Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Trees

Well, I dug out my iPod, got it hooked up to the internet and played Christmas music all day. I started out by dealing with the web page that I needed to update, then went and put together a 4x4 base for the tree. It was too wobbly and needed to be more secure. The new base did the trick.

Since I had the tools and the saw out, I decided to go ahead and try to make my pallet tree. It was a little more work removing the unusable part than I thought it would be, but I think it turned out quite well. Here it is in stages…

I also threw together the poinsettia arrangements, and found a use for the mattress cover I had stuffed into the closet.

I’m going to look at the dollar store today and see if I can find a couple of small sets of lights for the lanterns. They would look nice all cleaned up and lit up. The tree also needs a star or a topper of some sort. I want to see what I can find at Sal’s.

I made my ham and pea soup. The new crock pot cooked it a whole lot faster than the old one. I actually had to turn it down to “Keep Warm” because it was done so soon. That is what I had for dinner with a plain tortilla. There is enough for dinner tonight. I might buy some crackers or something to go with it since I am allowing a few more carbs back in my diet.

Once I got the pallet tree done, it was way past time for lunch, so I had a bite to eat and started a new book. It was more of a novella, so it only took an hour or two to read, and then I came in and finally decorated the tree. I moved the sleeper ottoman out so I wouldn’t have to disturb the tree when I needed it, it is my side table by my chair for now. The storage box for my basket stuff went under the coffee table where the sleeper was and that I can pull out without disturbing the table.

Today I need to do my shopping and finish up as many things on my list so I can have a quiet tomorrow before I go back to work on Wednesday. I don’t need a lot for groceries since I went last week to the big store. But could use a  couple of things. The bananas I bought have the black centers that I hate, so I had to toss them, and the big watermelon got tossed as well. I hate throwing away food, but I also hate the white fibery stuff in the watermelon. Ugh. Usually I can just cut it out, but it was all through the whole thing. Should be some happy bunnies. I should only buy pre-sliced watermelon in the winter.

This morning I ordered the clothes dryer I have been wanting since I moved in here. Yes, I can hang my clothes out, and probably will continue to do so, but a dryer is very handy for removing lint, a quick turn around, and I won’t have to hang my underwear any more. Just toss them in the dryer and fold them and put them away. I could take down the line I have hanging in the bedroom. I ordered a different manufacturer than the one I had in VT. Same size, similar reviews, but a hundred bucks less. It is also ten pounds lighter. I am going to try to put it on the shelf over the washing machine, it should fit. I think that is about the last of the big household items I wanted or needed.

I still have quite a few things on my to do list. The wreath being one of them. I was going to put solar lights on it, but the sun has been pretty evasive the last couple of weeks. What sun we have had hasn’t been strong enough to make the fountain work, so it probably won’t light up the wreath. So now I am thinking plug in LED lights. Just have to figure out the cord. I can put all the outside stuff on one light sensor and won’t even have to deal with turning them off and on. We’ll see how much I can get accomplished today.

I am not going to Monday morning coffee today. Still smarting over the whole birthday thing so I am going to skip it this week. I’m not up to lying and saying I had a good birthday just to make everyone else happy, and if I told the truth, that would make everyone else unhappy. Easier just to avoid it.

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