Saturday, November 7, 2015

A new patio stove

Yesterday was an expensive day. I was ready for work early, so I made a quick pass around the park for the yard sales. I picked up a propane heater for the patio for ten bucks, then spent $100 to get the parts and pieces to make it run. Still, it was less than a new one. I needed to buy a propane tank, fill it, get the regulator and hose, etc. The propane tank and propane cost the lions share of the $100, but it is a one time expense on the tank. I will be able to use that on a grill, a different heater, whatever. This is the little stove I got.

I also got all the parts and pieces I need for Chad to put the electricity into the shed. That was another $100 plus dollars. And all of this was with my employee discount. Add to that the $92 bill I paid the day before and I dropped a whole paycheck at the place I work. Ouch. But again, a one time expense and I will have power to the shed with it’s own breaker box. Should be more than enough power to run the kiln without it running thru the house, as it will come directly from my power pole and meter box. The way it should be. He will also help me get the new heater hooked up.

It was busy at work yesterday, but it was a spurts and starts day. Periods of nothing, then craziness. The day before was spread out better. And per usual, the last hour and a half was quiet, and very, very slow.

I ordered another internet package this morning to replace the one that is ending at the end of the month. I don’t know for sure if it will work here, but I won’t know until I try it. The problem with that tho, is if it doesn’t work, I will be out the cost of the device, which is quite pricey. The monthly service is $50 and the device was $150. But it is unlimited, so I am hoping it will work. If it doesn’t, I will try to get my money back.

I had a couple of calls on Ody yesterday. The first one, I showed directly after work. That is a maybe. I need to call the second caller back this morning and set up a showing, and I have an appointment at 11. It is looking more and more like I am not going to get what I want for her. I won’t break even, but I did live in her for six months. And if I calculate out what I will loose in money that I have put into her, it will have cost me $700 a month plus expenses to live in her. That is more than I was paying at the house. But I also didn’t have utility bills, so I guess it evens out. I’m tired of taking less than what things are worth, but I guess to get it done, I will have to. The damaged floor where the water leaked is what is causing the most issues. But there is nothing I can do about that.  

I am off for 5 days, then on for three next week. The whole dynamic will change as I will be on a different register as I am the "new girl". It will actually, or should be, easier. No accounts, no key machine, and I would be able to step away from the register on occasion. The following week I will be working four days. I am going to try to get my basket done before I go back on Thursday. I would also like to get Ody sold, the chairs sold, and the power into the shed and the new heater working. That is a lot to hope for, but am going to give it a try. 

Another 42 degree morning. The third in a row. My tomato and pepper seeds haven’t germinated. I am just about ready to try again. Most of the other have tho. I still need to setup a watering system too. I think I have what I need to do it, but it is lower on the list of priorities.

Not sure how today is going to pan out, should be interesting. I will need to go get some food at some point. Don’t have much left in the freezer except veggies. And the fridge is pretty empty too. I might take a trip to Blythe before I have to go back to work on Thursday and stock up on some stuff.

Fell asleep in front of the TV as I do every night on days that I work. So I was up at 3:30, and stayed up. Hoping for a nap later. 

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