Thursday, November 12, 2015

No trailer.

The electric in the shed is done. The TV antenna fixed, and the turbine on the roof of the shed next door lubed. Of course, the wind didn’t blow last night, so I can’t prove it. But I spent the whole night in the bed. Didn’t even have to get up and move to the chair. I even did a quick vacuum later in the day. Merrill is supposed to start on the front fence today swapping the gate over to the side where it could actually be used.

I did go out to the markets. I had to hit both grocery stores as one of them doesn’t carry rice cakes. Plus, of course, Dollar General for the rest of my stuff. Sal’s wasn’t open, or at least the gate was closed, so I didn’t stop. I had spent enough anyway. But I now have fruits and veggies and a couple of quickie things in the freezer. I also took a week’s worth of garbage and cardboard to the dumpsters on my way out. It had been a while since I did that. I had a nice quiet afternoon.

One of the neighbors gave me some Idaho potatoes straight from Idaho the other day and I still had some cod in the freezer, so I decided to make a fish chowder. It was the style with tomatoes and corn. It took a long time to get it cooked, ended up taking it out of the crock pot and cooking it on the stove, but it was very good and I have plenty for tonight. I don’t know if it would freeze well, but I might try it. I figured it was a good use for the cod since I haven’t found a way to cook it that I really like. Wish I could find some haddock here, even if it is frozen. I don’t like the other fish that seems to be popular out here. It was a lot of carbs, but mostly healthy.

Still not feeling tip top. Some days worse than others. I think my diabetes is giving me trouble. I really have to limit what I eat for a while and see if that helps, so it is back to fruits, nuts, veggies and quinoa. Plus the whole sinus issue is compounding that. This is my first fall here in Q, and I think I am still adjusting.

I trimmed the grapefruit tree again yesterday. Took off the tall shoots and did a little more shaping. I still haven’t found the hummer nest, but I am sure there is one in there. The male sat inside the tree chattering at me the whole time I was trimming.

It isn’t looking like I will be getting the trailer that I want that is in Amarillo. There is no way to get it here without spending another 8 or 900 dollars that I was getting for bids, and I won’t do that. For that kind of money I can buy a brand new one and build my own. It just won’t be factory insulated and have the factory installed doors and AC. So I guess it is back to plan A - build my own. I’m going to keep my eyes open for an inexpensive trailer here in town. Maybe I can find something fairly reasonable before I start looking at new ones. It will be a lot more work starting from scratch, but more cost effective. I want to get out of this for as little as possible. It is just that the hard stuff is already done with that trailer.

Back to work today. This week it is three days in a row, and I will be switching registers. A whole different dynamic. At least if I am working, I’m not spending money. Still need to sit down and figure out what I spent this summer so I can set aside next summer’s expenses, and hopefully enough for a trip to the northeast. For the most part, I feel ok when I am at work. I’m not snacking and my lunch is healthy. That should tell me something.

I might be organizing a Christmas craft fair. Not sure. I asked about it at coffee the other morning and need to follow up. It would be nice to sell a few things before the holidays. Plus, there are other crafters here in the park. It could be fun. I have plenty of stuff to sell.

It has been cool here. Nights in the lower 40’s, and the days in the 60’s and low 70’s. I don’t remember it being this cold at this time last year, but I was in Yuma and it is different there.

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