Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finally got my package

Back to work today, but it is only for a day and three quarters. I can handle it. I think. It was pretty busy when I was there on Monday.

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about driving to Phoenix tomorrow. You would think I would be used to it, but I really haven’t driven anywhere except around town in the last year. I am as nervous as I was when I drove Ody. At least the car I am driving is bigger and a lot more comfortable than the one I drove there last year. The tunnel freaked me out. Didn’t expect that.

Tonight is packing and getting ready. I did a small load of laundry last night - again. I love having a dryer again.

After two trips to the post office, I finally got Iola’s package. Haddock. It was a very thoughtful gift. I can't find haddock here. There was another little package from her that I am going to put in my suitcase along with Ellen’s package so I can open them Christmas morning. I also got my gift from Jan. She doesn’t wrap her stuff, so I have already opened that one. 

I took my computer over to Vicki’s and spent some time getting her printer working on her network. I did not get her email working on her new phone tho because she couldn’t remember her password. Gotta write these things down.

So I made the pimento cheese. I liked it right up until I put the shredded cheddar in it. It changed the whole texture. I will try it again tonight. I may get out my stick mixer and smooth it out some. I guess it tastes ok, I just don’t like the way it looks and spreads now. Maybe I will smooth half of it..that way I won’t loose all the pimentos.

I think I am going to move the trailer to the other side of the driveway. Right now it is where I usually park my car, which puts the drivers door of the car on the wrong side of the gate. It also blocks my view and makes it harder to back out of the driveway. Unless I start backing in. That might work.

It is warm this morning. Almost warmer now than it was during the day last week. It is about 55 degrees. Was cloudy and blustery all day yesterday. In between doing all my stuff I read a book. Managed to stay up until about 9:30 last night, but woke up a couple of times because I was too warm. Went to the chair around 3. Was warm there too. 

When I made my lunch last night, I made two. Not sure what there will be for food at work tomorrow, so I figured I had better make a healthy lunch that I can eat while I am driving. I have been eating so much crap that my blood sugar is all over the place. People keep giving me sweets, and once it makes it into the house, I eat them. I have gained a fair amount of weight again too, so I have to get serious about my diet again very soon.

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  1. Pimento Cheese sounds like it has potential...might be worth another try...maybe with a softer cheese with some sharpness. Brie is unique if you're in the mood for it. I think it would be good with Haddock too!

    Wine making sounds to me like a good match for you. But of course it requires it some special attention in a busy lifestyle.

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room