Thursday, December 31, 2015

Giving up on gardening

Not much today. Worked yesterday, was quite cold until about 11 or 12. Survived. By 4 I was ready to unzip my second sweatshirt and by 5 ready to zip it back up. 
Today we only work until 2. Straight thru with no breaks. But there will be munchies. I made deviled eggs last night so that I could have something with some protein. I didn’t have any yellow mustard, so I used chinese hot mustard - they have a bite to them.

Still haven’t decided about a grill. Looking at them again this morning. Priced them at work yesterday. A simple portable gas grill is kind of pricy considering what it consists of. I want to get the most for my money.

Got the adapter for the HDMI cable so hopefully I will get to watch my movie tonight. Tomorrow is the 2nd annual Q Mountain climb and a potluck here at the clubhouse in the afternoon. No plans for tonight. Not a big deal as I usually sleep through it anyway.

My electric bill went up about ten bucks in December. But that really isn’t bad considering how cold it has been and the fact that I have the furnace going, electric heaters, xmas lights and now the dryer. I can live with it. Hopefully it will start warming up soon. I took a peek at my plants under the plastic when I got home last night. I think the tomato plant is dead. I am giving up on gardening here as I have failed several times and now that I am working, it makes it that much more difficult to do. I’m going to clear away the plant bench and move my little table and chairs over into the sunshine.

Got the work schedule for January. My hours have remained the same. Although I may get called in on Monday’s if they stay busy. As much as I would like the money, I like the time off better.

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