Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home safe and sound.

I finally got some sleep. Had an hour or two in front of the TV, and then about five hours in bed. Today is a jammie day. I am not going anywhere or doing anything. I could use a few things from the market, but I think I have the food for the day covered. I just put a beef stew in the crock pot, and I have lettuce, part of a cuke, and tuna for lunch. So I should be good.

It was a nice visit with Mike and Judy. Although I spent a fair amount of time in my hotel room. This room was much nicer and larger than the room I had at the Comfort Inn last year. Better breakfast too. I had eggs, sausage, juice and coffee both mornings, and there was so much more to choose from. But I behaved.

I left Phoenix around 11:30. I had planned on staying later, but with the high winds and dust storms I decided to head out early. It was quite the ride. Once I made it past the city, it was two handed driving the whole way, and it got worse the closer I got to Quartzsite. Apparently it had been blowing here all day. I went thru several blowing dust areas, but they weren’t black out conditions. Everyone just slowed down a little. I pulled into the driveway at 2. But I did stop at Burger King to grab something to eat because I didn’t have lunch. So glad I had a bag of almonds with me or I would have been in trouble. I have to remember next year to bring food. I didn’t get dinner on Christmas, or lunch yesterday. Had enough bananas and crackers to get by. I guess they had a Christmas ham, but it was after I left for the day. Their big holiday meal is mexican food Christmas Eve.

I went thru several of these. I guess it gets a lot worse than this. I am grateful it wasn’t.

The wind was bad here after I got home. Lots of banging and clanking and other wind noises. Thankfully it died down as the day wore on. I would have napped when I got home, but the wind winds me up and I couldn’t relax. I don’t like wind.

I watched the movie Inside Out in the afternoon. I used my Apple air play, but it kept disconnecting. I have two other movies I got from Mike that I will probably watch today, but I will have to find another way to get it to display on the TV. I think I have another HDMI cable, so maybe I can just hook the computer to the TV. If not this one, I can transfer them to the windows machine, I know I can with that one. One of the movies is The Martian, the other is Tomorrow Land.

I’m not taking my tree down today. I am not done looking at it. I’m thinking next weekend. Although the rest of it can go. We’ll see how ambitious I am in the next day or two.

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