Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A job offer and Christmas stuff

Nothing crafty yesterday other than shopping. Went to coffee, then off to do my errands. I bought some LED lights at DG and a star for the top of the horse shoe tree and some stretchy cord plus my weekly groceries. I got the beef and broccoli frozen meal at the market that I like along with a few veggies and fruit. They didn’t have much to offer that early on a Monday.  Late in the day, I made the orange cranberry relish for Thursday. I had the rest of my chicken and squash for dinner.

I did three loads of laundry, and puttered a little. I did pretty good at Sal’s. I got some tree parts to make the plunger trees with. There was no base or anything so I got it for $2. I also found a white cotton sheet with pillow cases for my snowman. It was supposed to have the bottom sheet too, but it didn’t. Oh well. Plus I got a bunch of ornaments and some other stuff. Here are a few pics.

I grabbed the tiered basket for $3, it looks nice on the table. The little house is made of metal and is out by the gas fireplace with the metal cactus. The snowman dish is about five inches, and the candle holder is crackled glass. I want to get an LED candle for that. I also got a bag of assorted bead garland. All in all, a pretty good haul for $15. Clothes were fifty cents again, but I didn’t find anything that excited me.

This is a picture of the fireplace I ordered..

I would be happier if it were black, but I think it will be dark enough to go with the rest of the furniture. Still haven’t found anyone to do my bookcase. I may have to break down and do it myself. But I need to get the chairs gone. If I do buy the cargo trailer, I can put them in there for a while. Just to get them out of the living room. I don’t have any place else I can put them. It is frustrating. The fireplace is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so I can put it together while I watch the parade on Thursday.

Today I need to do a little house cleaning…the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. Then maybe I will get out and work on the pallet trees. Either that or clean out my closet. I might save that for later tho.

I need to make a base for the little tree I bought last year. In order to store it in Ody, I cut the base off. I should be able to come up with something. I think I will see if there are any 4x4 scraps at work, and then put braces on that. It will be covered up by something anyway. Maybe the piece of material I got at Sal’s yesterday. I will figure it out as I go.

This is the quilt and shams that I got. I did not get any of the extras. Will figure that out as I go.

And these are the sheets. I will need to wash them before I put them on the bed.

I know, that is a lot of print, but I think it will be OK. The sheets won’t show when the bed is made. Still looking for a solid window covering. My other flannel sheet is more or a burgundy, but I will keep looking at Sal’s and the dollar stores. Needs to either be white or bright red.

While I was searching for my relish recipe, since it wasn’t on the bag, I came across Richard’s recipe for hamburg soup. So I am going to make that today in the crock pot, minus the rice and I will probably replace the rice with quinoa. That will feed me tomorrow night too. 

I have decided to allow myself one dessert for Thanksgiving dinner, then that is it until Christmas dinner. I’m putting a few more carbs in my diet, I don’t think I am getting enough. See how that works. And will be reducing meat. If I could get haddock here, I would increase my fish intake. Cod is OK, but it isn’t the same. Made a very good fish chowder tho.

Huh. I just got a call (at 7 AM) from Arizona Western College. They offered me a part time job. I hated to turn it down, but I’m already working and I don’t have the energy or the time for two jobs. Sigh….Oh well. That would be seasonal too since they don’t have classes in the summer. It wouldn’t have been enough hours to compensate for the job I have now either. Besides, I don’t really like being second choice.

Anyway, I guess it is time I get moving. Maybe I will wash the sheets today too since I will be here. I could get them put on the bed and just not change the quilt until next week. Can’t see them when the bed is made. That way I can get the new, hopefully tighter, mattress cover on too. Solve that problem while I am at it.

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