Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas decorating

I got quite a bit done yesterday, not everything I had on the list, but I’m happy with what I accomplished. I am frustrated tho, I had all those red sheets on the couch and chairs in the living room, when I got rid of the couch, I washed them and put them away. But I can’t find them. I had one stashed somewhere that I used in the bedroom for the curtain, but I have pillow cases and three more sheets somewhere that I can be using. I hate it when that happens. I did, after several more hours of searching, find my ear muffs! Finally! They were under the seat of the scooter. I happened to be taking a break, sitting there looking at the scooter when I realized that that was the last place I had used them. Days of hunting! At least the cupboards in the bedroom are organized now.

After I finally finished hunting for the earmuffs and finishing up the bedroom, I went out and cleaned out the car. I even vacuumed it. It is ready to go if I decide to do that. If not, it was a job that needed to be done. If I decide to keep the car, I am going to order the seat covers for the back seat. They are pretty dirty and ugly. I have the stuff that was in the car down to two small bags. One is the emergency kit, and the other is tools and oddball stuff. I’m taking the title and spare keys just in case. 

Once that was done, I started on the rest of the christmas decorating. Got out the spindly tree that I bought in Yuma last year and figured out how to attach the base I had cut off so I could store it, got the lights on it, but still need to decorate it. I also got the battery operated candles in the windows, got the horseshoe tree decorated and the stockings hung. Jake and Kali Cat’s stockings made me cry. Sigh...


I got all the fall stuff gathered and bagged, that is in the shed until I get a storage bin for it, and the mugs and wooden turkey are on the top of the cupboard in the kitchen. The xmas mugs will join them when the holidays are over. Can’t see them. :)

Dunno if I am going to like the turbine snowman. I stacked them yesterday to get an idea of what it would look like, it is quite short. But I will go ahead and do it anyway. I need some white string to get the white material to stay and cinch it in. Also have to figure out the face. Tomorrow I might start the pallet trees. Maybe. I might not feel that ambitious.

It was cold yesterday. Only in the 50’s, and it is close to freezing this morning. Just looked, it is actually below freezing…31 degrees. I think I am going to give up on any gardening for now. My tomato plant didn’t even make it outdoors yesterday and I didn’t cover anything else, so I guess I will have several dead plants. Oh well. I noticed the avocado didn’t look very happy yesterday and last night probably did it in. I guess I will stick with native plants from now on. Not too worried about the lilac cuttings, they are used to the cold. Maybe once the days start getting longer, it will warm up some.

So this morning I am heading to Blythe early. Would like to be there around 8 AM, see what is on the lot at the dealership and then go get tires if that is the way I choose to go. I also need to get the oil changed, and maybe even a car wash. Then I want to go to Dollar Tree and get my silks and whatever else I need from there and then groceries. I expect either way, I will be gone most of the day so I will be missing coffee this morning and the turkey noodle soup later in the day. But tires are more important than soup and coffee. If I weren’t working, I would go tomorrow, but I don’t want to have to go out tomorrow. I need one quiet day before I go back to work. Although I may go to Salvation Army since I probably won’t make it there today. 

Driving to Blythe on those tires make me nervous. It is all highway. I would go the back way, but there isn’t one that I have found yet. Some day when I have nothing better to do, I will try to find an alternate route. I would much rather drive on surface roads than highway.

I have moments where I wonder why I am decorating. I am the only one that is going to get to see it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A day of reading

I wasn’t feeling a bit crafty yesterday, so I didn’t make anything. I did get the flannel sheets washed and dried, did a little rearranging in the living room to make room for the fire place, and that was about it. My soup came out good, but it was a cheap cut of burger and I had to skim off quite a bit of fat, but all in all, very good. Next time I will precook the burger before I toss it in to prevent the fat issue, and I won't buy that particular burger again.

I basically read all day. Didn’t see anyone or go anywhere. Although Lois brought me over a present. A tomato plant! 

I called the Walmart in Parker, they do not have a tire center like the website says. I will have to figure out what I am going to do. But not until next week. I’ll ask at work today, maybe someone there can give me an idea.

I think I am going to use the white sheet I got for the snowman as a curtain in the bedroom. I have the mattress cover that doesn't fit right coming off the bed that I can use for the snowman, and that I won’t mind cutting and stitching, so maybe I will make a sleeve/tube and drawstring it to cinch it in where it needs to cinch. Since it is somewhat puffy, it will look more like a snowman anyway. Then I can just stitch on the face. I will use one of my plastic pumpkin buckets for a head. I still need to go to Dollar Tree in Blythe for my holly and poinsettias.

Today I work. Tomorrow is putting together the fireplace, the parade and dinner at the clubhouse at 1. Not sure how to dress this morning, but I think it might be a long pants day. I think I will throw my Teva’s in the car so I can change my shoes at lunch if I need to.

I overheated my shredder while dealing with the small mountain of stuff that needed shredding. But it started working again after it cooled down. 

I should get my December schedule today along with my paycheck. I don’t know what my schedule is next week. All I know is that I have Monday off. Hopefully Tuesday too, but we’ll see.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A job offer and Christmas stuff

Nothing crafty yesterday other than shopping. Went to coffee, then off to do my errands. I bought some LED lights at DG and a star for the top of the horse shoe tree and some stretchy cord plus my weekly groceries. I got the beef and broccoli frozen meal at the market that I like along with a few veggies and fruit. They didn’t have much to offer that early on a Monday.  Late in the day, I made the orange cranberry relish for Thursday. I had the rest of my chicken and squash for dinner.

I did three loads of laundry, and puttered a little. I did pretty good at Sal’s. I got some tree parts to make the plunger trees with. There was no base or anything so I got it for $2. I also found a white cotton sheet with pillow cases for my snowman. It was supposed to have the bottom sheet too, but it didn’t. Oh well. Plus I got a bunch of ornaments and some other stuff. Here are a few pics.

I grabbed the tiered basket for $3, it looks nice on the table. The little house is made of metal and is out by the gas fireplace with the metal cactus. The snowman dish is about five inches, and the candle holder is crackled glass. I want to get an LED candle for that. I also got a bag of assorted bead garland. All in all, a pretty good haul for $15. Clothes were fifty cents again, but I didn’t find anything that excited me.

This is a picture of the fireplace I ordered..

I would be happier if it were black, but I think it will be dark enough to go with the rest of the furniture. Still haven’t found anyone to do my bookcase. I may have to break down and do it myself. But I need to get the chairs gone. If I do buy the cargo trailer, I can put them in there for a while. Just to get them out of the living room. I don’t have any place else I can put them. It is frustrating. The fireplace is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so I can put it together while I watch the parade on Thursday.

Today I need to do a little house cleaning…the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. Then maybe I will get out and work on the pallet trees. Either that or clean out my closet. I might save that for later tho.

I need to make a base for the little tree I bought last year. In order to store it in Ody, I cut the base off. I should be able to come up with something. I think I will see if there are any 4x4 scraps at work, and then put braces on that. It will be covered up by something anyway. Maybe the piece of material I got at Sal’s yesterday. I will figure it out as I go.

This is the quilt and shams that I got. I did not get any of the extras. Will figure that out as I go.

And these are the sheets. I will need to wash them before I put them on the bed.

I know, that is a lot of print, but I think it will be OK. The sheets won’t show when the bed is made. Still looking for a solid window covering. My other flannel sheet is more or a burgundy, but I will keep looking at Sal’s and the dollar stores. Needs to either be white or bright red.

While I was searching for my relish recipe, since it wasn’t on the bag, I came across Richard’s recipe for hamburg soup. So I am going to make that today in the crock pot, minus the rice and I will probably replace the rice with quinoa. That will feed me tomorrow night too. 

I have decided to allow myself one dessert for Thanksgiving dinner, then that is it until Christmas dinner. I’m putting a few more carbs in my diet, I don’t think I am getting enough. See how that works. And will be reducing meat. If I could get haddock here, I would increase my fish intake. Cod is OK, but it isn’t the same. Made a very good fish chowder tho.

Huh. I just got a call (at 7 AM) from Arizona Western College. They offered me a part time job. I hated to turn it down, but I’m already working and I don’t have the energy or the time for two jobs. Sigh….Oh well. That would be seasonal too since they don’t have classes in the summer. It wouldn’t have been enough hours to compensate for the job I have now either. Besides, I don’t really like being second choice.

Anyway, I guess it is time I get moving. Maybe I will wash the sheets today too since I will be here. I could get them put on the bed and just not change the quilt until next week. Can’t see them when the bed is made. That way I can get the new, hopefully tighter, mattress cover on too. Solve that problem while I am at it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The fence is done (for now)

I was wrong. He did work on the fence this week, and yesterday we finished it up. The section I didn’t have the tension clips for, we wired in temporarily. I will install the clips when I get them. I also got the reed fencing back up and the rocks all back into position, and it looks oh so much better. The only other big thing I did yesterday was deal with the garbage and cardboard, which wasn’t as bad as it looked. The cart full of leftover sand got dumped and spread under the chiminea. It was the least labor intensive place to put it. And the cart is back in it’s corner.


The gates were right in front of where the car is parked, a useful place, right?

I discovered yesterday that I have to replace my tires on the car. I had planned on doing that anyway, but now there is some urgency to it. The sidewalls are breaking down and rippling. It looks like I can get new tires at Walmart, and there is a chevy dealer on the way to the local Walmart in Parker. It will be a nervous drive tho, it is about 70 miles at 70mph speed limit. I think I will head that way next Monday. That way I can get a lot of my junk cleared out of the car just in case I decide to upgrade, and if I don’t, it needs some attention anyway. I have to have this dealt with one way or the other before I travel to Phoenix at Christmas. I need to get the oil changed at the same time.

Today I am going to Monday morning coffee, then do my marketing, food, DG, Sal’s. Then laundry when I get back. I’m hoping to get started on at least one of the xmas tree projects or the snowman assuming I have found something for the head. And I need to make the cranberry relish for Thursday.

I finished the book I was reading and played a little with the kindle. It is taking some adjusting since it is a different operating system than apple. I do have to say I like apple better, but the price difference alone makes it worth learning. 

Did I mention my new project yesterday? A row of bookshelves under the front windows? The problem is, the whole front is curved and angled, and I don’t do well with angles. I may try to do it myself anyway. And then paint them white to blend in with the wall. A pro could do it in an afternoon.

I did list the chairs on craigslist. Lets hope that gets some interest. I would really like to get them out of there. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally a day off

Fairly busy at work yesterday, the morning sped by, not so much the afternoon. Was a better week than last week tho.

Off today, tomorrow and Tuesday, so much to do, so little time to do it. Today's goal is to get the patio cleaned up and all the cardboard and garbage to the dumpsters, and then work on the fence and get that closer to being finished. My yard is a mess and I am tired of it. This project has gone on long enough. Of corse, I can't finish it since I am still waiting for tension clips, but I could also be waiting a long time. Will have to jury rig it for now.

I bit the bullet and ordered the electric fireplace. I have wanted one for years, and am finally getting one. Will have to figure out what to do with the shelf that is there tho. Maybe I can shorten it and put it over by the TV.

Hmmm, built in bookshelves under the front row of windows...wonder who I could get to do that. Maybe I can do it myself, but it will require mitering. I'm not good at angles.

Gotta get those chairs gone, going to list them on craigslist this morning. Can't put them in the clubhouse, I asked. Worst case scenario is giving them away.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another Christmas project

Not much new, made it thru another work day and have one left to go, then three days off. I think tomorrow I will get out my saw and finish up the fence myself since there has been nothing done to it since Tuesday. I can do all but the little two foot section, and I can fake that until the parts I need come in. Then I can get the reed fencing back up and get the yard back to normal. It is definitely bugging me - a lot. I don’t like leaving things unfinished and disorganized, especially out where everyone can see it. I don’t know if they took off for the week, but their truck just backed out at 6 AM. SusAnn and Chad out back just left and won’t be back until new years. 

I will have to go to the market and buy some oranges for the cranberry relish. I had bought enough the other day, but two of them were bad leaving me short on oranges. I have one with my lunch each day.

It is warming up some here. I wore my shorts and sandals yesterday plus two removable layers and had both off by the end of the day. It is about 51 degrees out this morning, so today should be similar.

Oh, got a new xmas decoration idea and brought home some of the parts for it yesterday. Have to go to Sal’s to get the rest. :) A mini xmas tree made from a plunger. This isn’t my photo, but it is the same tree. Looks easy enough to make. We sell the mini plungers.

I have a lot I want to do this weekend, but the fence project is going to eat up a fair amount of time. Plus I want to cut and paint the pallet trees, and figure out the turbine snowman. Maybe a ball from the dollar store for a head? I will also need to find a hat for it, or use one of mine. I have an old beat up one in the car that I could use. And maybe some fake tree branches for arms…Hmmmm….

I did find out that I have three days off at Christmas, so I will be able to go to Phoenix and see Mike and Judy. I won’t have to rush back this year for Kali Cat. I didn’t want to leave her alone too long last year, and felt bad about the time I did leave her. Now I just have to figure out the details, where I will be staying, etc. I’ll get a room somewhere. Howard and Barbara are supposed to be in Phoenix at xmas too for her chemo, so I want to see them while I am there. The December schedule should be done in the next day or two, so I will have a better idea about my month then.

It is snowing in Wisconsin today. I guess it is the first real snowfall of the season there. They can have it! :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Not much

Yesterday wasn’t as busy as the day before, therefore, it was a much longer day. 
I did score two pallets and another roof turbine tho. I’m thinking if I can find something to top it off, I am going to make a snowman out of my pumpkin turbine and the new one, but need a head, hat, etc. The pallets are to be xmas trees for the front steps. I don’t want to paint my pumpkin turbine, so I am thinking of using white trash bags instead. We’ll see how that goes. I can paint the new one white tho.

I really don’t have much to write about this morning. I get up, I go to work for 9 hours, come home, eat dinner and got to sleep.

Nothing new on the fence.  So my yard is kind of a mess, and of course, it is the front part of the yard that everyone sees.

Two more days of work. Hopefully today will go faster. I have started using the timer function on my phone for my lunch hour. It counts down the minutes so I don’t have to keep an eye on the clock.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fence progress

Spent the majority of Wednesday working on the fence. It still isn't done. Need to make some adjustments and also need some parts that didn't come in at work yesterday. So it won't be finished until they do.

Made it through the day at work yesterday with a minimum of upset. Gives me hope that I can continue working there for the season.

The weather is supposed to warm up a little. Plenty of sunshine, but cold. Mornings are running about 42 degrees, days in the low 70's and upper 60's. It is nice when the wind isn't blowing, but that wind has been cold.

Working four days this week so I won't have much to write about.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quiet Sunday

This is going to be quick because it is Monday morning and I would like to make it to coffee. Although I might not make it, it is already 6:45 and it starts at 7.
Yesterday was fairly quiet. I did get a few things done. I got the “hearth” put together for the gas stove, made a recycling basket out of a wire window box and chicken wire, and got the lights reconfigured in the shed. This is what I have for now for the hearth. Should be a lot easier to get it fired up now, I won’t have to get on my knees to do it.

It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it works. I also moved the small table and chairs out under the shade sail since it is now winter and I can sit in the sun if I want.

I did talk to Merrill and he is fixing the fence the way I want it. But that means he also needs more parts and pieces, which means I have to go to the hardware store this morning and get them. I really don’t want to go in on my day off, but it has to be done.

Had dinner with SusAnn and Chad. The ham was good and we had baked potatoes and salad as well. I have lots left over that I cut up and put in the freezer and I have some that I am going to make a 16 bean soup with. SusAnn kept the bone and made beans. She brought some over last night. I haven’t tried them yet.

Along with going to the hardware store, I want to stop at Sal’s and see if I can find some jeans that allow me to breath. I can wear the ones I have, but the waist is very tight. My hip is now bothering me again, so I have to get a loose waist band. My knee is feeling better tho. I think the waistband on the jeans has aggravated the sciatic nerve again.

The wind gusted and blew all night last night. Lots of creaks and groans. Reminded me of a nor’easter. But it is a little warmer than it has been.

I ordered my birthday present to myself this morning. Ordered a kindle fire. My iPad is fine, but I am ready for something new. Plus the screen on my iPad is cracked. I dropped it in the desert last winter and I never got it fixed. It works just fine, so why bother. I bought the kindle for what it would have cost to fix the iPad. Plus it is smaller and easier to carry around. If I don’t like it, it isn’t a lot of money lost. Paid the $12 for the one day shipping, so I should have it tomorrow.

It was cloudy, cool and dreary all day yesterday. Supposed to be the same today, possibly some rain and lots of wind. There are some really cranky looking clouds up there, and it sprinkles off and on. Not enough to get wet tho.

Well, time to get moving, I might still make it if I hurry.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not a bright and shiny morning

I worked yesterday, so there isn't a lot to write about. On days that I work, I crash very early.
Not really happy with this job for so many reasons, but it is a job and I need the income. I just have to suck it up and do the best I can both at the job and getting thru the season. I don't have any other options at this point.

Merrill started on the fence yesterday. I need to talk to him about it, the way he has it setup isn't the way I wanted it, and it needs to be changed. I don't want two gates on the same post, and without the two foot spacer, the gates aren't where I want them or need them to be. He isn't going to be happy.

I can feel a depression trying to sneak it's way in and grab me. I'm trying my hardest not to let it in.

SusAnn is cooking the ham I had in the freezer. So we will be having ham for the next few days. I didn't have a crock pot big enough for it, and it is way too much for one person. I'm happy to share it just to make room in my freezer.

Lots to do on my three days off. I want to see if I can get the hearth put together for the gas stove. I will probably have to buy some pavers to use as caps, but I can get the basic design done. Need to spend some time with Merrill and the fence, fix the lights in the shed, and more. I also want one quiet day before I have to go back to that unpleasantness called work.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The check is in the mail (not)

The check is in the bank finally. I can breath a sigh of relief.

Some unpleasantness at work yesterday, my own fault, but still...

It is just a job, one that I need right now. I need to tow the line.

One more day and then three days off.

My knee has decided that I can't wear my hikers to work. Will have to wear jeans today because I need to keep the brace on to keep my knee from going out, and keep the pain down. Hopefully I have a pair that fit.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I’m cold this morning. It is about 40 degrees, or was when I got up at 3 AM. Probably colder now. I have already turned on the heat. I don't remember it being this cold last year.

I have spent the last hour or so looking for a christmas quilt set for the bedroom. Unfortunately, all the ones I like are way too expensive. I will keep looking tho, new things are listed on eBay every day. The one I have is too small for this bed. But that was an eBay find too. For now, I have ordered a king size flannel sheet set, and can use that, just throw it over my existing quilt and shams.

Was interesting at work yesterday. Thankfully the phone stayed quiet since it is behind my new register. Was actually less stress on that side. It wasn’t as busy as it should have been, there were times where the day felt like it was going at a crawl. I changed into my hiking boots, it was definitely warmer on my feet, but I could barely walk by the time I got home last night. My feet just aren’t used to being enclosed, and my right foot is getting a bunion, and that hurt too. I may have to wet the shoes down and wear them, but I will need to wait for a warmer day for that. I don’t know where I would go to buy a good pair of shoes around here. It is back to my Teva’s today, cold feet and all. 

I took back the parts and pieces for the electric that I didn’t need and brought home 12 cinder blocks. I am going to make a hearth for the propane stove, bring it up to a level where I can easily bend over and fire it up. Right now, I have to get down on my knees, and then I can’t get up. I also treated myself to a new tool, a butane soldering iron/torch. It is a cute little thing. I’m looking forward to trying that out. They also have a dremel router I am interested in. I just love my tools and gadgets. :)

Per usual, I was asleep early. I always am on work days. Of course that means I was up at 3 AM. Going to be a long day.

Had chowder for dinner last night. I don’t often make something that I really, really like, but that chowder came out so good. I’m enjoying it. One more night and it will be gone. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

No trailer.

The electric in the shed is done. The TV antenna fixed, and the turbine on the roof of the shed next door lubed. Of course, the wind didn’t blow last night, so I can’t prove it. But I spent the whole night in the bed. Didn’t even have to get up and move to the chair. I even did a quick vacuum later in the day. Merrill is supposed to start on the front fence today swapping the gate over to the side where it could actually be used.

I did go out to the markets. I had to hit both grocery stores as one of them doesn’t carry rice cakes. Plus, of course, Dollar General for the rest of my stuff. Sal’s wasn’t open, or at least the gate was closed, so I didn’t stop. I had spent enough anyway. But I now have fruits and veggies and a couple of quickie things in the freezer. I also took a week’s worth of garbage and cardboard to the dumpsters on my way out. It had been a while since I did that. I had a nice quiet afternoon.

One of the neighbors gave me some Idaho potatoes straight from Idaho the other day and I still had some cod in the freezer, so I decided to make a fish chowder. It was the style with tomatoes and corn. It took a long time to get it cooked, ended up taking it out of the crock pot and cooking it on the stove, but it was very good and I have plenty for tonight. I don’t know if it would freeze well, but I might try it. I figured it was a good use for the cod since I haven’t found a way to cook it that I really like. Wish I could find some haddock here, even if it is frozen. I don’t like the other fish that seems to be popular out here. It was a lot of carbs, but mostly healthy.

Still not feeling tip top. Some days worse than others. I think my diabetes is giving me trouble. I really have to limit what I eat for a while and see if that helps, so it is back to fruits, nuts, veggies and quinoa. Plus the whole sinus issue is compounding that. This is my first fall here in Q, and I think I am still adjusting.

I trimmed the grapefruit tree again yesterday. Took off the tall shoots and did a little more shaping. I still haven’t found the hummer nest, but I am sure there is one in there. The male sat inside the tree chattering at me the whole time I was trimming.

It isn’t looking like I will be getting the trailer that I want that is in Amarillo. There is no way to get it here without spending another 8 or 900 dollars that I was getting for bids, and I won’t do that. For that kind of money I can buy a brand new one and build my own. It just won’t be factory insulated and have the factory installed doors and AC. So I guess it is back to plan A - build my own. I’m going to keep my eyes open for an inexpensive trailer here in town. Maybe I can find something fairly reasonable before I start looking at new ones. It will be a lot more work starting from scratch, but more cost effective. I want to get out of this for as little as possible. It is just that the hard stuff is already done with that trailer.

Back to work today. This week it is three days in a row, and I will be switching registers. A whole different dynamic. At least if I am working, I’m not spending money. Still need to sit down and figure out what I spent this summer so I can set aside next summer’s expenses, and hopefully enough for a trip to the northeast. For the most part, I feel ok when I am at work. I’m not snacking and my lunch is healthy. That should tell me something.

I might be organizing a Christmas craft fair. Not sure. I asked about it at coffee the other morning and need to follow up. It would be nice to sell a few things before the holidays. Plus, there are other crafters here in the park. It could be fun. I have plenty of stuff to sell.

It has been cool here. Nights in the lower 40’s, and the days in the 60’s and low 70’s. I don’t remember it being this cold at this time last year, but I was in Yuma and it is different there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rough night

Happy Veteran’s Day.
A bit nippy this morning, 42 degrees again. But I am suffering through it. Haven’t turned on the heat yet.  :)

I had a very quiet day yesterday. Just what I needed. I read most of the day. It was cool, I had to put on a sweatshirt and my tall slippers, but managed to stay in my shorts. No long pants for me until I absolutely have to. Although I may have to switch to enclosed shoes when I go back to work tomorrow. I really don’t want to, but it beats freezing all day. 

I never even went past my gate yesterday. It was nice. It has been so crazy lately. 

My new replacement chairs came yesterday. This set is whole. So now I have three good chairs and one that won’t lock into position for the cost of two. Sometimes you do come out ahead, but that doesn’t compensate for the money I am going to loose on the living room chairs. Oh well. 

Today I absolutely have to go buy food. I managed to make it thru yesterday without doing that, but I need food for my lunches for the next three days, and something easy for dinners. I don’t much feel like cooking after 8 hours on my feet talking to the public. Plus I would like to take a quick pass thru Sal’s. That is my only guilt free shopping. And I should run the vacuum over the floors.

Very rough night sleeping last night. It was still windy and the turbine on the shed roof next door squeaks. Grrr!!! Sounds like it is right in my bedroom. Plus the pole for my TV antenna was rattling, so I guess I need to see if I can tighten that up. I ended up spending the whole night in the chair in the living room due to the squeaks and clanks. Thankfully it wasn’t a night before I had to work. Hoping to get both issues solved today. 

Well, I guess that is about it. I don’t know if Chad is going to finish up the wiring today or not. I really don’t need to be here when he does, and there isn't any rush. I don’t have a lot on my agenda, but what I do have I can’t put off any longer. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big day yesterday.

What a day yesterday. I wasn’t feeling all that great for most of it. My sinuses are really acting up, and have been for several weeks now. Ugh. Makes me feel like crap. But the shed has power! It isn’t done, Chad still needs to install the other two outlet boxes, but the main outlet box for the kiln is up and working. I vacuumed in there yesterday without having to run an extension cord. I will get the lights connected shortly.

Ody is gone. :(  :) . Mixed feelings. I will miss her, but I am so glad I don’t have that responsibility any more. The check is on it’s way to my VT bank. I made a special trip to the post office last night to make sure it would go out in this morning’s mail. I didn’t want to have to get up and get it there this morning. I finally have a quiet day in front of me. Yay. No more phone calls, stressing about the sale, and the lack of funds. I am so glad I got pretty much what I was asking, now I can get started on my new camper. I tried to cancel the insurance online, but I will have to call instead as it wouldn’t let me. That is on my list to do today. I won’t get much back, but it will be enough to get something for the new rig. Might cover the cost of a battery.

I was Chad’s gofer yesterday. I made three trips to the hardware store for additional parts and correct parts. Paychecks were ready early, so I got mine and got it deposited. When Vicky (different Vicky) got back from Havasu with the check, I drove Ody over to her place and removed the plate. Then we did the paperwork, got it notarized and she gave me a ride back. We didn’t get all that done until about 4, so it was a long day waiting. Lake Havasu is about 75 miles away. That is where her bank is. 

Chad and SusAnn have gone to Mexico for the day, so he won’t get back to the electric until tomorrow. I am hoping today will be a normal, quiet day. I need to do things like vacuum and dust, get rid of my garbage, and putter. And nap. I wanted a nap so badly yesterday, but couldn’t get one.

I have a new turkey for my front steps. Lois and Rusty gave me one of the ones he made. I took them over a set of my cloth pumpkins. I have enough materials to make another set, and I really didn’t need two sets anyway. 

Visited with SusAnn for a little while yesterday. I have a ham in the freezer that is way too big for one person, so we are going to cook it this weekend. We meaning she….My contribution to Sunday dinner. That will free up quite a bit of space in my freezer too.

I may do the market/DG/Sal’s run today. I still have tomorrow if I don’t, but I am out of pretty much everything. Although, I could probably make it thru the day, I have enough stuff in the freezer to come up with something to eat. I might go to the food bank today. I haven’t been in quite a while. 

I did get two loads of laundry done before they shut down the water for the back flush yesterday, so I don’t have to do that today. I even got it all put away last night. I think that is the part I don’t like the most, is putting the stuff away. It doesn’t take that long, but I just don’t like doing it.

At some point I need to go thru my closet and weed out the stuff I’m not going to wear or that doesn’t fit. I bought a lot of stuff at Sal’s over the summer, some fit, some don’t. I need to see what I have for work wear. I’m glad I don’t have to dress up for my job. Makes it that much easier. And I should walk this morning. I haven’t yet this week.

I just found a 5x8 trailer on ebay that has already been converted…$2500. The problem would be getting it from Amarillo to here…13 hr drive one way. It is already insulated and finished on the inside with an AC/Heater, RV door, and a bed and table. That would save me a lot of work and expense. Will have to put out some feelers. We’ll see how it plays out.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ody is sold.

Doing the paperwork today and off she goes to her new life back on the road where she belongs. 
Finally. It has been a long process, and I am glad it is finally just about over.

I can start seriously thinking about my cargo/stealth camper now.

PLUS! By the end of the day, I should have power in the shed for the microwave and kiln. 

It's been a crazy few days and I do hope I have at least one quiet one before I go back to work on Thursday. 

Merrill wants to start on the front fence this week too....everything seems to happen at once.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I slept in this morning

Yesterday was kind of strange. Slow start, partial walk, couple of Ody showings. And later in the day a low blood sugar event. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. But my meals were kind of screwed up because I had my breakfast way too early because I was up early and hungry. Plus, I figured out last night, that I hadn’t had my water for the day. Going to try to do better with that today. With the cooler weather, I’m drinking a lot less water. Although once I figured that out, I sucked down my quota pretty fast.

I read two books, visited with a couple of neighbors and got my new stove hooked up and tested. I sat in front of it last night with my home made chicken noodle soup that SusAnn brought over. It was good and I didn’t have to cook. That was a good thing since I was still recovering from the low blood sugar. 

Just got off the phone with my friend Georgia over in California. She just dropped 5k on her rig and has decided it is time to get a different one. She wants Ody, and she wants the chairs too. So maybe, with any luck, they will both go this week. She has to figure out how to finagle everything because she will need to sell her rig, figure out how she can get a lot in the park she wants in to, and other details, but I should know by tomorrow. It would be great to have them both done. Although I will be showing her again today I think. 

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. Chad and I did a dry run on the electrical yesterday. Figured I needed a few more parts and I went and got those. He got the wood pieces cut and ready, so that will be going in soon. Will be really nice to have continuous power in the shed. I will be able to run lights, the glass microwave and the kiln without fear of power issues. I will still use my solar for the smaller equipment tho. Why pay for it when I can get it free? But the solar won’t run my saw, the vacuum, or the microwave and kiln. It will run the tumbler, the grinder and the lights tho. My dremel won’t work on solar either. I have to either run an extension or move it out to the work bench on the patio. 

I picked up another package of tomato seed while I was at the store yesterday. Mine haven’t done anything, the peppers either. So I will give it another day or so, and if I don’t see anything, I will replant. My sunflowers are up and a few of the nasturtiums have broken ground, but I think the nights might be too cold for a lot of the seeds.I hadn’t planned on that, and it is very early for nights this cold. We had four mornings in a row at 42 degrees. I broke down and turned on the furnace yesterday. I discovered that the big noisy fan doesn’t come on with that. That is a plus. 
I think I have a hummer nesting in the grapefruit tree. I haven’t found the nest yet, but it keeps going inside the tree to the same spot. I haven’t gotten too close because I don’t want to disturb the nest if there is one there. At the moment, I’m listening and watching a bunny chew on the new seed block I brought home the other day. There are a lot of people back that feed the birds and critters, so my blocks should last a little longer now.

Today is Sunday and I am taking the day off from everything. I slept until 7 this morning. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I did get up in the wee hours and move to the chair. I am so very happy I have finally solved that problem. At least temporarily, but I will probably keep those chairs indoors indefinitely. The only thing I don’t like about them is the metal arms, and if I think about it long enough, I will come up with a solution for that too. Make some padded covers or something.

Two other people in the park ordered the Karma internet package after I did yesterday, so I made $20 to put on my account. Yay. I’m hoping it works out. If I could get a few commissions a month, that would make my internet almost free. 

Here is the link for Karma if you want to try it out....Using this link, we both get $10 credit. You want the Neverstop package, no data caps, up to 3 devices at one time. $50 a month. Uses the Sprint network.

I sold the shade cloth to the guy that let me park in his kool cover for the summer, so that is an extra $25 in my pocket. I ended up getting two of the shade cloth due to shipping problems, so I didn’t really need that one. I noticed yesterday that someone had moved onto that lot, so I couldn’t just go and take it down. This way made everyone happy. 

I miss Jake at all sorts of strange times. Not any particular time of day. It is mostly when I hear that someone has died, or I’m doing something he would have enjoyed, or when I am just being quiet and not keeping my mind busy. Some times it is worse than others and I actually cry, other times, it is just this deep sadness. But there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him. Even in the unlikely event that I were to find someone else, I would still miss Jake on a daily basis. We weren’t done, and had plans and so much more to do. Yesterday was especially sad as Jackie’s funeral was happening. I thought about both of them off and on thru the day. I am still in a bit of shock about her dying. Everyone copes differently.

I guess I am going to start looking for a used trailer. A used one would keep the cost down for my camper. Georgia suggested that I put in two fantastic fans in the roof, one blowing in and one blowing out. That is actually a really good idea. It would keep the air moving very well inside when it is closed up at night. I would just have to make sure I had enough battery power to run both of them. Lights would be negligible as they would be LED. And I would just need enough to keep my laptop charged and phone charged over and above that. One panel would probably do it. Just like the setup I have on the shed. I would go with a bit bigger battery tho. Cooking would be either propane or butane. I have the butane cooktop already. If I found a good used trailer, I could probably build the whole thing for less than 3k. Plus the added benefit of not having to insure it, register only as the car insurance would cover the trailer. Or just a small amendment to my car insurance. It would still save a fortune there. Building and decorating it would be fun. And I would have Chad and Merrill to help out if I ran into trouble, plus all the guys at work now.

The park is pretty much at full capacity now. I will have to start walking outside the park in order to get thru a walk with minimum of socializing. I only did about a half walk yesterday because I wasn’t really into it, and I had to keep stopping to chat. 

Well, I guess I should go make my bed and get dressed. Shower if I am going to. Then I can get back to my day off. It’s hard work you know. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A new patio stove

Yesterday was an expensive day. I was ready for work early, so I made a quick pass around the park for the yard sales. I picked up a propane heater for the patio for ten bucks, then spent $100 to get the parts and pieces to make it run. Still, it was less than a new one. I needed to buy a propane tank, fill it, get the regulator and hose, etc. The propane tank and propane cost the lions share of the $100, but it is a one time expense on the tank. I will be able to use that on a grill, a different heater, whatever. This is the little stove I got.

I also got all the parts and pieces I need for Chad to put the electricity into the shed. That was another $100 plus dollars. And all of this was with my employee discount. Add to that the $92 bill I paid the day before and I dropped a whole paycheck at the place I work. Ouch. But again, a one time expense and I will have power to the shed with it’s own breaker box. Should be more than enough power to run the kiln without it running thru the house, as it will come directly from my power pole and meter box. The way it should be. He will also help me get the new heater hooked up.

It was busy at work yesterday, but it was a spurts and starts day. Periods of nothing, then craziness. The day before was spread out better. And per usual, the last hour and a half was quiet, and very, very slow.

I ordered another internet package this morning to replace the one that is ending at the end of the month. I don’t know for sure if it will work here, but I won’t know until I try it. The problem with that tho, is if it doesn’t work, I will be out the cost of the device, which is quite pricey. The monthly service is $50 and the device was $150. But it is unlimited, so I am hoping it will work. If it doesn’t, I will try to get my money back.

I had a couple of calls on Ody yesterday. The first one, I showed directly after work. That is a maybe. I need to call the second caller back this morning and set up a showing, and I have an appointment at 11. It is looking more and more like I am not going to get what I want for her. I won’t break even, but I did live in her for six months. And if I calculate out what I will loose in money that I have put into her, it will have cost me $700 a month plus expenses to live in her. That is more than I was paying at the house. But I also didn’t have utility bills, so I guess it evens out. I’m tired of taking less than what things are worth, but I guess to get it done, I will have to. The damaged floor where the water leaked is what is causing the most issues. But there is nothing I can do about that.  

I am off for 5 days, then on for three next week. The whole dynamic will change as I will be on a different register as I am the "new girl". It will actually, or should be, easier. No accounts, no key machine, and I would be able to step away from the register on occasion. The following week I will be working four days. I am going to try to get my basket done before I go back on Thursday. I would also like to get Ody sold, the chairs sold, and the power into the shed and the new heater working. That is a lot to hope for, but am going to give it a try. 

Another 42 degree morning. The third in a row. My tomato and pepper seeds haven’t germinated. I am just about ready to try again. Most of the other have tho. I still need to setup a watering system too. I think I have what I need to do it, but it is lower on the list of priorities.

Not sure how today is going to pan out, should be interesting. I will need to go get some food at some point. Don’t have much left in the freezer except veggies. And the fridge is pretty empty too. I might take a trip to Blythe before I have to go back to work on Thursday and stock up on some stuff.

Fell asleep in front of the TV as I do every night on days that I work. So I was up at 3:30, and stayed up. Hoping for a nap later. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

42 degrees this morning. Brrrr!!!!

It’s nippy out this morning. 42 degrees outside, and 53 inside. I contemplated turning on the furnace, but it is so nice and quiet outside, I decided to dig out my little electric heater I used in Ody last winter. It seems to be working just fine. It is already up to 60, and I really only need it in the bathroom when I take my shower. Later in the season I will have to use my furnace. I’m hoping the little heater uses less electricity for now too, and it is much quieter especially now that I have neighbors in the back.

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I did dig out my iron and ironing board. Discovered my $3 Salvation Army iron just didn’t work. It would get warm, but even at the highest temp, I could touch it with my hand. No wonder it took me so long to iron my clothes for the job interview a couple months back. So I ended up digging out my travel iron and using that to iron the pillow sham for the coffee table. I also pressed the table runner I got the other day at DG. It was too long for the table so I had folded it under, but it looked like crap. Looks better now. 

I put a door stop on the bedroom door because every time I hang my bathrobe behind the door, the door wants to close. Not a lot of space back there and the robe is quite bulky. And I hung a hook by the back door for my flannel shirt and jacket. I don’t really like it where it is, but there is no place else to hang it. Just puttered for a little while.

I read two books, and didn’t do a whole lot else. My new zero gravity outdoor chairs came, and of course, one of them is broken. AND, my new internet service has been canceled. It will no longer be available after the end of the month. That is a major problem. This means I have to go back to pay per gig internet since there are no other alternatives. I was so happy with the service. I could actually watch a video and stream a movie or a TV show I missed. I find it so hard to believe that there is no decent provider here. We aren’t at the edge of the world! I think it is time to make some noise.

I just sent emails to three news channels. Maybe one will pick up the ball and run with it. Lets hope. If Jake were here, the problem would have already been fixed. I wonder if I have any contacts left over from Jake’s efforts that might be able to do something, or know someone that could. I will have to think about that. My efforts might not come to anything, but it only takes one person to get the ball rolling, and I am going to try.

Work today and tomorrow, then five days off. Then my new hours start. This week I am on bathroom duty, so I guess I should look into doing that today. Not sure what it entails, but I’m sure it won’t be pleasant. 

I might be having someone come from Casa Grande to look at Ody on Saturday. I showed her once yesterday, but I guess the people really weren’t interested. No bites on the chairs either. Sigh…still early in the season tho. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Much cooler

Not much to write about this morning. It was a work day, and when I got home, SusAnn and Chad had arrived and it was nice to see them. They are here until the 21st, then will be back after new years for the rest of the winter.

I made a stir fry and a smoked pork chop for dinner. Both were good. I will probably do the stir fry again tonight, but put some shrimp in it instead of the chop on the side. I had been baking the chops, but last night I put it in the frying pan and it was much better.

I found out what happened to Jackie. I am truly saddened to know that she is gone. From what Mary said, she had some internal bleeding somewhere and had been to the doctors and was going back this week. It caused heart failure. She was alone when it happened, everyone else was out trick or treating. She was one of the few people I really liked in IP. A nice lady that touched a lot of lives.

I don’t know what I am doing today. I successfully went to the chair and got more sleep last night and am getting a really late start this morning. It is nippy this morning, 58 degrees, and yesterday only made it into the 70’s. It almost felt cold. I know, I’m turning into wuss. :) It will get worse.

One of the pairs of shorts I got the other day has a big stain on it. It is a very light color pair, and I will probably toss them back into the donation pile. I wore one of the other pair to work yesterday. 

I do want to get that quilted pillow sham ironed today and on the coffee table.  I still have three chairs in my living room, which is two chairs too many until I can bring in the second recliner. But I can’t bring that in until the two new chairs are gone. There isn’t any place else I can put them, no storage areas, can’t put them in the shed. Can’t put them on the patio because of the scorpions and things. They would gravitate towards them.

I still have no motivation. I probably won’t accomplish much today.

I think I am going to order a smoked turkey breast for Thanksgiving. I will be having dinner at the club house, but will want some “leftovers” for after. It’s pretty pricey, but it is what Jake and I used to have on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven’t had it since he has been gone.

I might work on my basket today. Would be nice to finally get that one done. Then, hopefully, a  few smaller ones for xmas gifts since I won’t have any money for shopping this year. Back to being poor once again. At least I own my home and my car outright.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sad news

A friend has died. A woman I really liked in IP. I don't know the details yet, but I am shocked and saddened to hear the news. I feel for her husband and her vast network of friends and family. You will be missed Jackie. Loosing someone you care about is just so wrong. It alters your whole life.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Discouraged and angry

I am so discouraged. Ody was sold, they were going to come and get her today. BUT….I got a call last night and they had carfaxed her, then blue booked her once they got home and decided it was too much money - after we had already agreed on a price. So, she is sitting in the yard, sans signs and license plates, and I have to put the plates and signs back on her and put her back out where she was. I was so happy to think this ordeal was finally over. And now it isn’t. I lost a whole half day with these people and actually had someone stop to look at her just as I was bringing her in. Damn! The problem is that the frame and engine are a 2002, and the RV part is a 2003. According to them, the 02 books at a lot less money than we had agreed on, which wasn’t my asking price to begin with. I priced her out after we got off the phone, and my blue book wasn’t anywhere near what they had come up with, was quite a bit more. So, we start again. She is still the same rig they really liked no matter what year it is. I am probably going to have to come down on my price. Just like the house, I will get far less than it is worth. I lost 60k on the house, and will probably loose 3 or 4k on Ody just to finally have it done. It is just taking way too long.

I’m angry, frustrated and fed up with the whole thing. I may consign her just to let someone else deal with it. It has been dragging on too long.

I did get my halloween stuff off eBay. Spent some time looking for a thanksgiving wall hanging to put in the entry without any success, and then finally got the spoon bracelets that were way too big cut and repainted and put back together. I made earrings out of the pieces I cut off.

I ordered a new mattress cover for my bed. I have been having trouble getting rid of wrinkles when I make the bed, so I took it apart yesterday to see what was going on. The cover that I have isn’t deep enough for both the mattress and the memory foam and had come off one of the corners. So I found a deep pocket cover fairly inexpensive on Amazon, and got that ordered. That should solve that problem. Not sure why I though that one was going to work when I put it on there originally.

Today is laundry and market day. I need to get Ody back out there as well. Plus I should walk. I did walk yesterday, and it had been about a week since the last time, and I knew that I had been slacking off. I had to really push myself to finish. I’m tempted to blow it off this morning and start back up this weekend since I will have five days in a row off. Or, I could just shorten the walk.

I did get my halloween stuff put away yesterday and put out what little thanksgiving stuff I had. That consists of one metal turkey and rearranging some of the plain fall stuff. I also got the horseshoe tree decorated finally.

Those are just little foam pumpkins and acorns from the dollar store, and the turkey is from Sal’s. I picked that up a couple of months ago. I think it is a candle holder, but I stuck the pine cone there instead. I want to look at Sal’s and see if I can find anything for the entry wall, I struck out yesterday. I just ordered a thanksgiving garden flag online and will use that if I don't find anything else.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chili and chairs

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I just seem to be out of motivation. I did haul in one of my outdoor recliners, and moved the other two around a little to make room for it. It is going to be much better. One of the neighbors came and looked at the chairs, thought she was going to buy them, but she didn’t. I have them listed on FB. Hoping they go soon, the room just isn’t big enough for three chairs.

The outdoor chair is much more to my liking, more my style and a lot more comfortable. Easier to cover too. I just wrapped the blanket around the cushion and tucked it in, and the foot rest covers from the new chair fit this chair. Barely, but close enough. No sewing involved. I should have just brought those chairs in to begin with, would have saved money, and less energy and frustration. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way I can arrange the room so that it doesn’t look like everything is lined up on the walls. I still need to make a cover for the ottoman and a small pillow for my neck for TV watching. I have plenty of material to reuse, so it won’t be that difficult.

I also ran a couple of cycles thru the washer, one with bleach, one with vinegar. Hopefully that will stop the smell. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was unpleasant and I don’t like my house to stink when people come in. You don’t smell it when the windows are open, but I have been closing them during the day.

This morning I put the package of chili mix that I got in my halloween raffle in the crock pot. Chili for dinner. I may make a package of the muffins too. Not on my list of acceptable foods, but as long as I don’t eat them all at once (I have been known to do that), should be ok.

I went to the ice cream social at 2, had a little ice cream and a small piece of chocolate cake. I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream. I stayed long enough to be polite, then took a scooter ride around the park. I wanted to take a nap, but by then it was too late in the day.

Now that halloween is over, I can start on my xmas decorations. Next weekend I have 5 days off in a row when the new schedule goes into effect, I hope I can get something done then. I may also save my trip to Blythe for then. Get what I need locally tomorrow. I can’t wander far because of Ody. Although I do have a guy coming from Phoenix to look at her today. I already told him about the floor, so he knows about that. I don’t want to hide it, but to a lot of people that would be a deal breaker. Keep your fingers crossed….it would be really nice to have that done with. Pay off my bills and start on my trailer. I will go over before he gets here and make sure the generator starts. Not sure why I had to jump it the last time, but I don’t need it not starting when I show it. The battery should be good.

I visited with Vicki yesterday morning, met Beverly from across the street. Showed the chairs, and puttered a little. Finished the book I started the day before. Not a whole lot. Of course, I fell asleep in front of the TV. I did watch the Age of Adeline movie I bought. It was OK. I’ll See You In My Dreams is going to be better, I’m sure. With any luck, I will be able to watch that one tomorrow. I will have to go out and will see if it is in my mailbox.

Oh, I ordered a pair of the zero gravity outdoor chairs yesterday to replace the recliners that I am moving inside. They will fold and store and I will be able to put them in my camper. I settled for a darker red, more of a maroon since the bright red ones were $20 more. I can always make some sort of cover for them if I decide I want them brighter. Now hopefully I can get the new recliners sold and finally finish up the living room. Just in time to get xmas going.