck at home and not being able to do anything except a quick run to the store. I just don’t feel like I can leave KC any longer than that. 

The baby bunny was back. It was sitting there watching the big bunnies and the birds eat. Later when I looked out, the big bunnies were gone and baby was getting some of the leftover pellets. I will have to make sure to put a few out late each day. He/she is the cutest little thing. I did see one of the older bunnies taking leaves off the bottom of the grapefruit tree tho, and they are still trying to get drinks from the bubbler on the watering system. That probably explains what looked like a tooth mark on the damaged section that I had to cut out. Will have to keep an eye on that. Might have to put some PVC over the exposed line.

I’m planning on getting an early start this morning and walking while it is still quite cool. I need to deal with the garbage today, between the cat littler and the food I throw away it gets pretty smelly, and I should vacuum and dust as I might have company. Georgia hasn’t seen the place since I showed it to her before I moved in. Granted, it isn’t dirty, but I have been slacking on my housekeeping…sort of. Seems like I do a ton of dishes every day and I can’t understand where they come from, it isn’t like I do much cooking and I wash my dinner dishes at night. KC generates quite a few dishes, so that must be it.

Well, if I am going to get an early start, I need to start early. 


  1. 20 for not great pizza is a lot! Sounds like everything else is going well.