Thursday, December 31, 2015

Giving up on gardening

Not much today. Worked yesterday, was quite cold until about 11 or 12. Survived. By 4 I was ready to unzip my second sweatshirt and by 5 ready to zip it back up. 
Today we only work until 2. Straight thru with no breaks. But there will be munchies. I made deviled eggs last night so that I could have something with some protein. I didn’t have any yellow mustard, so I used chinese hot mustard - they have a bite to them.

Still haven’t decided about a grill. Looking at them again this morning. Priced them at work yesterday. A simple portable gas grill is kind of pricy considering what it consists of. I want to get the most for my money.

Got the adapter for the HDMI cable so hopefully I will get to watch my movie tonight. Tomorrow is the 2nd annual Q Mountain climb and a potluck here at the clubhouse in the afternoon. No plans for tonight. Not a big deal as I usually sleep through it anyway.

My electric bill went up about ten bucks in December. But that really isn’t bad considering how cold it has been and the fact that I have the furnace going, electric heaters, xmas lights and now the dryer. I can live with it. Hopefully it will start warming up soon. I took a peek at my plants under the plastic when I got home last night. I think the tomato plant is dead. I am giving up on gardening here as I have failed several times and now that I am working, it makes it that much more difficult to do. I’m going to clear away the plant bench and move my little table and chairs over into the sunshine.

Got the work schedule for January. My hours have remained the same. Although I may get called in on Monday’s if they stay busy. As much as I would like the money, I like the time off better.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feeling better

I felt better yesterday so I guess it isn't a cold but a reaction to the dust storms on Saturday. I didn’t do a whole lot, but I did do two things that I have been avoiding for a couple of weeks now. I finally got my printer back on the wireless network and relocated it to the bedroom. It was taking up too much room in the living room, but I needed it there so I could plug it into the computer to print. It hadn’t worked wirelessly since I moved in here. Surprisingly, once I figured out where to do it, it was pretty easy. I had set the thing up originally a couple of years ago so I couldn’t remember what I had done and I have no idea where the instructions are. The other thing I did was remove all the clothes from the right side of the closet and repaired the shelf that they hung on. I put a piece of plywood behind the bracket that holds the shelf so it couldn’t shift and come out, and put some new clips on the back of the shelf too. I guess the plastic parts were so old they just snapped. It won’t come apart again for a while. 

I read a book, got a nap and updated one of the snowmobile websites. Didn’t see or talk to anyone all day. When I moved the printer I had to sort and organize a bunch of stuff, that took a while too. Then of course I had to vacuum.

Today it is back to work. Tomorrow until 2, and then again on Saturday. After that, I have no idea. Hoping the new schedule will be waiting for me when I get there. I can’t make any plans until I know what my hours are. Even though I could use the money, I’m hoping my hours don’t increase.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sneezing and runny nose... :(

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Had a quiet morning with a book, then took a nap about mid day. Once I woke up, I started sneezing and am still sneezing with a runny nose. I guess one too many customers has coughed on me at work and I am fighting a cold. I was hoping it was only dust from the storm the day before, but I guess not. I won’t be going to Monday morning coffee because I don’t want to spread my germs. I do have to go out today as I need food and need to go to the post office. But it will be a quick trip.

I did do two loads of laundry last night. I am so happy that I have a dryer now. One load went in the dryer, the second was hung in the bedroom. It never got warm yesterday, so it wasn’t a good day for hanging clothes outside. I even got brave and ran both the washer and dryer at the same time. Wasn't sure I would be able to since they are both on the same line.

I have to say that I am already sick of the cold. This morning it is 25 degrees. Only supposed to hit 50 or so today, and it looks like it is going to be like this for a while. We have already had unseasonably cold weather this year, for several weeks. Not what I signed up for. 

Thinking I might take down the indoor Christmas stuff today or tomorrow. We’ll see how much energy I have.

That dripping noise started up again last night just as I went to bed, so I ended up spending another night in the chair. Thanks to the Benadryl, I got about five hours sleep. I still have no idea what is causing the noise, but both nights I have heard it, I had done laundry earlier. Of course, I have to do another load today, so I won’t be able to determine if that is the problem.

One bit of excitement yesterday, I got some decent shots of the road runner. I guess since I have been gone more, it likes hanging out in the yard. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye when it was across the street yesterday. It was far enough away that I didn’t spook it when I went to grab the camera. I got a bunch of shots of it. Then later when I went back out in the yard, it had been hanging out under the grapefruit tree. Of course, no camera that time.
Here are some of the better shots.

I made my beef stew yesterday, but once again, I put too much quinoa in it so it is more like a beef glop than a stew. But it was still good. I really like the new crockpot, it heats up and cooks much faster than the old one. 

I also spent a few minutes figuring out that I needed an adapter to be able to play movies on the computer and watch them on TV. I don’t even have an HDMI port on the big windows laptop. So I got the adapter ordered so I will be able to watch the movies I got from Mike.  Until then, I just got the latest season of Heartland on DVD and will watch that for a few nights.  Once I get the computer connected to the TV I will see if the computer will play the Region 4 DVD’s of McCloud’s Daughters.

Mike and Judy’s flight was delayed for two hours last night. Their original 8PM flight turned into a 10:30PM flight getting them into Milwaukee around 2:30AM. Then they had to get the truck out of long term parking and drive home from there. Looks like a little over a half hour for the drive. So hopefully they managed to make it home by 3:30AM. And Mike has to work today. He is going to be one tired puppy. I haven’t heard yet if all went well.

Still not sure about the grill. I may get a small table top gas grill and use the gift cards for something else. I really don’t have a spot the electric one can live in when it isn’t being used. The patio is about at maximum capacity without getting cluttered. I want to look at the grills at Herbs. I have the cash bonus I got, plus my discount…and it could travel with me. Plus, it won’t use electricity.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. I’m glad I still have today and tomorrow, maybe I can kick whatever is trying to make me sick. I’m only going to do what I have the energy for, no more. Sleep if I feel like I need it. I will get the store run over early so I can rest the rest of the day. I hate missing coffee, but these people don’t need the germs.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home safe and sound.

I finally got some sleep. Had an hour or two in front of the TV, and then about five hours in bed. Today is a jammie day. I am not going anywhere or doing anything. I could use a few things from the market, but I think I have the food for the day covered. I just put a beef stew in the crock pot, and I have lettuce, part of a cuke, and tuna for lunch. So I should be good.

It was a nice visit with Mike and Judy. Although I spent a fair amount of time in my hotel room. This room was much nicer and larger than the room I had at the Comfort Inn last year. Better breakfast too. I had eggs, sausage, juice and coffee both mornings, and there was so much more to choose from. But I behaved.

I left Phoenix around 11:30. I had planned on staying later, but with the high winds and dust storms I decided to head out early. It was quite the ride. Once I made it past the city, it was two handed driving the whole way, and it got worse the closer I got to Quartzsite. Apparently it had been blowing here all day. I went thru several blowing dust areas, but they weren’t black out conditions. Everyone just slowed down a little. I pulled into the driveway at 2. But I did stop at Burger King to grab something to eat because I didn’t have lunch. So glad I had a bag of almonds with me or I would have been in trouble. I have to remember next year to bring food. I didn’t get dinner on Christmas, or lunch yesterday. Had enough bananas and crackers to get by. I guess they had a Christmas ham, but it was after I left for the day. Their big holiday meal is mexican food Christmas Eve.

I went thru several of these. I guess it gets a lot worse than this. I am grateful it wasn’t.

The wind was bad here after I got home. Lots of banging and clanking and other wind noises. Thankfully it died down as the day wore on. I would have napped when I got home, but the wind winds me up and I couldn’t relax. I don’t like wind.

I watched the movie Inside Out in the afternoon. I used my Apple air play, but it kept disconnecting. I have two other movies I got from Mike that I will probably watch today, but I will have to find another way to get it to display on the TV. I think I have another HDMI cable, so maybe I can just hook the computer to the TV. If not this one, I can transfer them to the windows machine, I know I can with that one. One of the movies is The Martian, the other is Tomorrow Land.

I’m not taking my tree down today. I am not done looking at it. I’m thinking next weekend. Although the rest of it can go. We’ll see how ambitious I am in the next day or two.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A good visit

Spent Christmas day with Mike and Judy and their family. Was a good day. Going back for a little while this morning, but will probably hit the road early because of strong wind and dust forecast. I really don't want to be driving in that. Have managed to avoid it so far and will try to continue to do so. Not sure what Saturday traffic will be like on the freeway either. Probably, the earlier the better.

I will be happy to be back home with nothing on my agenda. I feel like I have been running for weeks and have had so much to do that I haven't relaxed at all. I will have three days before I go back to work, and the Yuma trip has been postponed, so it is back to normal hopefully.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I made it safely to Chandler and spent some time with Mike. The traffic was a little heavier than last year, but I also started much later in the day. I couldn’t leave until after work. I saw one accident, and it was a bad one.

It is much warmer here than it is in Q, so I was over dressed yesterday. Going to dress a little lighter today. Work was slow. I resorted to the word search book to make the time go faster. The "snacks and goodies" was a bunch of stuff on the counter that you had to go to the back to get. I don't usually leave my register from when I arrive to when I go to lunch. I will adjust for next week. So glad I made a lunch, I ate most of it on the road.

My room is much nicer than the one I had last year. I finally figured out why, it is a different hotel. Last year I stayed at Quality Inn, not Comfort Inn. Gee, how could I get those two confused? The bed here is amazing. King size, lots of pillows and very comfortable. Much better than Quality Inn. This place is just a little harder to find. I hope I make it down before they stop serving breakfast. I did manage to gas up the car last night as most places will be closed today. I went by several stations that I wouldn’t have gone by if I had stayed at the other place. $1.89 gal for gas. I haven’t seen it that low in years.

On the other wall that doesn’t show is the TV and armoire and the desk and chair.

I am still very tired. I did sleep some. Didn’t even bother with a bath, or TV or anything. Just a little time on the computer and I gave up and went to sleep. I opened my presents about 2 this morning. 

Well, I’m going to get in the shower and see if I can get down to get some breakfast before they put it all away.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gonna be a very full day

I have things locked up and am just about ready to go. I have to figure out what I am going to wear today. My suitcase is pretty much packed, just a couple of last minute things. My stomach is tied up in knots just like it used to be when I traveled. Sigh…but I will be fine once I get on the road. I always am. Thinking I am going to hit the hotel first, get settled, then head over to see Mike and Judy and the family.

I have been up since 2. I tried to get a little more sleep in the chair, but wasn’t very successful.

Talked to Howard briefly last night and  my trip to Yuma has been postponed. His son and grandkids are coming sooner than he thought and it would be too much for everyone. I guess Barbara is not doing well. I will have had my share of kids long before then, so I will still have  my three days off at home. Might do some walking around town instead. Maybe even start on the trailer.

I’m hoping work won’t drag out and that we manage to get out of there at 1 like we are supposed to. 

I have my two gifts to unwrap and a little plastic tree for my room. It changes colors. Got it last year when I was in Ody.

Christmas in Arizona, my second one. A lot of changes since this time last year. Will be interesting to see what the next year brings.

Safe travels to everyone and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finally got my package

Back to work today, but it is only for a day and three quarters. I can handle it. I think. It was pretty busy when I was there on Monday.

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about driving to Phoenix tomorrow. You would think I would be used to it, but I really haven’t driven anywhere except around town in the last year. I am as nervous as I was when I drove Ody. At least the car I am driving is bigger and a lot more comfortable than the one I drove there last year. The tunnel freaked me out. Didn’t expect that.

Tonight is packing and getting ready. I did a small load of laundry last night - again. I love having a dryer again.

After two trips to the post office, I finally got Iola’s package. Haddock. It was a very thoughtful gift. I can't find haddock here. There was another little package from her that I am going to put in my suitcase along with Ellen’s package so I can open them Christmas morning. I also got my gift from Jan. She doesn’t wrap her stuff, so I have already opened that one. 

I took my computer over to Vicki’s and spent some time getting her printer working on her network. I did not get her email working on her new phone tho because she couldn’t remember her password. Gotta write these things down.

So I made the pimento cheese. I liked it right up until I put the shredded cheddar in it. It changed the whole texture. I will try it again tonight. I may get out my stick mixer and smooth it out some. I guess it tastes ok, I just don’t like the way it looks and spreads now. Maybe I will smooth half of it..that way I won’t loose all the pimentos.

I think I am going to move the trailer to the other side of the driveway. Right now it is where I usually park my car, which puts the drivers door of the car on the wrong side of the gate. It also blocks my view and makes it harder to back out of the driveway. Unless I start backing in. That might work.

It is warm this morning. Almost warmer now than it was during the day last week. It is about 55 degrees. Was cloudy and blustery all day yesterday. In between doing all my stuff I read a book. Managed to stay up until about 9:30 last night, but woke up a couple of times because I was too warm. Went to the chair around 3. Was warm there too. 

When I made my lunch last night, I made two. Not sure what there will be for food at work tomorrow, so I figured I had better make a healthy lunch that I can eat while I am driving. I have been eating so much crap that my blood sugar is all over the place. People keep giving me sweets, and once it makes it into the house, I eat them. I have gained a fair amount of weight again too, so I have to get serious about my diet again very soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New trailer!

I got the trailer yesterday. I even got it backed into the driveway. It isn’t exactly where I wanted it, but it isn’t bad for a first backup. Here are a few pics.


It’s tiny, I can barely stand up straight, but it came with the generator and solar already installed. It also has a tire boot and a TV antenna. The antenna will probably come off, but we’ll see. The metal box on the front has to be changed. It is too wide and hits the car when I make a really sharp turn. I have one picked out, just need to measure the batteries to make sure they will fit.

I also got the anemometer working on the weather station. And pulled off the skirting on the house to see if I had a leak somewhere. The noise went away after I ran the hot water in the bathroom sink. It had some air in the line, so I’m thinking that was the problem. I didn’t find any leaks.

Went to the post office, stood in line about 15 minutes and the line hadn’t moved. There was only one person working and the line was literally out the door, so I went to DG, did my shopping and went back. The guy that had been standing behind me hadn’t even made it to the counter when I got back. My package from Iola hadn’t arrived It hasn’t had any tracking updates since the 19th. So much for being perishable. Whatever it is is going to be ruined by the time I get it. 

I was supposed to figure out Vicki’s printer issues yesterday, but by the time I got everything done, I was way too tired to think, so I am going to try this morning. I want some down time today because I go back to work tomorrow. The only other thing I have on the agenda is getting stuff ready for tomorrow and the post office if and when my package ever arrives. Plus, I have to start pulling stuff together for my trip to Phoenix, that is day after tomorrow.

My new wake up time seems to be 2:30. :( That is when I was up yesterday and again today. Several times last week too. I guess it is time to see if I can get another hour or so of sleep before I get the day started.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dryer is up

I got the dryer installed. I ended up asking my new neighbor to do the lift and hang, it was over my head and I would have had a hell of a time getting it done. I got it as far as on top of the washer, so all he had to do was literally, lift and hang. I even tried it out. Did about half my usual weekly laundry. It will be nice to have options for drying clothes.

It went on the hooks first try. Phew! It will take a little while for me to relax as I am afraid it is going to fall down. I just don’t trust sheetrock even tho I know I got some stud in some of the screws, and it is hanging on plywood not sheetrock. And the hooks themselves don't seem all that sturdy.

That took several hours to do, and my arm is sore this morning. After he hung the dryer, I went next door and met the kitties. Both part siamese and very pretty. Was nice to pet a cat and they were both receptive which surprised me. One brown and one blue. Apparently they spend a lot of time watching my bird feeders. 

I had to clean up the mess I made and put away my tools and find the laundry detergent I knew I bought, I knews I stashed it somewhere. I also had to relocate the stuff that was on the shelves over the washer. I got lunch around 1. I read for a while, and then later, just before it started getting dark, I broke out the weather station and got that working. I got the anemometer up, but it isn’t working so I will have to take it down again and see if I can get it to transmit. Nothing is ever easy.

Today is Monday morning coffee, then I need to go to the bank and the post office and then meet Glen at noon for the trailer transaction. I also need to get a bird block since they have wiped out the last one. And a couple of hose clamps for the anemometer pole. At some point, I need to go back to Vicki’s and find out what is going on with her printer. Her license did print, but it printed across the street at a neighbors place. Go figure. At some point I also need to go to the market. I need to get the stuff for Thursday. And I found out we do it again on New Year’s eve day too so I will have to come up with something for then as well. 

I have a noise. Sounds like a drip, but I can’t find it. It kept me awake last night, and I still haven’t been able to figure out where it is. Just spent some time trying to locate the “tic”. I think it is under the bathroom sink, under the house. If it is water, it is dripping on my ac vent tube thing. But it could be just a hot/cold expansion thing too. Will have to wait and see. I haven’t spotted or felt any water anywhere. And I may have gotten it to stop. I really don’t need plumbing issues. And I am not going under the house. I don’t do crawl spaces. I will have to pay someone to fix it. Of course, it is right next to the bedroom. I ended up sleeping in the chair last night because of it.

I grilled steak last night. Now I remember why I don’t do that more often, it takes forever. I should start looking for a new grill I guess. It came out OK, but I’m not crazy over the marinade I used. I had mashed sweet potato and cauliflower with it. No, I haven’t had the mac and cheese, too many carbs for me. I don’t do pasta’s at all any more. My grill is a tiny electric one I got for three dollars last spring. It just doesn’t give off enough heat, and isn’t adjustable.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Not trailer day

I did not bring home the trailer yesterday, but we did get the hitch ready. Had to replace the ball because the one on the car was too small. Glen decided that we would do the paperwork on Monday, so I decided that we would do the whole thing on Monday. 

It was another slow day yesterday. Not as bad as Thursday, but still slow. Saturday’s are usually slow too. I did more word searches and will have the book with me today. 

Thankfully today is the last day of my work week. I’m tired and am looking forward to a couple of days off. I hope it warms up some, I am tired of being cold. I have a lot of stuff on my To Do list.

Since I haven’t been able to sell the chairs, I am thinking they are going to go out on the patio. I will have to cover them with weather proof material, but they should be ok. I will spray the undersides and back with bug spray to discourage any lurkers. The chairs that I had out there haven’t had a problem even without the spray, so it should be good. Might as well get some use out of them.

Well, time for me to get moving and get this day over with. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Trailer day

Not much to write about this morning, yesterday was a work day, work, eat, sleep. I brought a word search book with me yesterday to help pass the time, and it is a good thing I did, it was very slow most of the day. It helped pass the time and kept me from watching the clock for the most part.

Got my suitcase. I’m glad I didn’t go with the larger one, this one is quite large and it is only the medium sized one. I could have gone smaller. I just looked to see what the smaller one would cost, the price has gone up over $10 since I ordered mine, so I guess I will stick with the one I got. It is a pretty red.

I guess I am getting my trailer today. I need to get a new ball for the hitch, the one I have is too small. Thought I had one here, but I guess it went with Ody. I will have to buy one. I’m a little nervous about backing the trailer into the yard, backing on of those things up is not an easy task, especially for a beginner. I might need to get help.  I was actually hoping Glen would deliver it, but I don’t know if he will or not. 

Had my first grapefruit of the season from the neighbor’s tree across the street. It was good. :) I’m looking forward to having more as they ripen. And maybe this next year I will have my own. I am not a huge grapefruit fan, but these things are good. 

Well, I am going to try to get a little more sleep or it is going to be a VERY long day. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Work, eat, sleep...

Was cold at work yesterday. I broke down and wore my winter boots to keep my feet and ankles warm. I will be wearing them again today. I also had three layers on, two of them polar fleece and the other my heavy sweatshirt. For the most part I was comfortable, except for my hands, and that I just have to live with. I can’t work with gloves on, just can’t count money, run the register, etc.

I literally came home, ate my dinner and promptly fell asleep. There wasn’t even anything on TV to keep me awake, not that that works. So I have been up since 2:30. I am hoping to sneak in a few more zzz’s before I have to get ready for work.

I brought home a piece of plywood for the dryer installation, the screws to mount it with and a small brazing kit to resolder some rings. I have been using solder, but it doesn’t last, so I am going to try brazing. I just hope I can get the heat up to where I need it to make it melt.

I haven’t managed to get the weather station setup, I haven’t even unboxed it yet. Maybe this weekend. The dryer is a project for this weekend too. I will do that before the weather station. Hoping I can manage to lift it up by myself. The plywood should make the whole job a little easier, I can make sure I have all my measurements right before I even attempt to hang it on the wall. I have the pipe to mount the wind sensor on for the weather station, so hopefully I won’t need any more parts or pieces for either project. I also have a whole list of things to do for the weekend.

Well, I guess that is about it this morning. I am going to try to get a little more sleep because it will be a very long day if I don’t. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas cards are done and mailed.

I got my Christmas cards out yesterday. Finally done with Christmas stuff. I also got all the cardboard and garbage to the dumpster and went to the market for fruits and veggies.

The rest of the day I puttered. I got the fountain and bird bath cleaned, a vent hose hooked up to the dryer, vacuumed, and more. Went to the dinner at Silly Al’s at 2. I had my heart set on pizza, but their least expensive one was over ten dollars and I refuse to pay that much for a pizza. But, my greek salad cost me twelve bucks with tip, so that really wasn’t any better. I think that place is way too expensive, but we all had a good time. The salad wasn’t anything special either.

Finished up a book I had started earlier, had a little fire in my outdoor fireplace, then came in and doctored a small frozen pizza for dinner. It wasn’t as good as Silly Al’s, but it was pizza.

I stayed up fairly late last night because I had to change over one of the snowmobile web pages. Not sure it is working tho, I haven’t received the email it is supposed to send out. And I won’t have time to deal with it this morning. It was working when I created the page a week or so ago.

Back to work today for four days. Next week I only work a day and a half. I’m hoping we get out as close to 1 PM on Christmas eve as possible because I have a two and a half hour drive to do, in traffic.

Today I need to get a piece of plywood to mount on the wall and hang the dryer. I think I can do it myself. I am going to give it a try this weekend. I will mount the dryer to the plywood, remove it, and hang the plywood on the wall and rehang the dryer. “Should” be fairly simple. Worse comes to worse, I can find someone to help me lift it. But that is a project for the weekend, not something to do after working all day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cards are done!

I got the packages to the post office yesterday morning. Thankfully, I put my own shipping labels on or I would have spent half the day there in line. I got to cut line and just leave the packages. The one I had to pick up was in my box. Phew! The line was out the door. 

I stopped at Sal’s on the way back. I found a lighted wire cactus for a buck, a santa spoon rest, a cute little ceramic xmas container, a couple of tops and two matching christmas table cloths. I spent $7.25 total. The lights on the cactus didn’t work, so I removed the old ones and put my solar string on it. It is standing out in my little cactus garden. Although it didn’t look much like a cactus when it lit up at night. Oh, I also got a set of santa cork backed metal coasters. It is rare that I leave Sal’s without something. I got another mini stocking that matches the small one I had too. The table cloths have a couple of stains, but nothing terrible. You kind of expect that. I have a whole year to try and get them clean.


My dryer did arrive. Yay. I even got to try it out. Right now it is in the bedroom, but I have to pull it out from the wall a bit when I use it. It is too big to be able to put the vent thing on as it overhangs the counter. I guess I will have to get it mounted over the washer. It will fit, I measured it. Not sure if I can do it myself tho, and I will have to take down the shelves I have there. I will have to build a shelf over the back of the washer for the detergent and fabric softener too. No more underwear hanging in the bedroom. :)

I got the last basket waxed and finished and packaged. Finally. :) Not my colors, but I think it turned out nice. So I am done with gifts.

I made a hamburger soup with the last of the veggies in the fridge and some dehydrated veggies. Had to use them up or toss them out. It wasn’t as good as my last one, but it was still good and I have enough for dinner tonight. This afternoon is the widow’s xmas dinner at Silly Al’s - pizza. Vicki called yesterday and asked if I were going. I guess we will ride over together. This will be the first time we have done anything since her people got back.

I ordered a new small suitcase yesterday. An American Tourister, bright red, on wheels. I remember struggling with my bag, computer, etc., last Christmas and didn’t want to have to muscle it all to my room. Should make it a lot easier. I also made my hotel reservations. I should have done it last week when I looked, I would have saved about $30. Oh well. 

I kept quite busy yesterday. I didn’t get to my cards until last night, but I have them all done but one where I have to write a letter. Hoping to get that done this morning and in the mail. I also need to get rid of another load of cardboard, the dryer had a lot, and go to the market to get food for my lunches this week. I am completely out of veggies to cut up. In and around everything else, I got two loads of laundry washed and hung out. Then folded and put away.

Hoping for a little bit of quiet time some time today since it is back to work tomorrow. But I have a whole list of things to do. We’ll see how much I get done.

I finally killed the shopping cart I had been using for Critters and Creations. I hadn’t gotten any sales in over two years on it, so it was time for it to go. I updated my web page and have the link going to ebay instead. We’ll see if that does anything. At some point I should take the time and create a new cart, something I control and can promote to the search engines. This cart wasn’t doing that.  But I don’t have much to offer at this point anyway. Thankfully it wasn’t costing me anything.

Well, time to either go back to sleep or start that letter for the xmas card. I’m thinking sleep. Woke up at 2:30 this morning, that would make for a very long day. 

Cold here, freeze warnings and days only in the mid 50’s, plus wind and clouds. Not exactly what I signed up for, but it beats shoveling. :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gifts are done, cards not.

It took all day, $250, and two trips to the store, literally, but I got the Christmas gifts done. Granted, some of the wrapping is less than ideal as I wasn’t really into it and the paper was giving me a hard time. I got everything boxed up and the shipping labels went on about 7 PM. This morning, they are going to the post office.  It cost me an additional $70 to get everyone’s packages mailed. I had forgotten how expensive shipping has gotten. Next year I will have to do something different. Way too expensive to send packages these days.

I also did up a couple of extra little gifts just in case I need something to give someone here in the park. I don’t expect to, but you never know. I still need to wax and finish up Nevaeh’s vanity tray, maybe I can get that done today. That is the last package I need to finish.

That was pretty much the extent of my day. I started first thing in the morning. I put my iPod on a Christmas station, turned on the fireplace and tree, dug up last year’s list and got it moved over to the mac, and got this year’s recorded and saved. I still have to do cards, but will get those done today. I am having a hard time getting into the spirit this year, and a really hard time dealing with gifts. There has to be an easier way. The wrapping part I am hating more and more every year. Maybe I should just make some cloth bags for everything from now on. I hate wrapping gifts now.

This morning is Monday morning coffee, then the post office and Salvation Army. Then back to do the cards. I will probably run them to the post office this afternoon. I won’t be going out tomorrow until afternoon, and they should be on their way by then.

It rained during the night. I was up for some of it. It was quite windy so my TV antenna was clanging and banging. It stayed relatively warm tho. But tonight and tomorrow night we have a freeze warning. I will have to move some of my plants into the shed. It smells so nice and fresh out there this morning. Of course, the first time we get rain in like forever and I don’t have my weather station setup yet.

Oh, my dryer is rescheduled for delivery tomorrow, but it is actually in Yuma this morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually come today. But I am not holding my breath either.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Missing Jake

Was a slow day at work yesterday, so the day felt about three days long. The fastest hour of the day was my lunch hour.

I brought home a 10ft piece of pipe to install my wind sensor on when I get around to setting up the weather station. Hoping to do that sometime this weekend. But xmas takes priority. I have a lot to do as I haven’t even started yet.

I did not go to the Christmas Light parade last night. After four days of working, I just wanted to relax. I am disappointed I have missed it for the second year in a row, but being alone, I loose motivation to go to these things. Just wasn’t worth the effort to get myself out there, find it, park the car and stand there in the cold all by myself.

My dryer did not arrive. I am hoping for tomorrow, but there is no estimated delivery on the new tracking info. It was in New Mexico on Friday, so I am hopeful. I am also hoping it isn't damaged.

TV is horrible lately, nothing on, and since I can’t seem to stream with the new internet, absolutely nothing to watch. I dragged out my McLeod’s Daughters DVD’s hoping to watch that again as I have only watched it once and it was a few years ago, but they are region 4 DVD’s and this player won’t play them. I looked on eBay for a new region 1 set, it doesn’t exist. I guess I will have to get a multi region DVD player. I will see if my computer will play them before I spend the money. I might be able to do airplay onto the TV if it does. Just have to figure out how that works again. I did order season 8 of Heartland so I can catch up on that. I did settle for watching Gilmore Girls. I have seen that a couple of times already, but it was several years ago.

I had a bad night sleeping. I had another Jake dream and woke up hurting. Sigh…I thought I was past those. The holidays are hard enough without adding the Jake dreams. It hurts almost as much as it did when he died, thankfully it doesn't last as long. I still miss him so much each and every day.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Last day of my work week

Not much to write about this morning. I decided to buy the trailer, just not sure when that will happen. I also got my internet router setup and working so I am once again behind a firewall and on a secure network. The weather station setup will have to wait until I have more time. As for the trailer, I won’t really get to do any work on it until after the holidays, so there isn’t any rush. 

Work was pretty slow and I am hoping today will go faster. It is my last day for the week and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m tired.

Tomorrow I will sit down and figure out Christmas. It is coming up fast and all I have done is decorate. It might be a gift card kind of year. I didn’t get enough baskets made or haven’t had a chance to work out in the shop on anything else either. And I haven’t been to town to do any shopping of any kind. I don’t even know what is available this year. I really hate loosing all my days to working. There is no time for anything else. I don’t know how I managed all those years in the past, and still have the energy for a life.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Lots of wind, blowing dust, sprinkles off and on. Today is going to be cold at work. Only supposed to be in the low 60’s, and if the wind is blowing, I will have a hard time staying warm. Layers, lots of layers. It is supposed to get even colder. Next week will be worse. 

My clothes dryer is supposed to arrive today. Yay. :) I will definitely be testing that out this weekend. My new jeans need a little shrinking. I am hoping it will fit above the washer, if not, I will find another spot for it. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas dinner and trailer

I made it through yesterday and the dinner last night. I stayed long enough to eat and be polite. At least I wasn’t the first one to leave. There was a lot of food, and I got to meet the spouses of my co-workers.

It was a very long day yesterday, wasn’t busy enough to make it go faster. My hip is bothering me again, so that made it that much longer. Plus, I had dressed for the dinner and they weren’t my most comfortable clothes. Why is it that anything that looks good is uncomfortable?

Feeling a little better about the job this week other than the fact that it truly does exhaust me. I have nothing left at the end of a day. Once I sit down, my day is over. I did manage to get my lunches made for the next two days. 

Last night was the first time I had been out after dark. I have a lot of lights on my dashboard! And without the reflective street signs, I would have had a hard time getting home. Couldn’t see my usual landmarks.

My router for the internet and my weather station came yesterday, but I won’t have the time or energy to even open them until Sunday.

We picked up a wind last night and this is the warmest night we have had in a long time. It is a one night deal tho from the looks of the weather report. We are going to get cold, down into the 20’s next week. I’m going to have to wear more layers at work as the register is right by the open door. It is a roll up door and is open all the time. There are heaters, but I don’t know how effective they are. I haven’t used mine yet.

I’m starting out tired this morning. Not my best night’s sleep. Could have been all the food I ate and I did have some dessert. That was probably a mistake.

I looked at the trailer that I am thinking about buying last night. I think it will work. Just wish it were a few inches taller, I can almost stand up straight. It has a generator, batteries and a 120 watt solar panel. The walls have been insulated already but the ceiling has not. I would have to remove the platform they used as a bed and build my own, but it would basically be finish work. It also has a boot for the tire so it can’t be hauled off. It has a few dents and scratches as it got blown over by a microburst a couple of years back, but other than that, it is in good shape. It is a 2009. It is small, but I think it would do the trick. Give me a place to sleep and change, etc. 

I would need to find a smaller battery box for the front, this one is wide and would hit the car on a sharp turn. But that shouldn’t be that much of an issue. The inside walls are white and the floor is unfinished, as is the ceiling. It also has a roof vent that I could install a fan in. I’m probably going to buy it. He isn’t in a hurry to sell, so that is good.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

UV Pen

We finally got this product in yesterday and I brought one home to try out, but I haven't found anything to mend just yet. Anxious to give it a try.

Other than that, nothing of any note to write about this morning. Was an OK day at work. Tonight is the employee holiday dinner. I hope that goes well. I will also be looking at Glenn's trailer to see if it is anything I can work with. 

It's going to be a long day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wreath is up

I got the wreath decorated and hung. It isn’t over my shell window because I couldn’t reach, but it looks good anyway.

I also got the seat covers on the back seat. That was not much fun and it took longer than I had hoped. I couldn’t reach both front and back to get the clips connected, so I ended up tying them off. I don’t know how they expect anyone to be able to install those. It would have taken two people with very small hands. I also took a few minutes and figured out how to install the shade cover over the cargo area. That too is jury rigged because it isn’t what I thought I was ordering and the hooks I needed for it aren’t in my car. Sigh….I may still see if I can find the retractable one. 

I cleaned most of the bathroom and vacuumed, and read a book. I needed some down time before I go back to work today. I still haven’t done anything about gifts or cards. I am usually done by now. I guess that will have to be this weekend’s project.

My new internet isn’t working this morning for some reason. I am on my pay per gig. Not sure what is going on. I can connect to the device, but it has no internet connection. Basically the same problem I had last week with the Straight Talk device. I’m connected with Verizon, so it isn’t my computer. Has to be crap signal. It was very slow last night, so maybe they are having problems. I guess I will be keeping the Verizon pre pay as a backup.

So back to work today. It is stock day, so it will be very busy in the morning, and tomorrow is Jan’s day off. But it is also the dinner party. I’m too tired at the end of the day to deal with it, but again, I guess I have to. I will be out of there as soon as possible tho. I have to go to the dumpster, turn on the water on C St for a little while and also go to the post office. 

Yesterday I ordered a wireless router to lock down the new internet. I also ordered a weather station using my birthday gift certificate from Mike. Both should be here tomorrow. Too bad I will be too tired to play with them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lanterns lit

I got quite a bit done yesterday, just not as much as I had hoped. I still need to deal with the wreath and I added several more things to the list already this morning.
The car seat cover for the back seat came yesterday so I want to get that put on. I also need to figure out xmas gifts, and a whole bunch of other things including house work. It won’t all get done today.

Here are a couple of  pictures of the lanterns with the lights inside.

I like them and they will probably stay after I remove the tree and poinsettias. I still need to figure out a star for the tree.

I picked up three christmas t-shirts at Sal’s yesterday. One of them was brand new and still had the tags on it. Two of them are red, one is black. I also got a red metal basket, two red cloth napkins, and a couple of sweaters. I am disappointed tho, one of the sweaters has a hole in the back. Oh well, it will make a nice throw pillow after the holidays. It is black and white. I though tI would be able to fix it until I spotted a larger hole further down. I was thinking it would be good for work, but I really need to look closer at things I buy there.

I went to the General Store to get my AZ xmas cards. Went to the bank to transfer some money to make sure I would have enough for this next summer, hit the post office, DG and Sal’s. Basically my usual run with the bank added in. I didn’t buy any groceries other than what I picked up at DG. I actually bought some bacon since it was on sale, so I will be having bacon and eggs at some point. Forgot crackers so I had another tortilla with my pea soup last night. 

I also got my tomato plant potted up thanks to my neighbor. Got a pot and soil from her since DG didn’t have either. It got some sun and some water and looked much happier by the end of the day. My other plants and seeds are doing nothing visible. I think it is just too cold right now. 

Among other things, I picked up the rest of the LED light bulbs I needed to finish changing over my light fixtures to LED. I got the living room ceiling fan fixture changed, and finally the one in the entry. I was able to reach that with my little step ladder which surprised me. All that is left in the house to change over now is the kitchen florescent, and the stove exhaust light. I will need to see what that takes for a bulb. The kitchen tube fixtures will have to wait. But I hung the small light Jake bought for me many years ago over the sink, so unless I need really good light, I won't have to use the ceiling lights. They will be expensive to replace since I will have to do the whole fixture.

I know I did more, I got a lot of things checked off on my list, but can't think of them right now. This is my last day off this week as I go back to work tomorrow. That means I won't be able to do anything until Sunday because I won't have the energy.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Trees

Well, I dug out my iPod, got it hooked up to the internet and played Christmas music all day. I started out by dealing with the web page that I needed to update, then went and put together a 4x4 base for the tree. It was too wobbly and needed to be more secure. The new base did the trick.

Since I had the tools and the saw out, I decided to go ahead and try to make my pallet tree. It was a little more work removing the unusable part than I thought it would be, but I think it turned out quite well. Here it is in stages…

I also threw together the poinsettia arrangements, and found a use for the mattress cover I had stuffed into the closet.

I’m going to look at the dollar store today and see if I can find a couple of small sets of lights for the lanterns. They would look nice all cleaned up and lit up. The tree also needs a star or a topper of some sort. I want to see what I can find at Sal’s.

I made my ham and pea soup. The new crock pot cooked it a whole lot faster than the old one. I actually had to turn it down to “Keep Warm” because it was done so soon. That is what I had for dinner with a plain tortilla. There is enough for dinner tonight. I might buy some crackers or something to go with it since I am allowing a few more carbs back in my diet.

Once I got the pallet tree done, it was way past time for lunch, so I had a bite to eat and started a new book. It was more of a novella, so it only took an hour or two to read, and then I came in and finally decorated the tree. I moved the sleeper ottoman out so I wouldn’t have to disturb the tree when I needed it, it is my side table by my chair for now. The storage box for my basket stuff went under the coffee table where the sleeper was and that I can pull out without disturbing the table.

Today I need to do my shopping and finish up as many things on my list so I can have a quiet tomorrow before I go back to work on Wednesday. I don’t need a lot for groceries since I went last week to the big store. But could use a  couple of things. The bananas I bought have the black centers that I hate, so I had to toss them, and the big watermelon got tossed as well. I hate throwing away food, but I also hate the white fibery stuff in the watermelon. Ugh. Usually I can just cut it out, but it was all through the whole thing. Should be some happy bunnies. I should only buy pre-sliced watermelon in the winter.

This morning I ordered the clothes dryer I have been wanting since I moved in here. Yes, I can hang my clothes out, and probably will continue to do so, but a dryer is very handy for removing lint, a quick turn around, and I won’t have to hang my underwear any more. Just toss them in the dryer and fold them and put them away. I could take down the line I have hanging in the bedroom. I ordered a different manufacturer than the one I had in VT. Same size, similar reviews, but a hundred bucks less. It is also ten pounds lighter. I am going to try to put it on the shelf over the washing machine, it should fit. I think that is about the last of the big household items I wanted or needed.

I still have quite a few things on my to do list. The wreath being one of them. I was going to put solar lights on it, but the sun has been pretty evasive the last couple of weeks. What sun we have had hasn’t been strong enough to make the fountain work, so it probably won’t light up the wreath. So now I am thinking plug in LED lights. Just have to figure out the cord. I can put all the outside stuff on one light sensor and won’t even have to deal with turning them off and on. We’ll see how much I can get accomplished today.

I am not going to Monday morning coffee today. Still smarting over the whole birthday thing so I am going to skip it this week. I’m not up to lying and saying I had a good birthday just to make everyone else happy, and if I told the truth, that would make everyone else unhappy. Easier just to avoid it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Unhappy Birthday

I worked, I had a frozen dinner and I went to bed early just to get the day over with. I don’t know why I keep getting my hopes up. Birthdays should be banned. I did get some online birthday wishes, several from my neighbors, but there was no attempt at anything to make it special. Which is strange because they always do something for birthdays around here. Whatever, I give up. I’m done trying. I thought I was fitting in here pretty well, but I guess I was wrong. Same old shit that I have been dealing with all my life. I guess it has to be something I am doing or not doing. I don't seem to make the connections with other people, or the ones that count. I don't have a clue.

I’m really not in the best frame of mind right now. Pretty unhappy. I just need to be patient, it will pass. Eventually. A lot of it is the whole widow/holidays thing. I’m lonely, unhappy with my job, and it has been cold. None of this is what I signed up for. Since I need the job, I have to deal with it. But it eats up all the days that I work as I have no energy left for anything else, and the rest of the week is playing catch up. I don’t get to take any classes, do any yard sailing, or any of the fun things that go on here. Can’t even go to the farmers market. Add to that that I have no one to play with, it makes for a pretty dissatisfying life. Not why I came here. 

I am having a really difficult time getting into the whole holiday thing. I could care less about sending out gifts and still haven't gotten any ornaments on the tree. I don't really seem to care. It feels more like it is expected instead of something I have fun doing.

On the plus side, I made it thru another birthday. I don't have to shovel snow, and I have a roof over my head, a car to drive, and a job to put food on the table. I guess I can't ask for more than that. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Just another work day.

Got my KarmaGo device and got it working. It is different from other accounts. I need to setup an internal secure network and need to do some research for that. Then I should be able to use all my devices on it.

Yesterday was a work day, I worked, I ate I slept. Today will be a repeat. Great way to spend my birthday. Not.

Nothing special going on, no cards, cakes, or gifts. Birthdays have always been a source of disappointment for me, but I hope each and every year and every year I am disappointed.

Off to the salt mines.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Another work day

Another work day. I worked, ate and slept. Pretty much how all my work days go. It is all I have the energy for. The day before was the same, as will today and tomorrow. Leaves me very little to write about.

Maybe I will get the ornaments on the tree this weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Back to work

I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday. Got the car stuff put back in the car and it is a lot more organized now. All the emergency stuff is in the spare tire well where it belongs instead of all over the car. 
Got the fall stuff binned up in it’s new bin, moved some stuff around in the shed to make room for it. Each time I do that, the shed gets a little more organized. But I still have all my camping stuff in there taking up way too much space.

Painted a wooden peg wall hook and took down the metal one in the entry. The metal hook went into the closet for my winter coat which now gets it out of the way. I can open and close the doors without having to move the coat.

I fixed the water timer, it doesn’t make noise any more. I had to remove the Y adapter as it was completely covered in lime which is what was causing the noise. I am going to have to run a new watering line at some point, it is leaking again. I fixed one leak, the other is under the grapefruit tree, so the water is still going where it is supposed to. This time I am going to run PVC pipe for a more permanent solution, the black plastic breaks down and leaks. I will have to dig a trench and bury the pipe. That will probably take the whole weekend and several trips to the hardware store. PVC is pretty easy to work with. 

Of course, I lost a couple of hours dealing with the internet issue. I got an email yesterday saying my Karma had been shipped. They couldn’t have done it a week earlier and save me $60? Oh well. At least i have a backup. 

I already mentioned the two loads of laundry and the closet weeding out. All of that stuff is in the car waiting to be dropped off this morning. Most of that stuff was stuff I had bought over the summer at the thrift stores. I have several stops before work this morning, so I will have to leave early. I need to drop off the check for my electric bill, turn on the water timer on c street, take my garbage to the dumpster, and then the stop at Sal’s. If I have time, I should go to the post office, which I will have to do again at lunch time anyway because I have a couple of packages there.

I’m trying to think of what else I got done. I was busy most of the day. I got a lot done over the weekend. I did not get any ornaments on the tree tho, and I didn’t get any real cleaning done, namely the bathroom and the floors. But I have next weekend for that and maybe the pallet trees.

I did start a new book, but I don’t think I am going to finish it, it is kind of depressing. I don’t need that. 

No luck on getting the chairs sold. I guess I am stuck with them. 

I should be able to look at the cargo trailer this week. I think Glenn is moving into the little house. It is the beginning of the month, so that makes sense.

Back to work for four days. Which means nothing but work and sleep which is all I have the energy for these days.

Oh, I have new neighbors on the empty lot next door. I guess they are here for the winter, so my view from the patio is now their very large 5th wheel. At least my shade sail is between me and their living room windows. They have cats and I am hoping to get a feline fix at some point.

Still cold here. Hoping when the days start getting longer it will start warming up some. My electric bill went down again in spite of having to use the heat. Although it will probably be higher this month because of the fireplace. I run the light/fire part most of the time, and yesterday the heater was on most of the day too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New tires and an oil change, no more unlimited internet

This morning hasn’t gone as planned. My unlimited Verizon finally ran out so I hooked up the straight talk, but couldn’t get online with it. It says I have plenty of data, but it just won’t connect to the internet. I futzed with that for over two hours. I finally gave up and paid Verizon $60 for 5 gig to keep me online until my new one gets here. I could have called tech support, but I have done that in the past, and they would have just told me to reset it, which I did multiple times, rebooted the computer several times, did it together, separately, whatever combo I could think of, and it still didn’t work. I could have driven to Parker to buy another, but it is a backup and I already had the Verizon jetpack, so I went with that. I didn’t want to have to go out today. I am back on pay per gig for now.

Yesterday was an expensive day. I skipped Monday morning coffee and left here at 7:30 and crossed the California border at 7 AM - I forgot about the time difference. Thankfully, both tire places opened at 7. The first one I went to would have had to order the tires, so I went to the second. They would have had to order the tires too, which would mean a wait and a second trip back, so I asked about going up a size. Those they had. So the car got four brand new tires to the tune of $650. Then I went across the street and had the oil changed at the Express Lube. It was early enough I didn’t even have to wait in line. No car wash tho, I didn’t see one and it wasn’t high on the priority list. 

Once I got the car taken care of, I went and did my shopping. Hit Dollar Tree first, then KMart. I hadn’t planned on going to Kmart, but the dollar store didn’t have everything on my list. Then I went and did my grocery shopping at Smart and Final. I hit DG on the way home and even went to the post office so I wouldn’t have to go out today. Got everything unloaded and put away and was only ten minutes late for the turkey noodle soup at the club house. 

I was getting a headache so I took a nap when I got back from that. I had rotisserie chicken, mustard greens and cole slaw for dinner. Nice to have food in the house.

While I was futzting with the internet issue this morning, I did get a couple of things picked off my huge list of things to do today. I found the red sheets, they were in the closet in plain sight - I even moved them the other day when I was looking for the earmuffs. Sigh…Got two loads of laundry washed and hung out, and pulled a bunch of stuff from the closet and have two bags of clothes to go to Salvation Army. I will drop those off on my way to work tomorrow. Plus that stupid vacuum in the shed I have to keep moving.

I found a set of rear seat covers on eBay to match the front ones for half price this morning, a lucky find. And I ordered the retractable security cover for the cargo area. The car didn’t come with one and I don't have tinted glass. Today I want to put my car stuff back in the car. That is next on my list after I finish this. I don’t know how much else I will get done because I want some down time today since I have to work the next four days. Maybe some ornaments on the tree. I would also like to get the fall stuff into it’s new bin and off the shed floor.

I have decided not to make the turbine snowman. I don’t like the way it looks. Too short. If I can get a third turbine by next year, I will try again. I still need to make the pallet xmas trees tho. It won’t be today. I got a bunch of silk poinsettias and holly yesterday to make an arrangement for the steps and will go with that for now. Diane has a fake wreath she is going to give me where the lights don’t work. I will put my string of solar lights on it and get it hung sometime soon. 

I got a nice live poinsettia and three baby xmas cactus, one pink, one red, and one white, at KMart. It was my splurge. I also got some placemats for the table as it was pretty much nekkid. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas decorating

I got quite a bit done yesterday, not everything I had on the list, but I’m happy with what I accomplished. I am frustrated tho, I had all those red sheets on the couch and chairs in the living room, when I got rid of the couch, I washed them and put them away. But I can’t find them. I had one stashed somewhere that I used in the bedroom for the curtain, but I have pillow cases and three more sheets somewhere that I can be using. I hate it when that happens. I did, after several more hours of searching, find my ear muffs! Finally! They were under the seat of the scooter. I happened to be taking a break, sitting there looking at the scooter when I realized that that was the last place I had used them. Days of hunting! At least the cupboards in the bedroom are organized now.

After I finally finished hunting for the earmuffs and finishing up the bedroom, I went out and cleaned out the car. I even vacuumed it. It is ready to go if I decide to do that. If not, it was a job that needed to be done. If I decide to keep the car, I am going to order the seat covers for the back seat. They are pretty dirty and ugly. I have the stuff that was in the car down to two small bags. One is the emergency kit, and the other is tools and oddball stuff. I’m taking the title and spare keys just in case. 

Once that was done, I started on the rest of the christmas decorating. Got out the spindly tree that I bought in Yuma last year and figured out how to attach the base I had cut off so I could store it, got the lights on it, but still need to decorate it. I also got the battery operated candles in the windows, got the horseshoe tree decorated and the stockings hung. Jake and Kali Cat’s stockings made me cry. Sigh...


I got all the fall stuff gathered and bagged, that is in the shed until I get a storage bin for it, and the mugs and wooden turkey are on the top of the cupboard in the kitchen. The xmas mugs will join them when the holidays are over. Can’t see them. :)

Dunno if I am going to like the turbine snowman. I stacked them yesterday to get an idea of what it would look like, it is quite short. But I will go ahead and do it anyway. I need some white string to get the white material to stay and cinch it in. Also have to figure out the face. Tomorrow I might start the pallet trees. Maybe. I might not feel that ambitious.

It was cold yesterday. Only in the 50’s, and it is close to freezing this morning. Just looked, it is actually below freezing…31 degrees. I think I am going to give up on any gardening for now. My tomato plant didn’t even make it outdoors yesterday and I didn’t cover anything else, so I guess I will have several dead plants. Oh well. I noticed the avocado didn’t look very happy yesterday and last night probably did it in. I guess I will stick with native plants from now on. Not too worried about the lilac cuttings, they are used to the cold. Maybe once the days start getting longer, it will warm up some.

So this morning I am heading to Blythe early. Would like to be there around 8 AM, see what is on the lot at the dealership and then go get tires if that is the way I choose to go. I also need to get the oil changed, and maybe even a car wash. Then I want to go to Dollar Tree and get my silks and whatever else I need from there and then groceries. I expect either way, I will be gone most of the day so I will be missing coffee this morning and the turkey noodle soup later in the day. But tires are more important than soup and coffee. If I weren’t working, I would go tomorrow, but I don’t want to have to go out tomorrow. I need one quiet day before I go back to work. Although I may go to Salvation Army since I probably won’t make it there today. 

Driving to Blythe on those tires make me nervous. It is all highway. I would go the back way, but there isn’t one that I have found yet. Some day when I have nothing better to do, I will try to find an alternate route. I would much rather drive on surface roads than highway.

I have moments where I wonder why I am decorating. I am the only one that is going to get to see it.