Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Glass Class

Yesterday was a pretty full day. My morning walk, looked for some more jasper, but didn’t find anything (not quite sure of the spot I found that one in). Ran into Lee, my neighbor and we chatted for a few. I finally found out what kind of art he does, watercolors. I might be able to learn something from him.

I went to my glass fusing class at 1, but hit the post office first. It only takes one stupid person to hold up the whole line. There were two people on duty, but the majority of the time I was standing in line, one person held up one of the windows, no regard for all the people standing there waiting their turn. The line of people waiting was literally out the door. At least I wasn’t late for my class. I got my map books that I had ordered. I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping this area would be more detailed than it is. Oh well.

I was also disappointed with the glass fusing class. The instructor (if you can call her that) is bored with the class, even said so. All we did was cut up six little squares, decorate them and put them in the kiln. That took two hours. No “teaching” was involved. She told us what to do and we did it. I was the only one there that had never done this before and I had students showing me what to do and not the instructor. It also cost me six dollars in materials for something that is useless, plus $5 for the class. I will go back to one more class because I want to make a pendant or something, but I was not impressed. I would be hard pressed to recommend this class to someone that hasn’t done this before. I do have some glass left over that needs to be used up. Linda took a glass class in Maine on Monday, and in her first class she made a pendant and a plate. I would have liked that class.

I left my piece of jasper to be cut, I can pick that up along with my fused glass. He did a test cut to see what the inside looked like.

I also found two pieces of precut jasper that match mine and are a little bit bigger. It is all local stone. I ordered a rock and mineral book for future reference on Amazon when I got back. The sawyer tried to discourage having my little piece of rock cut saying that I wouldn’t get much out of it. But I picked that rock and I don’t want larger pieces to begin with. Plus, I’m sure they are used to cutting pieces that weigh several pounds. I just want my little piece in pieces.

I have two new neighbors, one on either side. The one to my left are friends with Bob and Connie, and the one to my right is another smaller rig. Older couple. Actually, I only saw the woman, maybe it is just her…I will have to find out. The last week or so, the town has been filling up with rigs. Traffic is starting to be a problem.

I had hoped to get an outdoor shower last night and I had taken a piece of steak out of the freezer because I was going to grill it. But we picked up gusty winds in the afternoon nixing both. I really needed a shower, so I ended up taking it indoors, which filled my tank (according to the sensors which always says half full or full). And I cooked something completely different for dinner in hopes that I might be able to grill today.

My solar panel and controller have shipped. Supposed to be delivered to the post office. Yay. That was pretty fast and it IS going to the post office. I won’t have to drive to Yuma to pick them up. Although, I am about due for a day trip to Yuma. Visit with Barbara and Howard and hit Walmart.

I also chased down and ordered a safety flag for the car. That would have been helpful at Crystal Hill. I could have popped that up and would have been able to find the car easier. It would also be handy in parking lots. The fiberglass pole is 5 feet, with a bright orange pennant flag on it. I think I can change the flag. Will have to wait and see.

No bites on the scooter or the tracker seats. I think I might just donate the bike to the Salvation Army. I’m tired of dealing with it. It wasn’t a huge amount of money to begin with. I will put the bike helmet with the scooter.

The generator started right up this morning. The trickle charger is helping. I am being very sparing with the usage of lights and such after dark as I don’t want to have to go out and jump it in the dark at 6 AM, and I don’t want to have to wait for heat until it gets light out. I may still have to replace the battery, but the solar panel will allow me to use power during the day without taxing the battery. Now I need to look for a good inverter. That, I might buy locally. We’ll see.

I’m gearing up mentally for another hike. I still want to do the Palm Canyon hike. Supposedly there is an actual trail there. I have been having a very hard time finding hiking, walking trail information here. There just isn’t any. I would like to do Q Mtn one more time and do a 360 degree photo from the top. I made it all the way up once, I can do it again.

This weeks photo challenge is leading lines. I don’t believe I have anything already that I can use, so I am going to have to look around. There must be something around here, a wash, a line of cactus…something. I will have to keep my camera with me.

So my fear of Kali Cat getting me in the eye became a reality this morning. She started in at 2AM. This crap has to stop. Anyway, I turned my head and she got me. I don’t think it is bad, didn’t hurt a lot, but is still watering and that was a couple hours ago. I will flush it with saline in a few minutes. At least it was the left eye, the one that isn’t my good one. I don’t know how to get her to stop bothering me while I am still sleeping. This is all new with her advancing age. Other than always being hungry and not wanting to eat her dry food, she seems to be happy and fine. She did also bug the hell out of  me while I was eating dinner last night, and she had just had her own dinner. I guess my pork chop smelled good to her. She didn’t get any because I used a spice mix that had salt in it. I guess I am going to have to start sleeping in safety glasses...

Tonight I am going to try cooking my steak over a can of sterno on my little grill (assuming we aren't having gusty winds). I looked it up, it is supposed to be safe, so I want to try it. I won’t have to wait for the charcoal. And I have plenty of gel fuel. At least the steak should be fully thawed this time.

Today is laundry day. I also need to buy gas for the generator. I am passing on the farmers market this time because I ordered a Bountiful Basket that I will be picking up at 3:30 on Saturday. I still have stuff left from last week too. I probably won’t be doing the basket on a regular basis, but wanted to see what that was all about. Supposed to be half fruit and half vegetables, plus, I could have ordered some other stuff too, but that is all in large quantities and not something I could use all by myself. I pick that up at 3:30 on Saturday.

Not sure what I am going to do this afternoon. Maybe haul out the lapis flowers I bought and do something with them. Or find someplace to walk or hike. Will figure it out later.

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