Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trailer progress

I updated the trailer blog, so a lot of this post is a repeat. 

I got the floor down in the trailer. Of course, nothing is ever as straightforward or easy as it is supposed to be. I had to clean out all the stuff I had been stashing in there, and then I had to remove the brackets for the table. Of course, the second one I had to crawl under the trailer to do. Couldn’t reach it otherwise. Technically it should have been a two person job, but with the help of a pry bar and my socket wrench, I got it done on my own. There should have been someone up above holding the screws to keep them from turning as they were installed with lock nuts.

Once that was done I had to cover the holes and lay down the insulation. It was supposed to be peel and stick, but there was only one thin line of sticky tape along one edge. I ended up using some duck tape on the edges I needed to hold down, the plywood covering will hold the rest in place. It is foil side down. Should help a lot to keep the temp in the trailer regulated. I will be putting it on the ceiling too, but that is one of the last things I will do. I will have to buy some heat resistant adhesive for that.

The rug I had planned on using was smaller than I remembered. Since I didn’t want to wait another week and spend any more money on the floor, I decided to use the RV mat that I picked up a week or so ago. Once the shelving is in, the edges won’t show.

I got the bed put back together and the mattress unrolled. I also cut the 1 inch topper to fit. I want to sew the mattress cover so that it is more like a large pillow case, but for now it is just protecting the foam mattress. Sewing will be one of the last things I do. 

Since I wrapped up the floor around 1, I decided not to continue with the shelving. I am expecting to have some fitting issues on the back wall, and just didn’t feel like dealing with it. I want to wait until I am fresh and not so sore. I will do the shelving next weekend. After that, it will be a bunch of little things.

I ordered the new box for the front that the batteries go in. The one I had chosen had a price drop of about $40, so I got it for less than I had planned. I like it when that happens. I still need to sit down and figure out how much I have spent on the thing and see where I am budget wise.

This is how I left it yesterday. I did have to load a bunch of stuff back in, but it is a lot more organized than it was before I started.

I would like to find some small black wire baskets to hang over the bed and window. That space isn’t very large and isn’t much good for anything else. Haven’t found anything I can afford yet, but I haven’t given up. 

I spent the rest of the day reading. Made my lunches for today and tomorrow, and just generally relaxed before I have to go back to work today. I am sore this morning. Mostly from crawling under the trailer and then working with my hands over my head. Standing all day isn’t going to help that.

My internet seems to be improving now that a lot of people have left. Yay. Not having to wait so long for things to load. Might actually be able to stream with this internet once everyone leaves. We’ll see.

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