Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Emotionally exhausting and dreary day

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day, rained most of the day starting about 11 AM. Not a lot of rain, just enough to make it unfriendly outside. Kali Cat and I did go to the vet. It was a first come, first serve basis, we got there 18 minutes after they opened and we had to wait an hour and a half. She was the only cat there, mostly smaller yippy dogs waiting to see the vet. The vet himself…well, I am reserving judgement. Not very personable, his office was kind of a mess…but he saw her and gave her an anti inflammatory and some antibiotics. We go back Thursday so he can see her again. The whole experience was pretty unpleasant for both of us.

She seemed to be feeling better later in the day and I have cleaned out the box several times, decent amounts of urine in there, but this morning, she is acting like it hurts again. Although I just checked and it is a good sized puddle in there. She inhaled all of her food. I didn’t stop to buy cat food when we were in town, and I just wasn’t up to going back in town once we got back. I gave her some of my $1 plus solid white tuna mixed with some wetted dry food. She got the same thing for breakfast this morning. I might start mixing her food on a more regular basis, the try food is specifically for urinary issues. She doesn’t eat much of that. I need to cut back on the canned and get her eating more of the dry, so mixing it might be the best option. For now, she is getting it three times a day until her meds are gone, then it is back to twice a day. She has become pretty high maintenance in her old age, I used to just put down dry food, make sure she had water, and clean the box a couple times a week. Now I am doing it all at least twice a day.

The morning was emotionally exhausting. I didn’t know if she was coming home with me. She also had an accident in the carrier and had to sit in it until we got back, at least two hours. It smelled pretty bad, and she had it all over her. Poor baby. Hopefully Thursday’s trip will be better. Anyway, I took a nap after we got back. I had been up since 2:30 for the second or third day in a row and with the morning as it was, that was all I had the motivation for. Of course, I had one of my Jake dreams. More of a nightmare really. I hadn’t had one for quite a while. Took a long time to shake that after I got up. It was pretty much a waste of a day.

There wasn’t any sun yesterday to charge up the battery or solar generator so I had to run the generator last night. I figured since I had to run the generator that I would cook the spaghetti squash that I got in my basket a week or so ago. I didn’t have it for dinner, but it is all cooked and cleaned for today. I had ham and eggs for dinner last night. Comfort food.

Today I am going to look at at least two places. Both stick built, both out of my price range. But, I keep reminding myself that I sold a $180,000 house for $100,000 and I might be able to do the same thing from the buyers side. Won’t know unless I try. I don’t know if either of these places are worth anything, but will find out later. I’m also thinking if I do get one of these places, or even another, that I will sell both Ody and the tracker and get a cargo van or smaller RV and a car with AC. With a smaller rig, I wouldn’t have to tow, could take the scooter, and I think I could sell Ody for more than I paid for her. That would give me enough money to buy another and give me some time to find a way to make a living. My other option is to just buy a lot with hookups and then find either a 5th wheel or park model to put on the property and move into that. Older 5th wheels are fairly inexpensive, just saw one on FB this morning for 8K. I think I would still downsize Ody since my traveling would be limited to the summer months.

I am seriously considering staying here until Kali Cat decides it’s time to go. She hates traveling and I just don’t want to do that to her. I am not a traveler by nature, have enjoyed the traveling I have done, but want a place of my own with amenities…namely running water and a septic system. Electricity is nice, but not as important as the other two. :) As long as I have a generator and batteries, I would be good. So electrical service would be a bonus. It will be interesting to see how I manage with the summer heat here. I should be able to manage a few weeks without having to go out during the day. Just make sure I have plenty of ice and an air conditioner. People do live here in the summer and that is how they handle it. Stay in during the day.

Hoping today will be a much better day. At least it isn’t supposed to rain, is supposed to be partly sunny, and I will be doing something fun. I should also be able to do most of the things I didn’t get done on yesterday’s list too. Back here mid day to med KC. And I slept later this morning. Almost made it to 4:30. That in itself is an improvement.

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