Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crystal Hill, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday I got myself prepped and headed off to find Crystal Hill. I found the road just fine, but it took forever to actually get to the hill. It was about five miles in on a very rocky dirt road. Top speed was about 15 MPH. When I got there, I parked and headed up. I didn’t do a complete climb, but followed a couple of paths or run offs, and then walked the wash a bit. I did almost two miles of climbing and walking. Ran into a guy who told me where I could find some crystals. His wife was there and showed me hers and told me what to look for. I found several after that. The trip was a success. I got lots of pics too.

They are teeny tiny little things, but souvenirs non the less.

Once back on level ground, I had a hard time finding my car. Thankfully, I was tracking my walk and had a map that I could look at and finally made it back. I couldn’t see the car in all the brush and trees. After I got back, I downloaded an app called FindMyCar. Will use that in the future. 

A long, slow drive out from Crystal Hill, and then I took the La Paz Valley Road to see what was down there. A smaller RV community. Took the old Yuma Road back to La Posa West, which is right across the road from La Posa South where Ody is. So I got to do a little exploring too. Although next time I do something like that, I need to make sure I have a full tank of gas. I was under half and was getting a little nervous on my way to Crystal Hill. I was just thinking about turning around when I finally got there.

In the afternoon, I just kind of hung out here, reading, I think I even snoozed a bit in the lawn chair. It is finally warmer. We hit 70 degrees yesterday, and last night was down to 41. Hoping to stop using so much fuel now. Both gas and butane. Salmon, squash and sauteed onion for dinner. 

Today is chore day and Farmers Market day. I missed the Farmers Market last week, it wasn’t open because of the holiday. I need fresh fruit and veggies. Then I will get my laundry done, gas up the car, get my water tank filled, hit the post office…And then if I am feeling ambitious, a little walk somewhere. It is also the first day of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, I really need to figure out where that is. Check it out. That runs two weeks and a lot of people that I have been chatting with online will be there. I won’t move Ody, but will be a daytimer instead.

It warmed up beautifully yesterday. We hit 70 degrees. I even had to take my heavy sweatshirt off while I was walking. It’s funny, my almost two miles didn’t feel like two miles because I had something else to look at. I think I could have kept going a while longer. Plus, it wasn’t my usual fast pace. My little lumbar pack did just fine, so I think I will stick with that for a while. 

Now that it is finally warming up, I either need to buy a helmet or sell the scooter. I’m thinking I am going to buy the helmet. I still haven’t been to Blythe, and that is on my list of things to do. I hope I can get one there. Or maybe there is some place here I don’t know about yet.

Well, time to get myself moving. Starting out with clean hair for the second time this week. Got another shower after dinner last night. Was nice. Hoping to be able to do that more often now that it is warming up, and to be able to shower outside so I am not filling my tanks. Plus, more room. The five gallon bucket takes up as much room as I do and it is a very tiny shower to begin with. I’m good until it is time to wash my feet. Not enough room to bend down to do that.

Oh, and I did my first submission to the 52 week photo challenge. This is it…

The moon just before sunrise yesterday morning. The theme for the week was the rule of thirds.

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