Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A spa room

I have already showered, dressed and walked. I showered before my walk this morning because I really needed to wash my hair and put on some clean clothes. I don’t know what I am going to do today. Yesterday I did the curtains for the patio. It took a while to do but I am pleased with it. The new drop cloths arrived just as I finished the book I was reading, perfect timing. I got that put up and then went and soaked in my tub. I had worked up quite a sweat working on the cables for the curtains. Up and down the ladder several times, and I had to move stuff around a few times too. I had another quick dip right before I went to bed.

This is the finished product.


Georgia says it looks like a spa, so that is what I am going to call that new room - the spa room. Just need something to hang my suit and towels on now.

I need to deal with the garbage, so I will probably take the golf cart out for that. I have cardboard, so it is more than the scooter will handle. I have a real paper book that I started late yesterday, so I will probably finish that up. It is going to be hot the next few days. Planning on a fair amount of tub time. 

I had to replant the cactus babies I got three times. Not sure what is messing with them, but I fixed their wagon...

They should be able to get established now. I would like to get some more rocks, but am not feeling that ambitious. Going to be too warm today. That is a winter project.