Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another Christmas project

Not much new, made it thru another work day and have one left to go, then three days off. I think tomorrow I will get out my saw and finish up the fence myself since there has been nothing done to it since Tuesday. I can do all but the little two foot section, and I can fake that until the parts I need come in. Then I can get the reed fencing back up and get the yard back to normal. It is definitely bugging me - a lot. I don’t like leaving things unfinished and disorganized, especially out where everyone can see it. I don’t know if they took off for the week, but their truck just backed out at 6 AM. SusAnn and Chad out back just left and won’t be back until new years. 

I will have to go to the market and buy some oranges for the cranberry relish. I had bought enough the other day, but two of them were bad leaving me short on oranges. I have one with my lunch each day.

It is warming up some here. I wore my shorts and sandals yesterday plus two removable layers and had both off by the end of the day. It is about 51 degrees out this morning, so today should be similar.

Oh, got a new xmas decoration idea and brought home some of the parts for it yesterday. Have to go to Sal’s to get the rest. :) A mini xmas tree made from a plunger. This isn’t my photo, but it is the same tree. Looks easy enough to make. We sell the mini plungers.

I have a lot I want to do this weekend, but the fence project is going to eat up a fair amount of time. Plus I want to cut and paint the pallet trees, and figure out the turbine snowman. Maybe a ball from the dollar store for a head? I will also need to find a hat for it, or use one of mine. I have an old beat up one in the car that I could use. And maybe some fake tree branches for arms…Hmmmm….

I did find out that I have three days off at Christmas, so I will be able to go to Phoenix and see Mike and Judy. I won’t have to rush back this year for Kali Cat. I didn’t want to leave her alone too long last year, and felt bad about the time I did leave her. Now I just have to figure out the details, where I will be staying, etc. I’ll get a room somewhere. Howard and Barbara are supposed to be in Phoenix at xmas too for her chemo, so I want to see them while I am there. The December schedule should be done in the next day or two, so I will have a better idea about my month then.

It is snowing in Wisconsin today. I guess it is the first real snowfall of the season there. They can have it! :)

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