Thursday, January 22, 2015


Not the best of days yesterday, not the worst either. But it did start out being very productive. I had my laundry in washing, the car gassed up and my drinking water bottles filled by 8:30, and by a little after 9 had the laundry dried and folded and back in the car, packages picked up at the post office, and that pretty much wrapped up my chores. I decided it was a good time to go to the big tent. I wandered around there for a couple of hours. I had activated MapMyWalk when I got out of the car, and I did almost two miles and still didn’t see everything. But I was getting tired, so I headed back to camp.

Good thing I did, we picked up a nasty wind, and it basically took down everything in the screen house, and almost that as well. It just kept blowing, the air was full of dust, but it didn’t qualify as a dust storm. I spent the afternoon running out and checking out noises, checking on the screen house, lashing things down and relocating them. I really hate wind, especially with something as non permanent as the screen house. Ody did well, she was nose into the wind, but the screen house wasn’t as lucky. It did survive, only one small hole. I ended up using the hitch rack (it is pretty heavy) for the scooter to secure the corner that was taking the biggest hit. The line had loosened, so I used the rack and some bungees to tighten it up. I am thinking today of putting some ratchet straps on the corners of the screen house. That way if they loosen, I can just ratchet them tighter. The stakes seem to be holding just fine. I think I am also going to take down the blue plastic tarp and put up the sail cloth panels I have. Easier to roll up if there is more wind, and will also look better. 

So it was a long afternoon with the wind. Not a good time to be outside, so I was pretty much stuck inside. I spent some time on the computer processing photos. Here is the link for the uploaded ones…

While I was out and about yesterday I went to one of my favorite vendors and bought some battery operated LED lights. That way I won’t be draining the house battery at night for a little bit of light. One of them was lantern style, and they only had the one red one left and I grabbed it. 

I also bought a map of Quartzsite and a small guide book at the big tent. I did get a zip up hoodie for five bucks that will go with my camo shorts. Black would have been better, but the price was right. This one is more baby poop brown.

The wind finally died down after dark last night. I don’t know if it is going to gust and blow today, so until I know, I’m not making any plans. It isn’t something you want to be out in. I don’t like wind, never have. And with the blowing fine dust, the air quality is pretty bad.

If I do go out, I want to go to the pow wow. That is about all I have on the agenda until Saturday when there is a blogger get together. Planning on going to that weather permitting. 

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