Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Much cooler

Not much to write about this morning. It was a work day, and when I got home, SusAnn and Chad had arrived and it was nice to see them. They are here until the 21st, then will be back after new years for the rest of the winter.

I made a stir fry and a smoked pork chop for dinner. Both were good. I will probably do the stir fry again tonight, but put some shrimp in it instead of the chop on the side. I had been baking the chops, but last night I put it in the frying pan and it was much better.

I found out what happened to Jackie. I am truly saddened to know that she is gone. From what Mary said, she had some internal bleeding somewhere and had been to the doctors and was going back this week. It caused heart failure. She was alone when it happened, everyone else was out trick or treating. She was one of the few people I really liked in IP. A nice lady that touched a lot of lives.

I don’t know what I am doing today. I successfully went to the chair and got more sleep last night and am getting a really late start this morning. It is nippy this morning, 58 degrees, and yesterday only made it into the 70’s. It almost felt cold. I know, I’m turning into wuss. :) It will get worse.

One of the pairs of shorts I got the other day has a big stain on it. It is a very light color pair, and I will probably toss them back into the donation pile. I wore one of the other pair to work yesterday. 

I do want to get that quilted pillow sham ironed today and on the coffee table.  I still have three chairs in my living room, which is two chairs too many until I can bring in the second recliner. But I can’t bring that in until the two new chairs are gone. There isn’t any place else I can put them, no storage areas, can’t put them in the shed. Can’t put them on the patio because of the scorpions and things. They would gravitate towards them.

I still have no motivation. I probably won’t accomplish much today.

I think I am going to order a smoked turkey breast for Thanksgiving. I will be having dinner at the club house, but will want some “leftovers” for after. It’s pretty pricey, but it is what Jake and I used to have on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven’t had it since he has been gone.

I might work on my basket today. Would be nice to finally get that one done. Then, hopefully, a  few smaller ones for xmas gifts since I won’t have any money for shopping this year. Back to being poor once again. At least I own my home and my car outright.

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