Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starting construction today?

Made it thru another work day. Thankfully I don’t have to get up and go anywhere this morning.

I have already put the fixings for a pea soup in the crock pot. Not sure what today is going to bring, but I will have dinner either way. Hoping to get started on the trailer built in’s today. I brought home the lumber I will need for the front wall, and I hope it comes out OK. Once I get that done, I will work on the side wall.

My mattress is at the post office, but the post office is closed tomorrow so I will have to wait until Tuesday to pick it up. 

I have to get my TV antenna fixed. I had Chad put the first antenna back up, but it isn’t bringing in much for channels, the old one was actually better. He doesn’t want to do it tho, and I hate to ask, but I wouldn’t know if we hadn’t tried it. I may end up doing it myself. He isn’t happy about it. I have basically no TV and the series I bought on DVD isn’t very good. I haven’t tried the other one yet. I also haven’t tried my region 4 DVD’s in the computer yet. I’m pretty sure they will play in one of my computers. I have the adapter for USB to HDMI and haven’t tested that yet either. 

I guess the town is almost at capacity. The big tent event started yesterday and runs for two weeks. The internet is horrible right now because so many people are using it. I’m having to use my pay per gig backup because the Sprint network is piggy backed and is very slow.

My yard is starting to bug me. It needs some attention. I need to rake up the leaves and do something about the scrap lumber pile. I should make a firewood box. We’ll see what I have left for scraps when I get the trailer project done. Should have enough to build some sort of box for the scrap wood. I can’t burn anything right now because there is a neighbor that is only a few feet away from the chiminea. I will have to wait until they leave. The grapefruit tree needs a little attention too. Time to fertilize and rake up under it. Going to try some epsom salts on it. Supposed to be good for citrus trees. It should be getting ready to bloom soon.

The patio needs a good clean up too. Dirt and a little bit of clutter, not too bad tho. I would like to take the scooter out. I haven’t used it in about two months since it has been so cold and I have been working more. Would also like to drive it to work instead of the car, but I think I will wait until the big tent is over and a lot of people leave. Not safe on the roads.

I do have to say that I am not happy with the way things are going. I work too much and don't do anything or see anyone. It kind of defeats the purpose of the move. I left VT because I didn't go anywhere or do anything and I didn't have a life, and now I find myself right back in the same situation in a town where there is plenty to do, but I can't do it because I have to work. Plus, no one to do anything with....again. I put a lot of time effort and money into changing my life, gave up all my stuff, and here I am in the same position I was in before I did all of that. What a waste.

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