Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A day of reading

I wasn’t feeling a bit crafty yesterday, so I didn’t make anything. I did get the flannel sheets washed and dried, did a little rearranging in the living room to make room for the fire place, and that was about it. My soup came out good, but it was a cheap cut of burger and I had to skim off quite a bit of fat, but all in all, very good. Next time I will precook the burger before I toss it in to prevent the fat issue, and I won't buy that particular burger again.

I basically read all day. Didn’t see anyone or go anywhere. Although Lois brought me over a present. A tomato plant! 

I called the Walmart in Parker, they do not have a tire center like the website says. I will have to figure out what I am going to do. But not until next week. I’ll ask at work today, maybe someone there can give me an idea.

I think I am going to use the white sheet I got for the snowman as a curtain in the bedroom. I have the mattress cover that doesn't fit right coming off the bed that I can use for the snowman, and that I won’t mind cutting and stitching, so maybe I will make a sleeve/tube and drawstring it to cinch it in where it needs to cinch. Since it is somewhat puffy, it will look more like a snowman anyway. Then I can just stitch on the face. I will use one of my plastic pumpkin buckets for a head. I still need to go to Dollar Tree in Blythe for my holly and poinsettias.

Today I work. Tomorrow is putting together the fireplace, the parade and dinner at the clubhouse at 1. Not sure how to dress this morning, but I think it might be a long pants day. I think I will throw my Teva’s in the car so I can change my shoes at lunch if I need to.

I overheated my shredder while dealing with the small mountain of stuff that needed shredding. But it started working again after it cooled down. 

I should get my December schedule today along with my paycheck. I don’t know what my schedule is next week. All I know is that I have Monday off. Hopefully Tuesday too, but we’ll see.

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