Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New tires and an oil change, no more unlimited internet

This morning hasn’t gone as planned. My unlimited Verizon finally ran out so I hooked up the straight talk, but couldn’t get online with it. It says I have plenty of data, but it just won’t connect to the internet. I futzed with that for over two hours. I finally gave up and paid Verizon $60 for 5 gig to keep me online until my new one gets here. I could have called tech support, but I have done that in the past, and they would have just told me to reset it, which I did multiple times, rebooted the computer several times, did it together, separately, whatever combo I could think of, and it still didn’t work. I could have driven to Parker to buy another, but it is a backup and I already had the Verizon jetpack, so I went with that. I didn’t want to have to go out today. I am back on pay per gig for now.

Yesterday was an expensive day. I skipped Monday morning coffee and left here at 7:30 and crossed the California border at 7 AM - I forgot about the time difference. Thankfully, both tire places opened at 7. The first one I went to would have had to order the tires, so I went to the second. They would have had to order the tires too, which would mean a wait and a second trip back, so I asked about going up a size. Those they had. So the car got four brand new tires to the tune of $650. Then I went across the street and had the oil changed at the Express Lube. It was early enough I didn’t even have to wait in line. No car wash tho, I didn’t see one and it wasn’t high on the priority list. 

Once I got the car taken care of, I went and did my shopping. Hit Dollar Tree first, then KMart. I hadn’t planned on going to Kmart, but the dollar store didn’t have everything on my list. Then I went and did my grocery shopping at Smart and Final. I hit DG on the way home and even went to the post office so I wouldn’t have to go out today. Got everything unloaded and put away and was only ten minutes late for the turkey noodle soup at the club house. 

I was getting a headache so I took a nap when I got back from that. I had rotisserie chicken, mustard greens and cole slaw for dinner. Nice to have food in the house.

While I was futzting with the internet issue this morning, I did get a couple of things picked off my huge list of things to do today. I found the red sheets, they were in the closet in plain sight - I even moved them the other day when I was looking for the earmuffs. Sigh…Got two loads of laundry washed and hung out, and pulled a bunch of stuff from the closet and have two bags of clothes to go to Salvation Army. I will drop those off on my way to work tomorrow. Plus that stupid vacuum in the shed I have to keep moving.

I found a set of rear seat covers on eBay to match the front ones for half price this morning, a lucky find. And I ordered the retractable security cover for the cargo area. The car didn’t come with one and I don't have tinted glass. Today I want to put my car stuff back in the car. That is next on my list after I finish this. I don’t know how much else I will get done because I want some down time today since I have to work the next four days. Maybe some ornaments on the tree. I would also like to get the fall stuff into it’s new bin and off the shed floor.

I have decided not to make the turbine snowman. I don’t like the way it looks. Too short. If I can get a third turbine by next year, I will try again. I still need to make the pallet xmas trees tho. It won’t be today. I got a bunch of silk poinsettias and holly yesterday to make an arrangement for the steps and will go with that for now. Diane has a fake wreath she is going to give me where the lights don’t work. I will put my string of solar lights on it and get it hung sometime soon. 

I got a nice live poinsettia and three baby xmas cactus, one pink, one red, and one white, at KMart. It was my splurge. I also got some placemats for the table as it was pretty much nekkid. 


  1. Looks nice. Don't just hate it when you can't find something and it is right in front of your eyes. GRRRR.

    1. Seems to be happening more and more lately. It is very frustrating.

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