Monday, January 18, 2016

Changing direction again

I have changed my mind once again. I will be taking the lumber back to Herb’s. My carpentry skills are in the hack category and I did not start anything yesterday. This morning I looked at wire shelving online again and have decided to go that route. It was one I was considering originally, but hadn’t taken any measurements at that time. I have ordered my shelving and some wire baskets, and will fill in where needed with canvas baskets. I will use metal strips to “enclose” the shelves to keep stuff from falling off. I can get those at Herb’s. I will do my shelf configuration when they get here and I assemble them. Doing it this way will also allow me to do the floor first. I also ordered the insulation that will be going under the plywood floor and on the ceiling. The shelving I ordered is black. I had more options with the chrome, but I wanted it to be black, so I will adjust. The wire shelving will also keep the weight down as they aren't as heavy as wood built ins. I may even curtain the shelves off. I found some red gauzy sarongs on eBay I might order. I will have to see where I am in my spending. I am still planning on coming in under budget and still have a couple of big things to buy like the outside box.

Yesterday I started my day by doing some housework. I vacuumed, dusted, and even washed the floors. I organized the cupboard over the fridge where I keep my holiday and seasonal linens and put the lazy susan I got at Sal’s in the spice cupboard. It was kind of a make do job because in order to do it right, I would have had to empty the whole cupboard in order to get the round out, attach it to the turntable, and put it back in. I didn’t feel like doing all that, so I just removed the old spinner and placed the new one under the round. It works. There is some wasted space, but nothing I can’t live with until I get ambitious and fix it - if ever. Got two loads of laundry done and hung out, showered and dressed and headed out. Leslie had set aside some dragonflies for me, so I had to go get those.

It was crazy out there. Finding a place to park was a challenge, getting in and out was a challenge. Traffic was at a crawl. The big tent started on Saturday, so everyone was out and about. But I got my dragonflies, and since I had gone thru all the trouble to get there, walked around a bit. I did buy a black and white outdoor mat for the trailer, but that was about it. It was warm in the sun and I wasn’t dressed properly, and I hadn’t brought any water with me, so I didn’t stay more than an hour or so. Here are my new dragonflies…

When I got home, Chad had put the old antenna back up. I got a few more channels, but it is still pretty bad. Not sure why. Could be all the people in town. More antennas. I will wait until the big tent is over and try to tune in again.

Not sure what today is going to bring. Supposed to get together with Georgia at some point, but she has kept pretty busy and so have I. No plans to go to any of the restaurants any time soon, I have been reading there is at least and hour wait if not longer at most of them. Again, I will wait until the big tent is over and after a lot of the people have left. Hoping my internet service will improve too. Can’t use it during the day, it is just way too overloaded. Even my phone is having issues. I’m having to use my pay per gig internet because my Karma is absolutely horrible right now, and even the pay per gig is very, very slow. Patience. The key word for the next two weeks.

Planning on going to Monday morning coffee, and then probably taking the lumber back if it isn’t too crazy there. I might do a couple little things on the trailer since I brought home a bunch of stuff for the smaller projects. And since I have decided to lay a floor, I will have to remove the two bed legs and trim them to compensate for the additional flooring. I haven’t decided how I am going to finish the floor yet, and may have to compensate for that too. I have a rug that matches the big one in the living room and the runner in the bedroom that isn’t being used, and I may just use that. 

My pea soup turned out good. Had that for dinner with a tortilla. 

I just found some black wire milk crates online. Looks like this whole black wire thing is coming together. Now I won’t have to do much construction, if any. Yay. :)

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