Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I made it safely to Chandler and spent some time with Mike. The traffic was a little heavier than last year, but I also started much later in the day. I couldn’t leave until after work. I saw one accident, and it was a bad one.

It is much warmer here than it is in Q, so I was over dressed yesterday. Going to dress a little lighter today. Work was slow. I resorted to the word search book to make the time go faster. The "snacks and goodies" was a bunch of stuff on the counter that you had to go to the back to get. I don't usually leave my register from when I arrive to when I go to lunch. I will adjust for next week. So glad I made a lunch, I ate most of it on the road.

My room is much nicer than the one I had last year. I finally figured out why, it is a different hotel. Last year I stayed at Quality Inn, not Comfort Inn. Gee, how could I get those two confused? The bed here is amazing. King size, lots of pillows and very comfortable. Much better than Quality Inn. This place is just a little harder to find. I hope I make it down before they stop serving breakfast. I did manage to gas up the car last night as most places will be closed today. I went by several stations that I wouldn’t have gone by if I had stayed at the other place. $1.89 gal for gas. I haven’t seen it that low in years.

On the other wall that doesn’t show is the TV and armoire and the desk and chair.

I am still very tired. I did sleep some. Didn’t even bother with a bath, or TV or anything. Just a little time on the computer and I gave up and went to sleep. I opened my presents about 2 this morning. 

Well, I’m going to get in the shower and see if I can get down to get some breakfast before they put it all away.

Merry Christmas!

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