Thursday, January 15, 2015

Palm Canyon Trail

Definitely a full day yesterday. I got myself dressed and out fairly early. Went and put my laundry in, gassed up the car and filled the gas cans while waiting for my clothes to wash, and then after I moved them to the dryer, went to the post office and made my way on foot across 5 lanes to check out a rock shop. I bought an amethyst geode. They sell by the pound, mine was 5 lbs. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but will figure it out. I may have it cut. Or part of it cut.

Once my laundry was done, I came back, transferred the six gallon can of gas to Ody, didn’t need to add the two two gallon cans. Will save them for later.  Then I decided to go for a hike in Palm Canyon. It was still early and I hadn’t walked yet. Palm Canyon is about 15 miles from here, back towards Yuma, and then 7 miles in on a rough dirt road. The hike was supposed to be easy to moderate, but I would have to disagree with that, it is more moderate to difficult I used my backpack for the first time. Other than the strap just under my neck, it was fine. I even wore my hat and used my walking stick. I did have the camera around my neck tho. I was looking for this week’s photo for the challenge. The challenge this week is Leading Lines. Lines that draw your eye. I submitted this photo…

This was on the road to Palm Canyon. Queen Canyon is out there too, and I may go back and do some hiking there. The landscape is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, most of my photos were over exposed. That is a first. Just too much sunlight. I should have checked the exposure and changed the mode, but didn’t think of it. I do have some photos posted tho, you can find them here…

The best photos of the palms actually were on my phone. 

There are very few hiking trails here, and the info is very hard to find.

I got back to camp about 2:30, puttered around, dealt with the photos and talked with Howard on the phone for a little while. The solar shower bag I filled on the way back from town earlier was quite warm, so I decided it was a good time for another shower. I didn’t need to wash my hair so I only used the bag, didn’t have to add the bucket of water and didn’t have to add any hot water to warm it up. This shower was outside.

I experimented with cooking dinner last night. I used my little grill and instead of using charcoal I used gel fuel cans. It worked! I had a sweet potato, brussels and steak for dinner. I set the grill up beside my chair and just sat there and tended it until it was done. I will have to do that again. No waiting for the coals to be ready, no massive heat, the flames were right where they were supposed to be. Next time I might raise the fuel cans an inch to get them closer to the grill.  Supposedly it is safe, I researched it before I did it.

Today is my Gem and Mineral Club orientation and my lapidary orientation. That will shoot the morning. Not sure if I will be doing anything after that or not, but will keep the afternoon open for the moment.

I was really tired last night after being up since 2:30 and going all day, went to bed around 9, but woke up at 3:30 this morning. Managed about six hours which is average for me. And am still tired this morning. I would like to go back to sleep, but that isn’t going to happen.

My solar panel is supposed to arrive today. I got a phone call yesterday stating that it requires a signature, so I don’t know if FedEx will leave it at the post office or not. I may go camp out in the PO parking lot around 3 and just wait for the FedEx truck. I really would hate it if it was sent back. 

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