Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year.

Was a busy day yesterday, and I still hurt from the climb yesterday morning. Here are a few pics. 

Here is a kool video of Quartzsite. The hill with the big white Q is Q Mountain. If you look at the buildings at the bottom, you get an idea of the size, otherwise it doesn’t look that big.

I am finally rid of the two living room chairs. Unfortunately I had to give them away. I donated them to the auction that is going on today that benefits the local vets. I’m glad to have them out of the house and I moved the second patio chair in. I had to rearrange lighting, extension cords, etc., but I am much happier. This did however move my chair away from the electric fireplace, but I will live with it. I would have liked to have gone to the auction, but of course, I’m working. All the fun stuff happens on work days. Need to figure out a way to retire or work at home with flexible hours.

I also took down the rest of the xmas stuff, changed the lights in the two lanterns to LED’s and got them back out. I broke one of the chimneys, it was very brittle, but glued it back together. I will have to try to get a couple of replacements at some point, but it is good for now. I still need to take the lights off the pallet tree and figure out where to store it for the next year. Thinking of removing the two cross pieces that make it stand up and putting it behind the shed. Will figure that out over the weekend.

I had to take down my solar chandelier and fix that as the last wind storm did a number on it. And I flipped the xmas quilt over so that it is just a plaid pattern instead of reindeer.

I wore myself out yesterday. After the pot luck, I came home and put my jammies on and relaxed the rest of the day. I did get my lunch made for today, and I had leftover turkey noodle soup for dinner that I brought home with me. I have enough for dinner tonight too. 

I just ordered a portable gas grill on eBay. I priced them at work, online, etc. They want $90 for a weber portable grill at work and even with my discount, it was way too much money for a table top grill. Found one on eBay, Char-broil, for $33 including shipping. Same make as the electric grill I had in VT and liked so much. I may still get one of the electric grills as the portable one could go in the trailer. Glad to have that decision made finally.

One of the things I need to do this weekend is measure the trailer batteries and get a new metal box ordered for them. I feel that is the first thing I need to do. I also want to get their platform removed and figure out what I am going to do. Thinking I am just going to insulate the ceiling with reflectix which is the foil bubble insulation. I may or may not cover it, we’ll see how it works out. Still in the planning stages. 

Off to work today, then my three day weekend. Weather is warming up slightly so I may get more done outside. Hopefully if we get rain on Monday, my car will get washed off. Can't keep the dust off it. You definitely know it is a desert car.

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