Sunday, January 4, 2015

An expensive walk.

I did go to the craft fair yesterday. I figured I could walk my mile just as easily there as I could here and still have something to look at. I also went to the rock and gem and walked that whole thing. Granted, it was more of a wander than a walk, but I was more sore when I got back from that than I am when I actually walk. I don’t know how far I walked but it must have been a good one.

I wasn’t going to spend any money. Didn’t take much with me. But I did buy a painting at the craft fair. Saw them last month and liked them, and he was back yesterday in the same spot. It is a painting on a piece of wood of the Arizona desert. It isn’t very large, maybe 5x7, so I should be able to find a spot for it.

Then off to the rock and gem I went. Wasn’t going to spend money, the goal was to get my walk in. But I spent more there and had to use my card since I spent my cash on the painting. I got some really nice lapis flowers and fish, and at another place got some sodalite beads. I’m starting to feel some inspiration. I’m also getting ideas for some stuff to make that everyone else DOESN’T make. I might have a table next year.

I spotted the penny press machine location yesterday and was going to stop, but realized I didn’t have any pennies in the car. So I have them selected along with my quarters and hope to get them today or tomorrow. There is another whole swap meet area that I didn’t stop at, and the ones I have been to have grown considerably, so I should be able to get my exercise boredom free. Plus the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous starts this week. That is a two week gathering. I am not moving Ody, but do plan on attending at least some of it. I will get to meet some of the people I have been chatting with on Facebook.

I am going to have to pack up Ody and move her this week. I am just about out of propane for the fridge. I will also gas her up at the same time. Hoping it goes more smoothly than the last time. I will make sure Kali Cat hasn’t just eaten, and will put pee pads on the floor and block off the back. That should be an early morning endeavor to avoid the traffic if at all possible. It has picked up a lot since last week. Then, I shouldn’t have to move her for at least another month. The gas cans and the water cans are working for me.  And once it is warmer, I won’t be using as much gas either. If I had a way to power the fridge without propane, I would’t even have to move her. (After a quick google, running the fridge on 12v is not an option.)

I got myself a shower last night. The water wasn’t hot, but I added a pot of boiling water to the 5 gallon bucket, and it was warm enough as long as I had my heater going. It feels really good to have clean hair. As it warms up, I should be able to do this more often. Still too cold to shower outdoors tho.

Not sure what is on the agenda for this morning, but there is a trade blanket this afternoon. I am running out of things to trade so will have to pull a few things from my inventory. I’m thinking maybe a few of my photo cards and I will see what else I have. For me, it is mainly for the social aspect, although I am hoping it is better than last week. They talked a lot of local politics and I got very bored. Plus, there was more talk than trade.

Mike and Judy made it home safe and sound. The next time I see them will probably be in Wisconsin. Thinking of heading up that way this summer.


  1. I am wondering, now that you have done this awhile and have actual numbers to work with, is it really more expensive to live in Ody with hookups than without? What's the cost of fuel and gas Vs. electric hookup? Do they charge actual electric usage so the solar battery would help? What about the cost of buying water and paying for water disposal Vs. a hookup? Is internet service included with hookups? Garbage? And what about the gas you would save by not moving Ody to fuel her up? Would there be a screened porch for Kali? Any other benefits I missed? Showering every day? Cable TV? In walking distance of something you drive to now? I'm just curious because I have caught myself thinking I was being very frugal, when really I was just making unneeded hardships on myself with no financial gain. :( I even was working myself to death at jobs that after I figured in everything I spent to keep working there I was making less than a dollar an hour. That was a heartbreaking day, part of that cost was for daycare and I hated that job and missed my baby something awful!

  2. Definitely questions worth considering. Moving Ody for fuel is only an eight mile round trip. I use about a gallon of gas a day with the generator, and the propane lasts about 7 weeks. So, it is definitely less expensive to boondock That being said, yes, no running water, no electric, and no free cable or internet. I could try to figure out how to attach an external propane tank, there are modifications for that, but so far haven't needed to. The cold snap is just about over and I should start using less fuel when it warms up some. If I do this again next year, I will be better prepared. I am better off than some, there are people in tents out here!

  3. Tents?? Goodness, I wouldn't be able to function, I guess my body needs much higher maintenance than a tent, lol. Although I have seen some very beautiful and luxurious tents. :)