Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lanterns lit

I got quite a bit done yesterday, just not as much as I had hoped. I still need to deal with the wreath and I added several more things to the list already this morning.
The car seat cover for the back seat came yesterday so I want to get that put on. I also need to figure out xmas gifts, and a whole bunch of other things including house work. It won’t all get done today.

Here are a couple of  pictures of the lanterns with the lights inside.

I like them and they will probably stay after I remove the tree and poinsettias. I still need to figure out a star for the tree.

I picked up three christmas t-shirts at Sal’s yesterday. One of them was brand new and still had the tags on it. Two of them are red, one is black. I also got a red metal basket, two red cloth napkins, and a couple of sweaters. I am disappointed tho, one of the sweaters has a hole in the back. Oh well, it will make a nice throw pillow after the holidays. It is black and white. I though tI would be able to fix it until I spotted a larger hole further down. I was thinking it would be good for work, but I really need to look closer at things I buy there.

I went to the General Store to get my AZ xmas cards. Went to the bank to transfer some money to make sure I would have enough for this next summer, hit the post office, DG and Sal’s. Basically my usual run with the bank added in. I didn’t buy any groceries other than what I picked up at DG. I actually bought some bacon since it was on sale, so I will be having bacon and eggs at some point. Forgot crackers so I had another tortilla with my pea soup last night. 

I also got my tomato plant potted up thanks to my neighbor. Got a pot and soil from her since DG didn’t have either. It got some sun and some water and looked much happier by the end of the day. My other plants and seeds are doing nothing visible. I think it is just too cold right now. 

Among other things, I picked up the rest of the LED light bulbs I needed to finish changing over my light fixtures to LED. I got the living room ceiling fan fixture changed, and finally the one in the entry. I was able to reach that with my little step ladder which surprised me. All that is left in the house to change over now is the kitchen florescent, and the stove exhaust light. I will need to see what that takes for a bulb. The kitchen tube fixtures will have to wait. But I hung the small light Jake bought for me many years ago over the sink, so unless I need really good light, I won't have to use the ceiling lights. They will be expensive to replace since I will have to do the whole fixture.

I know I did more, I got a lot of things checked off on my list, but can't think of them right now. This is my last day off this week as I go back to work tomorrow. That means I won't be able to do anything until Sunday because I won't have the energy.

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