Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas cards are done and mailed.

I got my Christmas cards out yesterday. Finally done with Christmas stuff. I also got all the cardboard and garbage to the dumpster and went to the market for fruits and veggies.

The rest of the day I puttered. I got the fountain and bird bath cleaned, a vent hose hooked up to the dryer, vacuumed, and more. Went to the dinner at Silly Al’s at 2. I had my heart set on pizza, but their least expensive one was over ten dollars and I refuse to pay that much for a pizza. But, my greek salad cost me twelve bucks with tip, so that really wasn’t any better. I think that place is way too expensive, but we all had a good time. The salad wasn’t anything special either.

Finished up a book I had started earlier, had a little fire in my outdoor fireplace, then came in and doctored a small frozen pizza for dinner. It wasn’t as good as Silly Al’s, but it was pizza.

I stayed up fairly late last night because I had to change over one of the snowmobile web pages. Not sure it is working tho, I haven’t received the email it is supposed to send out. And I won’t have time to deal with it this morning. It was working when I created the page a week or so ago.

Back to work today for four days. Next week I only work a day and a half. I’m hoping we get out as close to 1 PM on Christmas eve as possible because I have a two and a half hour drive to do, in traffic.

Today I need to get a piece of plywood to mount on the wall and hang the dryer. I think I can do it myself. I am going to give it a try this weekend. I will mount the dryer to the plywood, remove it, and hang the plywood on the wall and rehang the dryer. “Should” be fairly simple. Worse comes to worse, I can find someone to help me lift it. But that is a project for the weekend, not something to do after working all day.

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