Monday, November 16, 2015

Quiet Sunday

This is going to be quick because it is Monday morning and I would like to make it to coffee. Although I might not make it, it is already 6:45 and it starts at 7.
Yesterday was fairly quiet. I did get a few things done. I got the “hearth” put together for the gas stove, made a recycling basket out of a wire window box and chicken wire, and got the lights reconfigured in the shed. This is what I have for now for the hearth. Should be a lot easier to get it fired up now, I won’t have to get on my knees to do it.

It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it works. I also moved the small table and chairs out under the shade sail since it is now winter and I can sit in the sun if I want.

I did talk to Merrill and he is fixing the fence the way I want it. But that means he also needs more parts and pieces, which means I have to go to the hardware store this morning and get them. I really don’t want to go in on my day off, but it has to be done.

Had dinner with SusAnn and Chad. The ham was good and we had baked potatoes and salad as well. I have lots left over that I cut up and put in the freezer and I have some that I am going to make a 16 bean soup with. SusAnn kept the bone and made beans. She brought some over last night. I haven’t tried them yet.

Along with going to the hardware store, I want to stop at Sal’s and see if I can find some jeans that allow me to breath. I can wear the ones I have, but the waist is very tight. My hip is now bothering me again, so I have to get a loose waist band. My knee is feeling better tho. I think the waistband on the jeans has aggravated the sciatic nerve again.

The wind gusted and blew all night last night. Lots of creaks and groans. Reminded me of a nor’easter. But it is a little warmer than it has been.

I ordered my birthday present to myself this morning. Ordered a kindle fire. My iPad is fine, but I am ready for something new. Plus the screen on my iPad is cracked. I dropped it in the desert last winter and I never got it fixed. It works just fine, so why bother. I bought the kindle for what it would have cost to fix the iPad. Plus it is smaller and easier to carry around. If I don’t like it, it isn’t a lot of money lost. Paid the $12 for the one day shipping, so I should have it tomorrow.

It was cloudy, cool and dreary all day yesterday. Supposed to be the same today, possibly some rain and lots of wind. There are some really cranky looking clouds up there, and it sprinkles off and on. Not enough to get wet tho.

Well, time to get moving, I might still make it if I hurry.

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