Friday, January 9, 2015

It's getting warmer

It has finally warmed up here. I think we hit 80 degrees yesterday. I do know that I was warm in my hikers, flannel shirt and jeans. I would say it is just about time to go back to my shorts.

I went and looked at the battery yesterday morning and discovered the fluid was low. So while I was out yesterday I picked up some distilled water and topped it off. Then I ran the generator for about a half hour to charge the battery up. This morning the generator started right up. I hope I have solved the problem. I didn’t know I was supposed to check that monthly. Now I do.

I did go to California yesterday. Blythe. Drove around a little, checked it out. Spotted another tracker the same color as mine. I haven’t seen too many vehicles that color, but there are some and they aren’t all trackers. Saw a pickup truck the same color the other day. That is a lot of green.

So, in Blythe I went to Kmart, a thrift store, a micro mall and the Smart and Final. Smart and Final is like a mini BJ’s or Costco. Ended up getting my fruit, nuts and a bunch of other stuff. So now I have enough fruit for a week or more. Plus, last night I was given a bag of mandarin oranges that they thought were too tart. I tried one, they were fine for me.

I had a late lunch when I got back, mostly fruit and nuts, so had a late dinner too. I was invited next door for their campfire and this time I actually went. I didn’t stay too long, long enough to be polite, and until I needed to have some dinner.

Other than that, I don’t have much to write about this morning. Today’s plan is to check out a yard sale at one of the other La Posa’s and maybe take some stuff up to try and sell. I need to go to the post office at some point and then get a book about places to go at the museum that is supposedly across the street from the post office. I don’t remember seeing it, but will have to look. Plus, I really need to get in a walk. Somewhere. I haven’t been doing that, too much to do and things going on.

Kali Cat is bugging me for a second breakfast. She inhaled the first one and wants more. So I guess I should give her some. It isn’t like she is going to get fat at her age.

On the way to Blythe, CA

The Colorado River - State Line

Blythe, CA

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