Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fish tacos and jasper

Yesterday morning was kind of busy. I started by doing up posters for the scooter, bike and car seats. Printed out a half dozen of each and walked the first set down to the gate house bulletin board.  It is close to two miles down and back. Then I posted them at the rest of the La Posa long term area bulletin boards and a set at the laundromat. I filled my drinking water bottles, hit the post office and did some shopping at Dollar General. Was back and everything put away by 11ish. I checked the gauge on the gas tank and decided I didn't need to buy gas until later in the week.

I did stop at the two local solar places, nice stuff, but more than I want to spend. Plus, they were about half the wattage. I tried to order the one I wanted from Amazon, but they wouldn’t ship to a PO box, so I went directly to the Renogy web site and ordered there. I’m hoping there won’t be an issue with shipping as I don’t have a physical address. Worse comes to worse, I can have it shipped to Yuma. But that means I would have to go get it in Yuma once it is delivered. Trying to avoid the three hour round trip. I ordered the starter kit which consists of one 100 watt panel and upgraded to the LCD controller. It should have everything I need to get it hooked up. I went with the monocrystalline instead of the polycrytalline, it is supposed to be a bit more efficient.

I ran the generator last night, and used the oven to cook my dinner since I had to run the generator anyway. I had the last piece of swai (fish), sweet potato, brussel sprouts and a couple of portabella mushrooms. All cooked in the oven, my favorite way to cook dinner when I have electricity. 

After I got back yesterday, I got a text from Georgia (a FB friend) inviting me to join her and some other ladies for lunch. We met at the Grumpy Gringo. I had fish tacos for the very first time. You wouldn’t think they would be good, they sound terrible, but they were awesome. I will have them again. Problem is, most of what they consist of is not on my list of acceptable foods. Fried fish, tortilla, sour cream… It was really nice to meet some new people too. All single ladies.

While I was on my walk yesterday morning, I picked up a very pretty red rock. I’m told it is jasper. I am taking it to the rock club when I go to my class this afternoon to have it cut. Hoping to get a pendant or two and maybe some earrings out of it. I took a different road back than I usually do, and it was just lying there on the ground. I initially walked past it, but then went back and picked it up. It would be totally kool if I could make a nice set, from start to finish, from something I picked up on the ground out here. It has some faults, so we will see what the sawyers can do with it. It is a really pretty red. Mike says it looks like steak. I wonder if there is more there...

Once again, another day with not enough sun to heat the water for a shower. It was supposed to be sunny, but there were a lot of clouds. Today is supposed to be cloudy until mid day. Hoping maybe tonight, after class, I can get a shower.

Kali Cat has been waking me up at 3:30 AM. She thinks it is breakfast time and sits there and paws at me with her claws. Usually, my face is the only thing that is visible, so I have been getting needle sharp claws in the face. I usually get up because I am afraid she is going to get me in the eye some time. That wouldn’t be good. I don’t know how to discourage her from doing this, or waking me up way too early. I try to feed her later at night, but she starts in on me by 3 PM, and doesn’t stop until I do feed her. I have actually been going outside to get away from her while she literally howls for her dinner. She has developed some really bad habits.

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